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Trading Punches: UFC 105 Preview and Predictions; The Prelims

ufc 105Once again it’s on as 5 Oz.‘ very own CB and D to the A are back to break down this Saturday evening’s UFC 105 card, taking place straight from the UK.

The event is set for November 14 from the Manchester Evening News Arena in, you guessed it, Manchester, England.

The main event will pit Randy Couture up against Brandon Vera in a light heavyweight showdown, but first things first, we’re here to kick things off with the undercard.

As usual, feel free to agreee or diagree with any of our picks in a loosely respectful manner in the comment section below, and of course, put up or shut up, let’s see your picks!

Main card is on the way…..

Paul Taylor vs. John Hathaway

David Andrest: I really enjoy watching Paul Taylor fight. I find him exciting most times as he really leaves it all in the Octagon.  With that said,  Hathaway is an 11-0  blue chip prospect who will likely take Taylor to the floor and pound him senseless.

Winner : John Hathaway  TKO

Cory Brady: Hathaway may have yet to see his first professional defeat in MMA, but there’s a first time for everything. The undefeated prospect has never faced anyone as durable and as explosive as Taylor. One thing is for certain, and that’s that both men should be in for a war. Hathaway may very well have what it takes to edge out Taylor from a technical standpoint, but it’s going to be interesting to see how he reacts to the pressure Taylor will be applying.

Winner: John Hathaway via unanimous decision

Terry Etim vs. Shannon Gugerty

David Andrest: Etim is better on the feet by a mile, and good enough to keep it off the floor for long stretches of time.  Thus  Gugerty will find himself getting beat up as he works to  get this fight and keep this fight on the floor where he has a shot.

Winner  Terry Etim decision

Cory Brady: I feel like Etim is the better striker of the two, but not by a mile. However, both men are very dangerous ground fighters so I expect for Etim to try to utilize the one obvious advantage he does have, and keep it standing. On the feet I feel like Gugerty should be able to hold his own, but he will be outclassed if he chooses to go that route. Sadly for Shannon, I feel like his only chance to win this fight will be from the top position on the canvas, but if he does that he’s risking getting triangle choked. Don’t be too surprised if Etim welcomes the takedown and looks to sinch up a triangle early on.

Winner: Terry Etim via submission

Paul Kelly vs. Dennis Siver

David Andrest: Unless  Dennis Siver has developed some takedown defense , he is in for a long night.  Paul Kelly is a scrappy guy who likes to hit people.  And when he takes Siver to the floof  he will punish   him.  I’m going to stop short of calling a TKO victory, but I think Siver will not be able to stop the beating  Kelly is going to lay upon him.

Winner:  Paul Kelly  via decision

Cory Brady: Paul Kelly is hands down one of the most exciting fighters in the business right now. He carries a head kick reminiscent of Mirko in his prime, and a relentless pace that would make Clay Guida nod his mangy mug in approval. Siver is capable, but there’s no reason Kelly shouldn’t win this fight; he’s just the better fighter. While Dennis doesn’t make it a habit to get knocked out, when he loses, he normally gets his a** whupped; this should be no exception. Expect for Kelly to come out with one thing on his mind, and that’s the KOTN bonus check.

Winner: Paul Kelly via TKO

Matt Riddle vs. Nick Osipczak

David Andrest:  I’m not sure how many of you have had the chance to watch Matt Riddle fight since his stint on TUF ended.  The guy has been …………….how should I say this?   Very controlling.  So much so if I were at the MEN arena, I would feel safe watching  Riddle take this fight to the floor,  then getting up to go to the bathroom, grab a drink, talk with a long lost friend, and return to my seat to find the fighters in the same position I left them 13 minutes earlier.   Nick Osipczak has BJJ, but it’s simply not going to be enough.  This fight will likely be won on “octagon control”.

Winner:  Matt Riddle  and the Concession Stands at the Arena by decision

Cory Brady: I’m not going to argue with anything that Dave just said, and I’d be lying if I said I was looking forward to this one. Who would of known that the kid with one of the most devastating knockouts in the history of The Ultimate Fighter would turn out to be so hard to watch. Nick’s a scrappy dude, but Riddle is too big, strong and lethargic for him.

Winner: Matt Riddle via unanimous decision

Alexander Gustafsson vs. Jared Hamman

David Andrest: It’s the debut for both fighters,  after a quick look at records Gustafsson has faced the better competiton.  For that reason alone I’m going to pick him in this fight.

Winner: Gustafsson via TKO

Cory Brady: Alexander has an awesome nickname, “The Mauler”, but don’t even pretend like you’ve seen a bunch of tape on this guy. Fighting out of Stockholm, Sweden, Gustafsson is known as a knockout artist, with six of his eight victories ending via TKO or KO. However, Hamman is vastly more experienced against tougher competition and is known as a knockout artist in his own right. If you like brutal beatdowns, this is the fight for you; there’s no way this one makes it to the scorecards.

Winner: Jared Hamman via knockout

Andre Winner vs. Roli Delgado

David Andrest: This could be an interesting fight.  Each man has one way to win.  Winner will win this fight on the feet, Delgado on the ground.  It’s simple as that.  Look for Winner to clinch early and often and beat Delgado until the ref steps in to save the day, otherwise  we’ll have witnessed Delgado pull guard and end it quickly.

Winner: Winner via TKO

Cory Brady: Another fight I’m not looking forward to between two guys that won’t be around in a few months. Winner has a long history of going the distance and if he’s able to avoid a Delgado submission, there’s no reason this fight should break the trend. Delgado is technically better on the ground, and that’s where this fight will be won.

Winner: Delgado via unanimous decision

  • moosebaby02 says:


  • fanoftna33 says:

    The two fights here that really interest me are Taylor vs Hathaway and Delgado vs winner.
    I enjoy watching Taylor fight every time out, and still think he should have the w vs Davis as the ref let Davis take way more shots than he should have. That said his weakness takedown defense, if Hathaway takes him down he will likely get the ud. But my gut says Taylor will pull it out
    Taylor 3rd tko
    Ive liked Roli ever since Mir gave him crap about his black belt. I still would like to see Roli put on some weight and move up a class as he is pretty tall. He is very tough but really needs to work on some wrestling but I belive he will take this one.
    Delgado submission 2nd.

  • edub says:

    Paul Taylor via tko- Hathaway I believe is in a bit over his head here. I know he’s 11-0 and he has faced some pretty good fighters but Taylor continues to evolve and his stand up is probably at least near the top of the 170 lb div.

    Shannon Gugherity by UD or late tko- I slept on Gugherity before his last fight with Grice and he opened my eyes a little bit. I feel he has enough of an edge in wrestling to force his will in this fight.

    Kelly via UD- Kelly is the better wrestler and he is naturally a hell of a lot stronger. This fight to me is just a horrible matchup for Siver

    Jared Hamman via KO- Dont know enough about either fighter to develope an intelligent choice so Im just piggy backing on cory’s pick.

    Andre Winner via KO- I think Roli is in a world of trouble here. I think the fight is gonna be fast and it is gonna be violent.
    Riddle via dec- If every sight I have looked at predicts another suffocating victory for Riddle who am i to disagree.

  • saerbarnet says:

    “Cory Brady: Alexander has an awesome nickname, “The Mauler”, but don’t even pretend like you’ve seen a bunch of tape on this guy.”

    Welcome to the internet, Here is a tip:

  • Rich S. says:

    Paul Taylor is a solid fighter, but Hathaway is really moving up in this division..
    -Hathaway via Unanimous Decision.

    Terry Etim is a very well-rounded fighter and has all the tools to win on the feet AND the ground, here..
    -Terry Etim via TKO r3.

    Wow, I didn’t realize Dennis Siver is on a 3 fight win streak.. Last I remember his world was getting rocked by Melvin Guillard.. I guess that goes to show how important he is..
    Paul Kelly is a pitbull and he’s going to have his dirty, dirty way with Siver..
    -Paul Kelly via Unanimous Decision.

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching Matt Riddle totally control Dante Rivera, who had previously said he’d retire if he ever lost to Matt.. But, I prefer those guys that can hit you from any angle on the feet, with a punch OR a kick, and still submit you as soon as it hits the mat… i.e. – Nick Osipczak.
    For no other reason than the fact that I really want this kid to succeed:
    -Nick Osipczak via Triangle Choke r2

    I still believe that Andre Winner is going to go further in this sport than Pearson..
    What I love about this guy is, on the show, we were led to believe he’s a devastating striker..
    Yet, he has more wins via submission..
    I’m going to assume he has the submission defense to fend off Roli (If it even makes it to the ground), and he will totally batter Roli on the feet..
    -Andre Winner via TKO r3.

    …aaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m spent.

  • MMAReality says:

    What is interesting is that quite a few people have made TERRIBLE picks. There is huge difference between reasonable picks and picks based on who you WANT to win, and unfortunately for many, that disparity is huge. If you find yourself in a pattern of making terrible picks, go back to the drawing board and think about what is influencing your picks, or just stop embarrassing yourself and stop making picks. Separate who you WANT to win from who you THINK will win.

    As for the Vera vs. Couture match, I picked Couture immediately for two big reasons:

    1. Although Couture is quite a bit older, he has much more experience, a good fight record, and is in phenominal shape.

    2. Vera’s fight record is unimpressive, and he is consistently overconfident when interviewed in his upcoming matches.

    There are many more reasons to consider Vera a poor fighter. He is incredibly scrawny. Forget about technical skills for a moment. You can have good technical skills, but if you take a couple of strikes from someone who is much stronger than you, and is in much better physical shape than you, you will most likely lose. (Take for example, Mir vs. Lesnar: While Lesnar lost to Mir in the first matchup to a cheasy submission, Lesnar turned Mir into hamburger, and he will NEVER lose to Mir again. I know a lot of people hate Lesnar, but imagine how much better Lesnar would be if while he increases his technical skills, he loses fat and maintains his muscle.)

    In Vera’s case, I have never seen a fighter that is both “fat” and “skinny” at the same time. If you are going to carry some noticeable fat, for god’s sake, train hard and put some muscle on! Vera’s physical condition is a clear indication of a lack of discipline in training. Physically, he is a very scrawny, sloppy mess, and it shows in his fighting. Take a look around at most other LHW contenders, and none of them are in as bad shape as Vera. I realize his raw weight is there, but I cannot see him fighting as a LHW, and him fighting as a HW is just laughable! In either division, I do not think that Vera is a good fighter, and it was clearly demonstrated again in UFC 105. Combine this with the fact that there are too many far more superior fighters in LHW, and his prospect of a future in HW division is ridiculous.

    Moreover, unless Vera can drop down as far as a MW or even a WW (or put on some significant muscle mass AND lose fat), he has no long term future. This is why I also believe that he will not be in the UFC much longer. If you disagree, please hold my feet to the fire on this, come back later, and either tell me I was wrong, or be man enough to concede that I was right. I will gracefully do the same.


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