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Trading Punches: UFC 106 Preview and Predictions; The Prelims

ufc 106 2Come along with the 5 Oz. crew as editor in chief Cory Brady and the always opinionated David Andrest offer up their thoughts and predictions on this Saturday evening’s UFC 106 card.

UFC 106 will be going down at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on November 21, with the main portion of the event airing live on pay-per-view, and a chunk of the preliminary action airing live on Spike TV just prior to the PPV broadcast.

In this edition of Trading Punches we’ll take an in depth look at the preliminary bouts, including scheduled Spike TV scraps of Kendall Grove vs. Jake Rosholt and Ben Saunders vs. Marcus Davis. Main card will be up shortly….

As always feel free to respectively agree or disagree in the comment section below, and put up or shut up; post your very own picks for the world to put on blast.

Ben Saunders vs. Marcus Davis

David Andrest: Yet another great “undercard” on Spike TV fight. This fight promises to be excitement from start to finish. I tend to lean toward Davis based on experience, but Saunders is still young and improving.   I don’t see Saunders  knocking out Davis,  his path to victory is on the floor. Davis has KO power, and would be smart to keep the fight standing.

Winner: Ben Saunders via decision

Cory Brady: There are a bunch of fights on this card with fight of the night potential, but Saunders vs. Davis is without a doubt my front runner for the bonus check. Both guys have a long history of bringing the pain every time out of the gate and this fight will be no exception. Mike Swick is the key ingredient in how I came to the conclusion I did in this match-up. Allow me to explain: Swick recently lost to Hardy, sure, but Hardy had a tougher time with Davis than he did Swick. Swick also fought Davis three rounds to a decision. The same Mike Swick that recntly beat the snot out of Ben Saunders in a one sided second round pumeling. My conclusion being that it should be one hell of a fight, but a fight Davis should be able to pull out when the dust settles.

Winer: Marcus Davis via decision

Kendall Grove vs. Jake Rosholt

David Andrest: The other fight on the free Spike prelims. Honestly I get the feeling that Kendall Grove is one loss away from being out of a job. And I think Kendall has had that same feeling for sometime. Rosholt is another up and coming prospect that has been a part of some of the most forgettable KO’s and submissions I can never remember. I have such a low expectation for this fight I’m setting an alarm clock to remind me to watch. I think Grove finds a way to win allowing him to hold on to the dream one fight at a time.

Winner: Kendall Grove via decision

Cory Brady: No question in my mind that Kendall is one loss away from being out of a job like Mr. Andrest so delicately explained. Pretty crappy position to be in coming off of a record of 2-1 in the UFC in your last three, but what are you gonna do? It is what it is; it being that Grove knows full well he needs to win this bout and expect for him to fight accordingly; like a Hawaiian wildman. While I still feel like Rosholt has a question mark hanging over his chin since being knocked loopy several times with Nissen Osternick in the WEC, there’s no reason a wrestler of his pedigree shouldn’t be able to drag the lanky Grove to the canvas. And let’s not forget for one moment how tall Grove is, and how good of a wrestler Rosholt is.

Winner: Jake Rosholt via decision

Brock Larson vs. Brian Foster

David Andrest: Both guys are coming off of a loss. Based upon history alone, Larson will submit Foster. Larson is 26-3 with 18 wins by submission. Foster loses by submission to fighter not nearly as good as Larson.

Winner: Brock Larson via submission

Cory Brady: Let’s be real here folks: Foster’s out of his league with Larson. While David is correct in stating that both men are coming off of losses; Foster is no Mike Pyle, and Larson is no Ricky Story. Huge differences on both ends in my opinion. I expect for Larson to come out and punch Foster in the mouth. From there I expect for Brock to drop a little old fashioned GNP before strangling his victim with a side choke.

Winner: Brock Larson via prison beatdown

Paulo Thiago vs. Jacob Volkmann

David Andrest: This is the fight I would much rather be watching on Spike. A battle of two great young fighters. Thiago has obvious KO power, and Volkmann comes into this fight undefeated. This should make for an amazing fight. I’ll give Thiago the edge based upon tougher opposition.

Winner: Paulo Thiago via decision

Cory Brady: With a prior knockout victory over Josh Koscheck and a recent hard fought decision loss at the hands of Jon Fitch, Dave’s statement that Thiago has faced the tougher opposition is absolutely correct. However, there’s no doubt in my mind that Volkmann is the goods. Future title challenger material. His wrestling pedigree and ability to understand and escape submissions will make this fight look eerily similar to Paulo’s recent defeat at the hands of Fitch.

Winner: Jacob Volkmann via decision

Caol Uno vs. Fabricio Camoes

David Andrest: Caol Uno has seen it all, and has faced the who’s who of the division. Camoes is a young up and coming fighter who has shown promise. Uno has been spotty of late but the losses have come to quality fighters. I’m taking Camoes in this fight, and see it as his coming out party.

Winner: Camoes via decsion

Cory Brady: A second degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Royler Gracie, there’s no question as to what Camoes brings to the table. Unfortunately for him, Uno hasn’t been submitted in like….. ten years, and he fought Aoki recently. That being said, this fight either goes the distance or someone’s getting KO’d. Either way I’m giving the edge to Uno based on balanced results against the tougher opposition.

Winner: Caol Uno via decision

George Sotiropoulos vs. Jason Dent

David Andrest: I see this as a tune up fight for Sotiropoulos, I think he goes though Dent quite easily on his way to the main card for the Aussie show in the spring.

Winner: George Sotiropoulos via submission

Cory Brady: At first glance one would love to assume that George is going to have an easy time with the 19-9 Dent, but that’s an unlikely scenario. Dent hasn’t been finished in a fight in more than four years, and has more recently gone the distance with fighters such as Roger Huerta and Gleison Tibau. This should be a high paced bout, but I don’t see either guy walking through the other.

Winner: George Sotiropoulos via decision

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I think Saunders will take his fight with Davis due to a more rounded game nad better reach. It seems that lately Davis has been getting knocked down by everybody and Saunders has the top game to finish it on the ground.
    I think Grooves submissions are going to prove the difference here as Roshalts striking leaves much to be desired. Groove will be putting on a clinic on the ground and get the sub by the 2nd.
    Breok larsen will win the same way as Groove.
    Paulo has the power in his hands to end the fight here but I think we will see his submission game here also as the step up to the big show and a very high quality opponent will leave Volkmann tapping out.
    I dont know what way to go in the Uno vs Camoes fight, but Uno is a very good fighter, and If Camoes cant get top position here he is in for a long night.
    Sotiropoulos has looked great in his time here, I dont see it changing as he is a tough match up for anybody standing or grappling, with a win here he will finally be givin a top 10 fighter for his next fight. I will go with George by tko.

  • Saunders/Davis – OH SNAPZ, Cory using MMAth! Haha, although in this case, it does make sense. Saunders has looked good picking off lower-tier fighters but got steamrolled by Swick. Davis seemingly can’t be finished and if Swick and Hardy couldn’t do it, Saunders won’t either. Davis via UD.

    Grove/Rosholt – TEAM TAKEDOWN FOR THE WIN! I dunno why I’m such a mark for Team Takedown but I see Rosholt finishing off this fight, and possibly Grove’s UFC career, via TKO. Part of me thinks Grove gets one more chance, though. If they’ll keep a TUF winner in Danzig after 3 losses, they’ll keep Grove around.

    Larson/Foster – Larson puts a beatdown on this kid and sinks in a RNC in the 2nd.

    Thiago/Volkmann – I’ve been hearing that Volkmann is the real deal so I’m gonna go out on a limb and call it for the UFC newb via decision.

    Uno/Camoes – Uno is too experienced to lose this fight. At least, I hope so. That little duck-looking guy is an old favorite of mine. Uno via TKO

    Sotriopoulos/Dent – I like George so I’m hoping he wins. George is a better overall fighter so I know he wins. It’ll be in the 1st, it’ll be a submission.

  • Dufresne says:

    Overall this looks like a very good card that has the potential to be fantastic. I can see each of these prelim fights ending early (although I have my doubts that several of them will) and I’m always a fan of leaving the judges with nothing to do.

    If Grove comes out with the fire and game plan that we saw in his TUF finale it should be a relatively easy fight, but if he comes out like he as in almost every bout in the last 2 years it’s going to be either a ridiculously boring fight or there’s going to be a highlight finish with grove waking up to smelling salts.

    I’m calling Davis by KO early. I know he couldn’t stop Swick and Swick demolished Saunders, but lets be honest, Swick can take a beating as we just saw. I also think that Davis hits harder, not more accurately, than Swick does and Swick landed a TON of shots on Saunders before he finally went down. I’m thinking it will only take 1, maybe 2 of those nasty bombs Davis likes to throw around to leave Saunders on the medical suspension list that rolls out Monday morning.

    I’m agreeing with David and saying Sotiropoulos runs through Dent in this one too. If this goes to decision it should be very lopsided with at the least a 30-27 unanimous for the Aussy and maybe even a 30-26. But that’s again assuming that Dent gets past that sick sub game. The only way I see this in Dent’s favor is if he lands a Tommy Speer inspired haymaker.

    Cory Brady “Winner: Brock Larson via prison beatdown”
    Pretty much sums that one up.

    The other two I’m just not sure of right now. I would love to see Uno throw another one of those crazy flying front kicks like he tried against BJ, not because it should ever work, but because it would bring back good memories.

  • Rich S. says:

    Saunders via Choke r3.
    Rosholt via Unanimous Decision.
    Larson via Choke r2
    Thiago via Choke r3.
    Camoes via Unanimous Decision.
    Sotiropoulos via TKO r2.

    I’m really stoked for this card..
    Even the undercard bouts are awesome..

    I think Saunders’ length will give Davis trouble on the feet, and even more trouble on the ground.
    Once Davis is on the ground with Saunders on top, he’s going to have a huge amount of trouble getting him off, and will eventually lose because of it..

    I think as long as Rosholt can avoid getting caught by a knee, he will control Grove here..
    He probably won’t get submitted, and will beat on Grove for three long rounds..

    Foster showed great striking and a great amount of toughness in his bout with Story, but if Story could submit him while still in his guard, there’s no doubt in my mind Larson can do whatever he wants with him..

    I don’t know much about Volkmann, but apparently he is 9-0 with the majority of his wins coming by way of submission. Still, Paulo’s Jiu Jitsu is sick, and had he been facing ANYONE but Jon Fitch that night he would most likely be coming off a win right now.. I think Paulo takes a submission victory here..

    Uno is a legend, but I see Camoes taking the upset here and starting his UFC career out on the right foot..

    What can I say? Sotiropoulos is pretty much better than Dent EVERYWHERE this fight goes..
    He’ll rock him on the feet and he’ll bring the pain on the ground.. I think Dent will dodge Sotiro’s submissions for a while but will eventually get back-mounted and pounded out (ala Aldo/Brown).

  • Well, it looks like we MIGHT see Thiago/Volkmann after all as Dana just updated his Twitter with:

    “Karo Parisyan has fucked over the UFC, the fans and his opponent again!!! He will not be fighting saturday or ever again in the UFC!!”

    “Pulled out of the fight the day before weigh ins again with a laundry list of excuses!!! Let the press ask karo why! Let him explain.”

    This effing blows, I was looking forward to some McLovin’ action after so long. Effing Karo, what a mental midget.

  • Makington says:

    “most forgettable KO’s and submissions I can never remember” I actually found that line very entertaining Mr. Andrest. I read it the way it usually goes (most memorable KO’d and subs I can remember) and I was like, ‘Wait, no he doesn’t.” Then I reread it and laughed. Very clever.

    My picks however, nice and short, which is always nice.

    Davis – TKO
    Grove – Submission
    Larson – TKO
    Volkmann – Decision
    Uno – Decision
    Sotiropolous – Submission

    As for Sergio, I’m really not surprised that Karo would manage to screw everything up, again. If he really did mess everything then good, he deserves to be booted for good. It’s worse for Dustin Hazelett who hasn’t fought in quite a while and probably needs this fight financially. It’s also very bad for me because Hazelett has been one of my top prospects to look out for along with Anthony Johnson and Jon Jones. His jiu jitsu is some of the slickest.

    I’m interested to see what Dana will be saying about him at the press conference today.

  • David Andrest says:

    Threads like this remind me why we have the best readers in the biz.

    Moosebaby needs to get in here and agree with all my picks, and fast

  • Davis Vs. Saunders: Davis by anyway he wants it. He’s got just as quick of hands as Swick and a good submission game to back it up. He doesn’t have Saunders in his head like he had Hardy. Saunders is young and still gettin there but Davis just has too much experience.

    Grove Vs. Rosholt: Rosholt by decision, very long decision. Grove just seems to be letting that I’ll get fired if I dont win mentality work him over. Sure he was great against Jason Day, but i think he’s just lost his initial groove.

    other than that Im not to opinionated on any of the prelims….they could go either way but I would love to see an old fashioned Caol Uno submission!

  • edub says:

    Marcus Davis via dec.
    Brock Larson via forced anal penetration
    Rosholt via tko
    Volkman via dec.
    Caol uno via first tko in years
    Sotiropoulos via sub

    done and done.


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