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Josh Koscheck: ‘You haters can **** my ****’

Josh KoscheckLove him or hate him, there is no doubt Josh Koscheck has proven himself inside of the Octagon. Coming off a win over the always dangerous Anthony Johnson at UFC 106 this past Saturday evening, Koscheck unleashed his emotions in a post fight rant, claiming he was the true #1 contender.

In the fallout from UFC 106 Kos has had numerous accusations thrown his way about the “illegal” knee strike to the face by Johnson.Even “Rumble” himself has gone on record to accuse Koscheck of using the time to recoup from being hurt during the first round.

Koscheck has recently made use of his Twitter account to comment on the situation, stating:

U haters can suck my d***! Haha love this Twitter sh*t talking. A faker never gets up and doesn’t fight after that a eye poker…

I know what’s up 2 the real motherf****** out there true KOS fans! 1st off it was a eye poke on the ground not the knee

But what the f*ck do I care!!! 140k in fight of the night and tapout of the night!! so keep hate’n.

With Dan Hardy being next in line for champion Georges St. Pierre, its unclear who will be next for Josh Koscheck, but the controversial fighter doesn’t care, he is willing to fight anyone, and wants to stay tenaciously active while doing so:

Looks like hardy vs GSP is a done deal! Gay if u ask me but my goal now is to fight any 1 who steps up to fight!! Maybe 12 fights n 2010?

  • redwire says:

    I hated Kos for a long time after his TUF stint, ’cause he was just a boring fighter, and a bit of an @ss. He gradually won me over as he worked his way to become a complete and yes, exciting fighter, and a guy who really does want to get in the cage as often as possible. Due to my original intense dislike for the guy, I find it strange that I’m defending him, but it was obvious from one of the replays that the eye-poke was from a thumb that happened while the two guys were scrambling to get up, right before the knee. I couldn’t believe that they showed it once during the broadcast, but never again, and they never commented on it. A little more care by the UFC crew would have avoided all of this.

    And yes, from Koscheck’s Tweets, it looks like he’s still a bit of an @ss.

  • frizzle says:

    his douchebaggery knows no bounds

  • moosebaby02 says:

    i cant wait for GSP to man handle him again

  • fetussandwich says:

    Apparently when you go 3-2 in your last five fights, it’s acceptable to teach the Junior High S**t Talk 101 course on Twitter.

  • nate says:

    kos needs to be careful. a couple losses with a mouth like than could earn him gatekeeper status. i admire his confidence though. believing he can fight and win once a month for a year.

  • Angry Mike says:

    The guy is a loud mouth with blonde hair and great takedowns. Imagine the following in Bruce Buffer’s octagon voice: “Joshua ‘Baby Ortiz’ Koscheck!”

  • GassedOut says:

    You know what? He’s a good fighter. Mouth like a sewer and irritating as hell, but he’s a good fighter…maybe even great. He’s come a long way from TUF, his striking is the most improved of anyone I’ve seen from that old crop of TUF guys. I think he should fight Fitch next. That has title shot implications.

  • GassedOut says:

    Angry Mike: The guy is a loud mouth with blonde hair and great takedowns. Imagine the following in Bruce Buffer’s octagon voice: “Joshua ‘Baby Ortiz’ Koscheck!”


  • Jak says:

    Kos should get Hughes next. That way he gets a “big name”, a good pay check, an easy win and can face Gsp next after Hardy. Everybody is happy.

    However, if he’s as tough as he thinks he is, he should man up and call out Thiago Alves. 😉

  • moosebaby02 says:

    Jak I hear ya and he will never call out a man he knows will mess him up. Except if there is a title on the line and $$$$ for him when he wakes up on his back looking up at ringside doctor

  • terra2805 says:

    Kos is a muppet man, he got caught out, initially he was clearly playing like AJ had kneed him in the face, then he looked up at the big screen and saw the replay and realising the knee in the face wouldn’t wash he went to the eye poke, only………..(PMSL) he was squinting with the wrong damn eye, (go check). How he thinks he’s the true No1 contender when he’s gone 3 – 2 in his last five fights is beyond me, he’s back in the running now for sure but he isn’t more deserving of the title shot than Hardy like he keeps bitching he is, Hardy hasn’t lost for a long time now and is 4 – 0 in the UFC, he’s definately more deserving…………

  • baldguy80 says:

    It’s so refreshing to hear someone who’s so gracious when they win..

    Be careful what you hope for Koschek.. I kinda remember GSP’s wrestling making yours look kinda silly…

  • mmacouchpotato says:

    What’s Koschecks problem? This guy’s cocky attitude is up there with the best of them, no humility whatsoever. My 12 year old nephew is more mature than this guy. It’s sad when someone with such strong athletic ability doesn’t have the professionalism to match….and every douche like him always has their day. The only time he was really humbled, and showed it, was when GSP handed him his first loss, but that clearly didn’t last and he needs a few more beatings before fans can really respect him.

  • ByronGiant says:

    kiss his ass? only if he uses that 140k to buy a backhoe… he’s going to need it to dig a trench for me to stand in.

    Remember kids, faking pays. You get out of all kinds of things… homework… traffic tickets… UFC loses

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i like to watch josh fight, but he acted like a cunt in taking a dive on saturday, everyone knows it.

  • I swear Koscheck could be cast as the high school bully in any teen movie on Earth. This guy was born to be a prick.

    With that being said, a fight between him and Swick makes sense. It would never happen though because they train together.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    give it a couple of weeks and i think either swick or fitch will call him out for throwing them under the bus



  • Rich S. says:

    nate: kos needs to be careful. a couple losses with a mouth like than could earn him gatekeeper status.

    You mean “Tito Ortiz” status..

  • Angry Mike says:

    There you go! Just like I said: Baby Ortiz.

  • FightFan313 says:

    besides spitting all over the mat. .. I like Koscheck. He’s brash but fun to watch. he needs to watch out because that overhand right ain’t working against the best out there. with that said I think Koscheck could take both Swick and Fitch. And with that said I think the 170lb division is pretty thin right now while GSP is the champ.

  • BigDave says:

    This guy is a douchebag and always has been, he wants to call guys out and trow his gym mates under the bus I think he has a date with Fitch in the cage and if so Kos will be fitch’s bitch for as long as Fitch lets the fight last. And for him to think he even deserves to sniff GSP’s tighty whites is laughable.

  • edub says:

    If Kos fights Fitch, Jon is in for a long fight. Kos is faster with better wrestling and striking. Dont see Fitch with his hand raised here.



  • TerribleT says:

    What a phoney mother f_cker! He even surprised himself with his victory over Johnson bcuz he was thinking about playing the phantom eye poke for all it was worth to get out of the fight for a few moments while replays clearly showed that the eye he was claiming he couldn’t see out of didn’t even get touched but now he’s all of a sudden number #1 contender,huh?.Maybe he should be considering a rematch with Paul Thiago,who recently derailed the Koscheck express,instead of a whining about a title shot with GSP.


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