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Vitali Mitu passes away following sparring session with Semmy Schilt

Semmy Schilt

Semmy Schilt

A developing fighter by the name of Vitali Mitu has recently passed away following a sparring session with UFC, PRIDE and K-1 veteran Semmy Schilt according to a recent report on citing the Romanian newspaper, Gardiunal.

The twenty two year old native to Soldanesti, Moldova will be laid to rest in his home town of Soldanesti on Wednesday and survived by his parents and sister.

A professor to the the forensic institute of Bucharest, Dan Dermengiu, had this to say to,”Mitu has suffered from acute interstitial pneumonia as well as a lung edema and acute bleeding. Our examination has not shown any type of chest pains. Also there are no traumatic injuries that have been caused by a strike, but only some minor marks stemming from the resuscitation attempts.”

The reported sparring session with the 6’11”, 290 pound Schilt apparently took place at the Golden Glory gym stationed in Bucharest, Romania, as Semmy had been preparing for the K-1 Grand Prix Finals to be held in December in which he will face off with Jerome LeBanner in the opening round of the tournament.

5 Oz.’ collective thoughts and prayers go out to Vitali’s family for their loss.

  • Makington says:

    Things like this show how truly brave you have to be to step into the cage. You’re putting your life on the line everytime you do it. You put your body through such tough tests day in day out and you can see the toll it takes sometimes.

    My condolences and good wishes for his family in grief.

  • Dufresne says:

    This is a terrible tragedy and I feel safe saying that the entire MMA communities thoughts and prayers are with the Mitu family.

  • Rich S. says:

    and only 22 years old? What a shame..

  • nate says:

    unfortunate as they come. :-\

  • edub says:

    RIP Vitali.

    You would think that there had to be some type of prior issue that Vitali just didnt know about. My heart goes out to his family.

  • GassedOut says:

    Rest in Peace. Another Fighter goes to guard the gates of Heaven.

    This is really saddening. Although the “autopsy” shows that it was not related (at least not directly) to the sparring session, you can’t help but feel connected and saddened by the news.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Mitu family in their sorrow and grief.


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