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The Juggernaut Diaries: Mike Wessel’s TUF 10 Blog; Episode 10

Mike WesselHello everyone,

Well this weeks show is based around Matt again.  Matt clearly didn’t want to fight and he even says that in his confessional. He talks about being done with the drama and wanting to be done with the show and going home. What’s funny to me is that Matt caused the drama he is dealing with. He is the only reason we have to watch or deal with any of this shit. But, Dana comes in and gives his yearly speech about being a fighter. It is funny because he basically tells Matt to stop being a pussy and fight or someone else will. I know that after that speech I chased after Dana to tell him that I wanted back in if possible.

The show also shows how Kimbo will be in line for the spot to fight if it opens. However, Kimbo knows he will have to fight James and he did not want that fight. Almost every athlete has the same knee conditions that Kimbo has with his knee but I think when it came down to it Kimbo and his “done DADA” hands were looking for reason that he would not be able to fight James. I feel that if it goes down the one that deserves to fight was Scott. Scott was ready to fight even though he was still beat up from the last fight. Scott is a true fighter and didn’t care about his injuries he just wanted to fight so there should have not been any talk about Kimbo and Matt injuries. But, drama sells so they have to show why they would not fight if it came to it.

The coaches’ challenge was great. Rampage lost again and I relish in any time that he loses. I received an extra 1500 and so I was happy about that. But, if rampage wanted to be stand up guy after he talked about his money he would have helped his team out and gave him some from his pocket. Instead he asks if they would rather have money or see him KO Rashad and believe me they wanted the money. They didn’t give a shit about Rampage Ko’ing Rashad. They wanted the money.

The fight between John and Brendon was typical boxer vs. wrestler match-up. Brendon was tentative about over extending himself and showed his experience in how to avoid and even after being taken down his patience for his game plan.  Yes, John took him down but didn’t really do anything to him so to me the first round was a draw or slight advantage to John only because of the takedowns. John is a great wrestler but is very one dimensional and he shows that even taking him down that he don’t have much after that but to lay and pray.

Round 2 began with the same as the first but Brendon was patient and John was beginning to gas. Brendon does a great job of defending the take down and making John work harder than he had to work. John’s stamina plays a big role because he has to work so hard for the take down. In the end John relaxes and Brendon catches him and knocks John out. Brendon did a great job of taking advantage of his open opportunities when he saw them. I feel Brendon showed great experience for a fighter that has not had that many fights under his belt.

Next week is a double fight episode and we find out who fights James. I will same that these next to fights are some good fights and were exciting to watch.

  • Makington says:

    You really hate Matt eh? I can’t blame you, he’s one of my least liked fighters in a long time.

    What was your opinion on Brendan holding the cage so much? To me it looked like he didn’t necessarily mean to but I think he should have been deducted a point. It looked like he was trying to push off, but when it’s a fence your fingers just slip through, you can’t help it.

    I still don’t believe Kimbo will be back in the show since Spike wouldn’t miss the opportunity to hype the hell out of it. On the plus side that hopefully means Meathead will take a swift and violent beating. He might actually have brain swelling after it.

    Speaking of, I was all over when Trevor Wittman called Matt out on his brain swelling. He had nothing to say.

  • EyeHeartMMA says:

    Hey Mike, what did Dana say when you asked him about getting back in the cage?

  • qat says:

    dunno about you, but i was not impressed at all with brendon. the fight was boring, and except two punches he didnt do nothing except grabbing the cage and pulling down shorts…
    not that john was any more impressive, am i the only one thinking he let huge gnp-possibilities slide there? brendons defense didnt looked very dynamic to me, he mostly waited. well, maybe he knew it would be enough. and johns standup.. no comment, but he can take someone down.

    and they both looked kinda scared to me.

  • jaykay489 says:

    Mike, alll credit to you as a fighter and the fact that you are actually on the show given you’re personal circumstances at the tim, but to constantly disrespect a fighter with the resume of Rampage shows a complete lack of class on your part and to be quite honest a few of you’re team mates part, i know rampage can be over the top and in your face but thats who he is, when he acts like that on the show he is called all manner of names and disrespected, but when Rashad does the same thing he is applauded by his team, at least rampage is consistent, Rashad was 2 faced when he refused to help Brendan train Wrestling and then helped John train Boxing
    I Don’t know if we will ever see the 2 of them fight but i hope we do, i think it could be the grudge match of the decade

  • GassedOut says:

    Another great blog, Mike. I agree, Matt is being a wimp. Man, if you don’t want to fight, go home.

    I’m still looking forward to finding out what you and Joe Silva talked about man (I know, you can’t tell us). I want to see those flying fist of yours in action again.

  • Madmax says:

    Dont care who replaces Meathead as long as it’s NOT KIMBO SLICE. TUF has already shown KS is a slug, and it doesnt APPEAR that he has improved at all.Let a REAL fighter replace Matt,,,PLEASE!!!

  • GassedOut, of all the people on an MMA blog who post a pic of themselves to call a mixed martial artist a “wimp” – well, I’m just guessing here, but I’m doubting you would ever tell one of them that to their face.

    As stated on the show by Dana, some guys get there and figure out they just can’t handle it. It’s happened in every season. But to call any of these guys a wimp is absurd. And please don’t write back that you take MMA classes, so you’re qualified to speak on the matter. Anyone can do that if they choose. Getting to the level of being casted for TUF is a whole different story..even if a majority of the fights have been subpar.

    Sorry (ok, not really), but comments like that drive me nuts. It’s one thing if a blogger from the show shares his opinions. He was there and he’s sharing his true feelings, as bitter as some of them may be.

  • Davey D says:

    Lee…well said buddy.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Poor conditioning has been a big factor in more fights this season than any other that I can remember. Madsen got caught because he was tired and dropped his hands. Brendon had the presence of mind to see the opening and land the ko punch, but Madsen handed it to him on a platter.

  • MMAfan1107 says:

    What a terrible TUF series! You guys suck! Big Country will get owned in the UFC!! Kimbo’s an embarrassment to MMA! What a disappointment!!

  • Jstew3785 says:

    ong>Lee Gerowitz: GassedOut, of all the people on an MMA blog who post a pic of themselves to call a mixed martial artist a “wimp” – well, I’m just guessing here, but I’m doubting you would ever tell one of them that to their face

    Comments like yours drive ME nuts. Don’t use that same stupid bullshit argument that we wouldn’t say that to their face. When did gassed out ever claim to be a fighter? He stated his opinion and that’s that. So I guess because I’m not a trained mixed martial artist I shouldn’t post on here? My opinions aren’t valid because I’ve never fought before?


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