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Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva to headline UFC 108

UFC 108 has seen its share of trouble. The January 2 event has stuggled to keep a main event in tact.  Anderson Silva was unable to fight Vitor Belfort due to surgery. Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin was a thought, but now appears to be off indefinitely.  Lastly Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is suffering from a nasty staph infection causing the cancellation of his fight with Cain Velasquez.

Never fear UFC fans, the benefit of a star studded roster are that in times of trouble, you have a plethora of superstars to choose from.  The UFC has announced the new main event for UFC:108 will be none other than  Rashad Evans squaring off with Thiago Silva.

Both men are coming off TKO losses to the UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida.  The fight was initially scheduled as a replacement bout for Evans who was scheduled to fight Quinton Jackson upon completion of season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter reality show.

Joe Silva and company have been busy of late putting together main events for the UFC’s monthly Pay-Per View schedule.   A job that becomes much more difficult when 4 of the 5 company champions are on the shelf recovering from surgery.

  • blackPlague says:

    4 of 5 UFC champions on the shelf! Sounds like its time to fold in the WEC!

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I will take Rashad by brutal ko, I dont see this fight even being competitive.

  • sdouglasmc says:

    With a lot of they UFC’s headliners getting put on the shelf, it might not be a bad time drum up a few UFCs on regular television – like this past weekend. There really aren’t many fights I’d PPV.

    The only PPV I would pay for right now, with who is healthy, would be Henderson/Belfort… If only the UFC signed Dan back.

  • nate says:

    solid fight considering how the ufc has been scrambling to keep fights together due to injuries. i like both fighters and definitely feel this has the makings of a classic battle. both fighters come from excellent camps and both have excellent striking and solid ground games that has the makings of a very exciting fight no matter where it ends up. i also felt that you should have note that although thiago silva did lose to lyoto via ko, it should have stated he was coming off a tko demolition of evans’ teammate keith jardine. i dont know who to pick though…i like em both.

  • jding3 says:

    Although this is an intriguing fight I still don’t like someone coming off a loss in the main event, just like in UFC 106, Griffin and Ortiz are both coming off losses. I’m excited for both of these fights but I just don’t feel they are main event worthy. At the same time the UFC is in a tough spot with all these injuries so I don’t know what else they were supposed to do

  • manny says:

    Going w/ Silva on this one. He’ll be on the prowl why evans we be running around da ring. A def stand up war b/c I dont see this one hitting the floor and will end w/ a decision.

  • Makington says:

    fanoftna33: I will take Rashad by brutal ko, I dont see this fight even being competitive.

    Don’t see why people are hating on that comment. I really can’t see it going any other way. Rashad’s new and improved hands are way too fast for almost anyone to handle. Coupled with his extensive wrestling pedigree, he will be able to dictate the pace and direction of the fight when he wants. It’s just a bad match up for Thiago.

    skwisgaar: Hey, staff:

    Hmmmm, I don’t see any incorrect use of apostrophes in their article….

  • skwisgaar says:

    That’s ‘cuz they corrected the mistake.

  • David Andrest says:

    skwisgaar: That’s ‘cuz they corrected the mistake.

    Indeed I did! :)

  • Makington says:

    Oh lol, I guess that makes more sense. Apostrophes are tough man, they would beat hyphens any day inside the cage. I’m judging by all the hate that me and fanoftna are receiving that everyone thinks Thiago SIlva will not only beat Rashad, but destroy him. What has he ever done to prove he has better skills than Rashad? Knock out people like Antonio Mendes, or Keth ‘The Paradox’ Jardine?

  • moosebaby02 says:

    for me Makington its just a hunch Thiago will win.

  • JBAR says:

    Before the show I would have rooted against Rashad. Now I don’t care who wins I just want to see a good fight.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Rashad is a great counter puncher and Silva is very aggressive. A Rashad ko is a distinct possibility. I’m looking forward to this match up, because it needs to happen. The winner gets a re-match with Machida, although they might have to wait for Machida’s re-match with Rua.

    If there weren’t so many injuries, this might not be a main event, but it could be a damn good fight, and a co-main event.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Did you say Main event!. Perhaps this one is free too. Is it?. Because I wont be buying this based on the main event.


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