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Georges St. Pierre vs. Dan Hardy likely for UFC 111

6268-danhardy_ufcWhile Dan Hardy‘s recent decision victory over Mike Swick during UFC 106 had pretty much guaranteed “The Outlaw” the next crack at Georges St. Pierre and the UFC welterweight crown, a date had yet to be determined for the showdown.

It now looks like UFC 111 could be the event the two end up locking up according to a recent report over at MMAFanhouse.

According to the report, UFC 111 is expected to take place in March from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

St. Pierre would be making his first return to the Octagon since suffering a groin injury in his successful title defense over Thiago Alves during UFC 100, while Hardy would be returning to action off of his most recent victory over Swick at UFC 106.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    at least we know the month where Hardys luck runs out

  • RoadsideGraphix says:

    Back to NJ… Looks like I will get to see this one LIVE! Makes it that much more intresting.
    I still like GSP to win via submission

  • Jak says:

    is it just me or have they not had “sources” report this fight to take place at 109, 110 and 111…

    We know this fight will take place, maybe we should wait until something is announced. :)

  • GassedOut says:

    I think this is an interesting fight no matter when it happens. Although I personally think Georges will win, you never know what happens during a fight. Think Matt Serra. I never would have thought that in a million years, and he walked out the cage with the belt. I just can’t see Dan being able to stop GSP’s takedown/GNP. I mean John Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Matt Hughes, et al. couldn’t do it…I’m looking forward to this one.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    Gass it has been well documented that GSP was not all there mentally for that fight with Serra. Im not making any excuess for him and he didnt use it as one as well. Im going to go out on a limb here and say it wont happen again.
    I have GSP taken this one as SOON as Hardys back touches the mat

  • GassedOut says:

    Yeah, I know Moose. He’s actually had some instruction on sports psychology since then and seems, well, unstoppable. I’m with you, I think he wins the minute this goes to the ground (which I know Georges, will be quickly). I actually work with Georges’s cousin. What I’m really referring to is that “puncher’s chance” we all talk about. And personally, I wrestled in high school (among other things) and I’ve never seen anyone like GSP at welterweight. He’s not just one-dimensional either. He’s not just well rounded, he’s polished at Jiu-jitsu (black belt under Renzo Gracie), Karate (4th degree black belt), Boxing, you name it. I’m just going to enjoy watching. :)

  • Angry Mike says:

    Enjoy the ride Danny boy, becaue the pipes, the pipes are calling, and sooner than you think.

  • Makington says:

    Barring a haymaker thrown and wildly connecting with his first punch, Dan Hardy has absolutely no way to win this fight..

    And I couldn’t be happier.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    Yeah, I know Moose. He’s actually had some instruction on sports psychology since then and seems, well, unstoppable.

    And that was the best thing he did for himself. Seeing a problem within yourself takes allot of gut checking but even more of one when you go out and get the help you need. That just shows his maturity unlike some other fighters in MMA

  • nate says:

    i have FAITH in dan hardy. unfortunately for him i BELIEVE in Georges training. gsp via ud or sub. :-\ i really like dan too..but..gsp is gsp.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Angry Mike: Enjoy the ride Danny boy, becaue the pipes, the pipes are calling, and sooner than you think.

    That’s gold,Angry Mike.GOLD!!!

    Too bad there ain’t some way that both parties would agree to have this fight on the Jan. 2 card.
    Rashad vs. Thiago ain’t worthy of being an END OF THE YEAR main event !
    It’s more of a beginning of the year main event…oh..wait…..never mind.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    In fact,if “Danny Boy” was to be GSP’s entrance music for their fight,why I’d…I’d promise to work hard to get back in shape.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    Jak: is it just me or have they not had “sources” report this fight to take place at 109, 110 and 111…We know this fight will take place, maybe we should wait until something is announced.

    i agree, lets just wait till they actually set a date for Hardly’s execution.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    All Hardy can hope for is that GSP takes him out with an early submission. Because Dan doesn’t want any part of a 5 round fight with Mr. St. Pierre, no, no. no. All I can say is Danny, swing hard and swing early and maybe hell will freeze over.

  • Jak says:

    Angry Mike: Enjoy the ride Danny boy, becaue the pipes, the pipes are calling, and sooner than you think.

    Yeah, i gotta admit, that was solid!

  • Angry Mike says:

    (Elvis Voice) Thank you. Thank you very much.

  • FightFan313 says:

    Dan Hardy couldn’t knock out the shell that was Mike Swick. I mean come on. That wasn’t the Mike quick swick I am use to seeing. Dan isn’t a knock out artist in my opinion when you talk about top competition. Just look at his ufc record. Quote from Hardy “He’s a great athlete very good at winning and putting together a gameplan; but he is not a fighter like me,” Hardy continued. “And I’m going to get in there and my intention is to hurt him, put a beating on him. In a 25 minute fight, it’s a long time to keep my hands off his chin.”

    This dude is delirious with a couple wins . Koscheck, Alves, Fitch, Sanchez, Saunders after what he did to Davis(we will see if he can keep it up), all of these guys would put a whooping on Hardy. I could easily list more and keep going. I know you have to be confident Dan but come on. “not a fighter like me” LOL. dude.. GSP is ten times the fighter you are. You are only a purple belt. I stomp on purple belts all the time and I am only a blue. When GSP gets you to the ground it is over. Unbelievable. Sorry I am ranting but wow. Dan. You are a Joke at the right time. Any sooner and you would be the gate keeper of the UFC… which you will be after this fight with GSP. I mean really.. . who have you fought that has been a real top contender. Please guys don’t say Swick is a top contender. His fights usually to the distance after switching to 170.

  • Jak says:

    FightFan313: Dan Hardy couldn’t knock out the shell that was Mike Swick

    Out of curiosity, how many guys have knocked out that “shell that was Mike Swick?”

    To me, Hardy played a cautious game of not over committing, he was clearly winning, and although it would be better for fans for him to get the tko, he employed a smart plan of taking a decision victory.

    I’m sure you’ll argue, your comments sound like you give him zero credit. I’m pretty sure you’re even riding the Saunders band wagon, the same Ben Saunders who got his a** handed to him by, yup you guessed it, Mike Swick.

    Hah, ha… that’s some pretty funny logic!

  • FightFan313 says:

    Swick.Hah, ha… that’s some pretty funny logic!

    Saunders did get Knocked out by Swick. That is why I said “we will see if he can keep it up” I am in no way on the Saunders ban wagen yet. You have to admit that Swick didn’t pull the trigger like he used to and really hasn’t at 170. .. just look at Sherdog. Whether he was worried about Hardy’s power or not. I didn’t think that Swick or Hardy were top contenders which I why I give Hardy Gate Keeper status. When he looses to GSP and then to Kos, who he should fight next and then Alves. .. Hardy will be exposed as a Joke at the Right time.

    To Dana White: I just think that hardy should have to go thru guys or guy being Alves, that have recently fought and lost to the champ. If Hardy beats them, then he deserves a title shot with proper go ahead nod. To me ..this is just because there is no one else and fight fans like me want to see GSP fight so why not give them hardy because he has a growing fan base and it will draw PPV’s. I get that. All I have to say is …UNIFIED BELTS.

  • Ray Pist says:

    Ok…I am so fed up with the UFC feeding us BS matches then crying about how fedor fights nobodies.

    GSP – Fought 2 real contenders in his last 2 years…I am a GSP fan…but let’s be honest people…Matt Serra wasn’t a legit contender either time even though he won once…The last hughes fight…well hughes is well past his prime even hughes knows that now…he fought Alves and Fitch…those are the only two real fights and now this Hardy BS

    Anderson Silva – How this guy is top P4P is beyond me, how the UFC get’s away with what they do with this guy is beyond me. He does have some great wins…but SOME is the key operative. Luter…Get real…and Luter put him in a bad spot….but who cares Luter had no business fighting him….Leites…are you for REAL? Cote? Come now, you can’t even say that Cote or Leites was a bigger challange than Rogers for Fedor….at least Rogers had a giant size advantage. Even when Anderson went up to 205…well let’s say that Franklin was bigger test than James Irvin…and Forrest…although a stand up guy…well he is over rated!

    Anderson does have some wins though…Marquart, Hendo, and Franklin x 2 … but i think he needs to fight a real good wrestler who will use his wrestling again…but UFC is protecting him IMO. I do think Hendo would beat him if they were to fight again…I think the UFC knows that…and I think the UFC knows it would be a boring fight to watch…and they don’t want to blow Anderson on Hendo

    All I’m trying to say is that UFC doesn’t test their guys the way they tell us they do….they don’t fight TOP COMPETITION all the time, and this is more proof of it. A rematch with Fitch, Alves, or Koscheck would be better than Hardy, Dana knows it, GSP knows it, and so does hardy and the entire division.

  • FightFan313 says:

    Ray Pist. I like your post above, but you are way way way wrong on Silva. After all the talk, I think Anderson just wanted to best Lutters ground game…he didn’t even try to throw a pumch in that fight. Who else makes beating Forrest look WAY to easy, I have never seen such a comfortable knockout artist. Did you see the elbo he threw against Tony Fryklund. Lets go back to his UFC start. . nobody knocks out Leban, especially with a 100% hit count.

    Unified Belts man. Like in Boxing. That is the only way to know who is really the best. I can’t wait for the Pacquio vs Mayweather fight.


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