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Advertiser Spotlight: Terminator Salvation Special Editon Blu-ray takes Franchise to New Heights

ARTS TERMINATORWith a creative drought in Hollywood of fresh and new ideas, it has become en vogue to “re-boot” blockbuster movie franchises.

Some such as the Batman franchise have proven to be more worthy of moviegoers’ attention than its predecessor while others have missed the mark.

While director McG’s vision of the Terminator franchise is vastly different than its original creator, James Cameron, this past summer’s Terminator Salvation is a non-stop thrill ride that pushes the limits of the state-of-the-art film making technology.

This week’s release of the special Blu-ray edition of Terminator Salvation complete with extras and the director’s cut version of the blockbuster hit is well worth a trip to your local retailer for an early holiday present.

While McG’s vision of Terminator can be frustrating at times (lack of character development, such as John Connor’s wife, played by Bryce Dallas Howard), the movie is so fast-paced that their is little time to bemoan the film’s shortcomings. And while McG is a polarizing director, he took on a Herculean task in trying to resurrect a franchise nearly killed off by the 2003 release of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

While McG didn’t pitch a perfect game, he did bring enjoyment and credibility back to the Terminator series. However, the lack of detail and story depth that made the first two Terminator installments such favorites is lacking in times.

But for those who are searching for more depth and a greater connection from the fourth installment of the Terminator franchise, the DVD extras in the special edition release go a long way towards assuaging those concerns.

Featured in the extras is McG’s commentary as he offers a riveting probe into his vision of the Terminator Salvation re-boot.  The fearless director is not afraid to defend his work and go on the record for his streamlined, adrenaline-fueled Terminator re-boot.

Also featured is a mythical Terminator timeline that offers clarity in an alternate universe where the past, present, and future all collide.

Other special features include a documentary depicting how the film makers behind Terminator Salvation brought the franchise back to life; storyboard comparisons; and  “Moto-Terminator,” a vignette showing the unique collaboration between the Terminator Salvation filmmakers and the manufacturers of the breathtaking 2010 Ducati motorcycle.

And after watching McG’s director’s cut (which complements the theatrical version of the film) of the film, one can only hope that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s catchphrase made famous by the Terminator movies proves to be prophetic and that the franchise is back.