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Jose Aldo TKO’s Mike Brown To Earn WEC Featherweight Crown

Jose AldoAt just twenty three years of age, Jose Aldo currently resides at the peak of mixed martial arts’ 145 pound division as the as the constantly developing phenom made picking apart one of the most respected fighters in the sport look easy as he TKO’d Mike Brown for the WEC featherweight title in the second round of this evening’s WEC 44 showdown between the two.

After a closely contested first round with both fighters feeling the other out, Aldo quickly established his dominance standing in the second round before Brown wound up on his back with Aldo raining down punishment that had the champion trapped, and inevitably forced the referee to call a halt to the contest.

Manny Gamburyan did what he had to in taking Leonard Garcia to the canvas repeatedly and avoiding any serious damage on the feet en route to a unanimous decision victory.

In what came as a minor surprise to many, Karen Darebdyan edged out Rob McCullough via split decision in a hard fought lightweight clash, Shane Roller dug down deep to catch Danny Castillo in a fight ending rear-naked choke in the third, and Kamal Shalorus turned Will Kerr into a highlight reel via TKO in the first.

A Full list of the results from WEC 44 listed below:

Jose Aldo def. Mike Brown via TKO – Round 2
Manny Gamburyan def. Leonard Garcia by unanimous decision
Karen Darabedyan def. Rob McCullough via split decision
Shane Roller def. Danny Castillo via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 3
Kamal Shalorus def. Will Kerr via TKO – Round 1
L.C. Davis def. Diego Nunes via unanimous decision
Cub Swanson def. John Franchi via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 3
Antonio Banuelos def. Kenji Osawa via unanimous decision
Ricardo Lamas def. James Krause via unanimous decision
Frank Gomez def. Seth Dikun via unanimous decision

  • Rich S. says:

    That was extremely impressive..

    I’m going to go ahead and say Aldo looked like Anderson Silva in there tonight..
    I’m going to start calling him “Lil Spider”..
    He was able to hit Brown at will, dodge all of Brown’s power strikes, and stuff all of his takedowns..
    We didn’t even see half of what we normally see from Brown because of Aldo’s control in this fight..
    I was surprised at how strong he was compared to Mike..

    This Featherweight division is amazing..

    I thought Urijah Faber was unbeatable, and then Brown had his way with him..
    A couple wins later, I find myself thinking Brown is unbeatable..
    And now, I can’t think of anyone that will be able to beat Aldo..

    I look forward to this division’s future matchups..

    By the way, did anybody catch how stacked the next card is? Good lord..

  • JOEgun says:

    WOW!. Aldo just proved alot by taking out Brown the way he did. Brown did what he could trying to stand with Aldo but when that wasnt workin out so good he tried to take Aldo down with no success. Mike Brown could not take Aldo down I was like WOW. Aldo did not allow Brown to look as strong as he does against other opponents. Brown wanted to take the fight to the ground and that is where Brown himself was finished. By the way Aldo performed It looked like Browns only choices were if he wanted to lose on the ground or on the feet. Jose Aldo looked strong, threw some bad ass body kicks and punches that rocked the champ. Aldo once again impressed the hell out of me. Mike Brown will be back though cause he is still a top 3 featherweight. ALDO vs FABER? Now that would be awesome

  • JOEgun says:

    I would also like to add that Leonard Garcia looked AWFUL. It was painful to see Garcia throw ridiculous power punches to the air. Manny proved alot of people wrong including me. Props to Manny.

  • edub says:

    Anybody else catch that first combo. Aldo hits brown with a flush left right combo and Mike Brown landed that big overhand right. I still havent seen a replay yet but it looked to me as if Aldo was caught right behind the ear. The way he ate this shot and kept on fighting impressed me the most. On top of everything else Aldo has got a very tough chin.

  • JBAR says:

    That was a really good night of fights. I still can’t get over the TV announcer (can’t remember his name) and the ring announcer calling the rear naked choke by Shane Roller a guillotine choke. The TV announcer even said it several times and then the ring announcer comes in and announces Roller the winner by guillotine choke. Wish they would get someone with a little more knowledge of the sport on there.

  • BigDave says:

    Aldo is a beast, well as moch of a beast as a dude at 145lbs can be. He dismantled brown in every aspect of the fight, landing the better shots, stuffing the takedowns, and easily getting into the mount and finishing the fight. Great job by the kid.

    The rest of the card was rather boring to me and i’m still wondering two things.

    1. Does any organization have a commentator that can call a fight accurately other then to ufc?

    2. Who was the tool in the mask behind Roller in the post fight interview?

  • Dufresne says:

    Wow, I knew Aldo had incredible striking but I didn’t have a clue about his take down defense or that he had that level of pure, raw power. He not only managed to snuff all the takedown attempts, but he shoved Mike Brown off like he was more of an annoyance than a real threat. Wow.

    I know I’m just quoting half of the commentary pieces on Aldo, but I still want to see his fabled ground game. I saw a tiny bit of it when he had the mount and then manged to get on Brown’s back; Brown looked like he was bucking pretty good, but Aldo looked like he was perfectly comfortable and almost managed to lock in a body triangle while posturing up and raining down blows.

    The commentators mentioned that it didn’t look like Aldo was landing many of his shots from that top position, but Brown’s face begs to differ. Unless of course those came from that Street Fighter-esque combo of heavy punches followed by kicks and knees in the first round.

    JBAR: I still can’t get over the TV announcer (can’t remember his name) and the ring announcer calling the rear naked choke by Shane Roller a guillotine choke

    I caught that too and it made me both laugh and die a little inside. I expect that from the local amateur shows, but not from an organization like the WEC.

  • edub says:

    Dufresne: The commentators mentioned that it didn’t look like Aldo was landing many of his shots from that top position, but Brown’s face begs to differ. Unless of course those came from that Street Fighter-esque combo of heavy punches followed by kicks and knees in the first round.

    Thats what I think it was from man. The shots he was landing from his back were all to the side/back of Browns head. I still can believe how fast his transitions were and how powerful he seemed once he got on top on the ground.

    Jose Aldo is Anderson Silva at 145.

  • WOW…..that’s what I got…great night of free fights…and I can’t believe how Aldo handled Brown. And I agree mini spider at 145 with his great speed and technique. and my lord he throws knees like most people throw jabs….no effort…incredible

  • edub says:

    edub: I still can believe

    “can’t believe”

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I still wish Direct tv hadnt dropped the verses network, this completly sucks missing all the wec events. How did the Gamburian vs Garcia fight go?

  • edub says:

    fanoftna33: How did the Gamburian vs Garcia fight go?

    Pretty close in the first round with Garcia landing some shots, but keeping manny at bay. 2nd and 3rd rounds Manny got some takedowns and dished out some damage on the ground. He also had a couple nice combos on the feet eventhough they didnt seem to faze Leonard. Leonard just loaded up too much in the last two frames. Even as a viewer you could see his shots coming a mile away. Leonard dropped his hands in round three and took a left hook to the face in an attempt to get manny to exchange… that was pretty funny. In the end I scored it 29-28 manny.

  • Knowone says:

    Before I get to Aldo I have to ask, What happened to Rob McCullough?? He used to be the top 155’er in the WEC and now he can’t hang with the average fighter.

    Aldo will rule that division and Brown is the only one that will come close to giving him any problems. He looked much bigger than Brown to me and I think his strength surprised Brown. When he had Brown’s back though, he punched him in the back of his head about 9-10 times and Mazzagati said nothing. Don’t get me wrong, he dominated Brown, but those shots were illegal.

    I can’t see anyone, including Faber, taking that belt from him.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Thanks edub

  • nate says:

    wow. Aldo had me as a fan from the cub Swanson double-knee. last night he truly showed that he is on another level. I keep re-watching the fight did Anyone else notice how excellent of balance this kid has? he was literally running after brown delivering hard shots from all angles and limbs so fast and hard and accurate it’s insane. and we saw the feintest of glimpses of his ground game although it was so smooth and fast didn’t even look like he was passing all these positions..rather he just grabbed mike mounted him then took his back And had mike brown flattened out and it was OVER. you know how he is soo good? how many fights end thee first time someone takes their back? very slim. for example Jake shields had 30 dominant positions in the mayhem fight and did NO damage. Aldo takes the champs back one time and it ends 20 seconds later. THAT is a bad dude with the best standup at 145 and most likely thee best ground game too.. aldo blew me away last night.

  • Swing Em says:

    Did I call that or what?

    Aldo by 2nd rd TKO…

    WEC has themselves a 145lb wrecking machine

  • manny says:

    Aldo was VEry impressive, those leg kicks & knees kept brown in check form stricking & take downs. Of course his blazing speed help him out a lot his was just to fast for brown. 2 great fighters but another brazilian champion. I dont see faber beating aldo, same result as brown tko.

  • kuboa says:

    Aldo has been outclassing his opponents for some time- and I don’t mean just winning fights. His balance is spectacular, which IMHO is what gives him the ability to spin so fast which in turn enables such staggering power. Look at what happens when he delivers a low kick- it’s doesn’t just drain enemy hit points, it knocks legs clean out from under the stander. The line before the fight about this being “Speed vs Power” was ludicrous, as if Aldo doesn’t have considerable, significant, and unsettling-to-his-division power to go with that scary speed advantage.

    I checked a few forums beforehand, a lot of people thought Brown would crowd Aldo or overpower him, but I couldn’t talk myself into believing that Brown was the guy to “solve” him, his talents are too deep and too wide, too- I mean, it’s his jiu jitsu game that insiders rave about?! We may never see it! I love Faber, and I’m dying to see that fight, and I love that (at least) three really good guys really want the belt, it makes it belt worth more. But Faber will have his hands full as hell, and if he can’t do it, I can’t imagine who can.


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