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Dana White: ‘There’s a possibility Lesnar will never fight again’

brock_lesnar_wins_ufc_titleAs the world turns, the news surrounding UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar‘s current state of health continues to look more and more bleak.

News that something was up with Lesnar first broke when the larger than life champion was forced to withdraw from his anticipated clash with Shane Carwin due to what was believed to be a severe case of mono (mononucleosis). However, a recent report over at has quoted UFC President Dana White as stating that Lesnar’s current ailment is not mono as previously suspected, but something more severe.

White went on to state that Brock was currently suffering from an intestinal disorder that will require “major surgery”.

The UFC President is currently trying to have Brock transferred from the hospital he is currently staying at, to the globally renowned and respected Mayo Clinic.

As far as Lesnar’s career in the Octagon is concerned; it has become quite apparent that the only fight Brock should be focusing on right now is the one taking place within his body.

“There’s a possibility Lesnar will never fight again,” stated Dana.

5 Oz.’ thoughts and prayers go out to Brock and his family for a full and speedy recovery.

Stay tuned to 5 Oz. as we continue to keep you up to date on Lesnar’s status.

  • JBAR says:

    Man this sucks. I hope this does not turn into a story of what might have been.

  • Connor Cobain says:

    I realy never liked this guy but I feel horrible for him, Realy hope he can pull through this. Come on Brockiosaur!

  • helterskelter says:

    Man this sucks! I kept hoping it wasn’t anything serious but it’s becoming really obvious that it is. I hope you get better soon Brock, whether you fight again or not. I may not have pulled for you every time you fought, but I’m pulling for you now big guy.

  • BigDave says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Brock at this time and I’m just hoping that he gets better. At the end of the day MMA is just a sport and doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things so lets all just hope for the best for this husband, father and son.

  • slammy862 says:

    When they avoid giving details like this, it’s never good.

    What the hell happened!?

    This is like War of The Worlds, humans are getting destroyed and it looks hopeless for mankind and then disease steps in and ko’s the beast.

    Hang in there Brock. We need you to Rocky IV the russian for the U.S, yet.

    Good luck.

  • BigDave says:

    Diverticulitis is a digestive tract condition that results in the formation of small, extremely painful pockets. It usually requires invasive surgery to correct.

    This is what another website is reporting that Brock is suffering from, it goes onto say that he is in stable condition in hospital and is expected to be released in the coming days.

    This sounds bad but atleast it seems like its correctable.

  • edub says:

    Hope all stays well for ya Brock. Drink water.

    Its been reported on a couple sites that his trainer said he is on his way back to Minnesota. Im hoping the truth lies closer to this than a few of the grimmer articles.

  • Vogairian says:

    From Wiki: “Patients often present with the classic triad of left lower quadrant pain, fever, and leukocytosis (an elevation of the white cell count in blood tests). Patients may also complain of nausea or diarrhea; others may be constipated.

    Less commonly, an individual with diverticulitis may present with right-sided abdominal pain. This may be due to the less prevalent right-sided diverticula or a very redundant sigmoid colon.”

    I could see how you could mistake that for just having the Flu.

  • danw84 says:

    Whether I’m cheering for him or not (for him vs Mir and Herring, against him vs Couture, and hopefully eventually Carwin), he is a tremendous athlete that it would be no short of a tragedy for his MMA career to end now.

    Get better Brock, take your time, and let’s see you back in the octagon.

  • danw84 says:

    Seriously I hope Brock gets out of the hospital soon….so Carwin can put him back in it!!!!

  • sensiman says:

    Ive said it in another post that Im not a fan at all of this guy but I want to see the champ recover. Come on brock were all pullin for you.

  • cere says:

    So now that it has come out that is it a “bacterial infection in his intestinal tract”, it truns out that his serious illness was a severe bout of diarrhea?

    Anyway, hope he gets well, because as much as I dislike him, he was good for the division.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Diverticulitis is usually treated with antibiotics. If that doesn’t work, surgery to remove the affected portion of intestine can be undertaken. People with chronic diverticulitis usually have dietary restrictions to avoid painful outbreaks. Nothing with seeds, for example, because they irritate the intestinal tract. Even if Lesnar had part of his intestine removed and resected, that wouldn’t automatically mean the end of his career.

    There are other intestinal conditions that can be more debilitating, such as ulcerative colitis, which can result in surgical removal of the colon in extreme cases. Colo-rectal cancer would be another one.

  • frizzle says:

    Im not doubting his sickness, but this is coming from Dana. Does anyone think that this could be a great storyline to come back and say ” We thought he’d never fight again!” I’ll personally wait for someone from Lesnar’s camp or his doctor to say something before I start to care.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    good point frizzle

  • smclarrin says:

    just because it worked for Machida, doesn’t mean everyone should drink their own piss.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Did I just have a post removed from here for saying I never listen to anything Dana “Don King” White says?. Perhaps I didn’t post it. I hope not.


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