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Calling all MMA Prospects: 5 Oz. to Re-Launch New Prospects Section

In the past, has featured a MMA prospects section that highlighted the future stars of tomorrow. Due to time constraints and lack of manpower, we had to take down the section because we could not properly update it.

Now we’re looking to compile a complete prospects registry and if the response is strong enough, we might even launch a separate blog with regular updates on MMA prospects.

5 Oz. has its own preliminary list of young up and coming prospects for version 3.0 of our MMA prospects section, but as always, we’re looking to find as many hidden gems as possible. As such, we need your help. Promoters, managers, trainers, agents, training partners, and the fighters themselves can feel free to e-mail Sam Caplan at [email protected] and include the following (we will accept nominations for fighters in all weight classes as well as female fighters):

– Full name plus nickname

– Contact info (in case we want to interview the fighter)

– Date of Birth

– Official height and preferred weight class

– A link to record on a fight finder database

– City where the fighter is based out of

– Gym that the fighter trains out of

– Name of manager/agent plus contact info (if not under management, please let us know)

  • s00nertp says:

    Learning more about the fighters makes me much more interested in their fights. Thanks for going this route.

    That is part of the reason it is easy to tell someone about guys like Fedor & Randy. He is such a class act, that everyone roots for their personality. If you combine that with their ability, then you have a new MMA fan.

    I dont mean that everyone should be like them, but it lets me pick the personalities that interest me the most. Tito for example has tons of fans, but I hate watching him fight (though he was a good coach).


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