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Watch tonight’s UFC:106 post fight press conference starting at 2am ET and the UFC are bringing you tonight’s UFC 106 Ortiz vs. Griffin II post fight press conference LIVE from the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

The presser will take place live at 2am ET and will be replayed, as well as access to other UFC 106 preview videos. You can make your selection in the player below.

Stay tuned to for continuing coverage of UFC:106.

  • Connor Cobain says:

    Forrest Stomp kicked Tito’s mouth piece out, but according to the bitch he was’nt that fabbled 100% he was talking about. Forrest should of one that via Unanimous Decision.

  • Connor Cobain says:

    Sorry ment to say “won” not “one”

  • Makington says:

    Did anyone notice right when round 2 ended when Forrest and Tito almost skipped right to round 3?

    Tito forcefully pushed Forrest off him and Forrest kind of pushed back and it looked like they were about to street fight in the ring.

  • edub says:

    TIto just cant leave his ego behind. He took what forrest said way too seriously. I had a cracked skull!!! It looked like he was about to start talking shit to the whole crowd before forrest stepped up and helped him out.

  • rich g says:

    Why hasnt the press conference started yet?

  • gy614x says:

    Man Liddel’s words ring true “titos not a gracious winner, and hes not a gracious loser….”

    fucking hate Ortiz

    in my book takedowns are worth way too much, but my opinion means nothing

    i think Forrest had a UD 29-28 should have been on every card for him

  • Angry Mike says:

    I don’t hate Tito, but Liddell said it best.


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