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The Juggernaut Diaries: Mike Wessel’s TUF 10 Blog; Episode 9

Mike WesselWell last night the show started out with Team Rashad coaching the team individually. They did this so there was no unfair advantage to another team member. I really thought that this was the best plan since everyone was going to have to fight each other till the end of the show. I really don’t think this bothered anyone on the team either because we have been in the house for four weeks now and the practices have been very difficult up to this point. It was a well-needed break.

I had hoped that most of this episode would go to Justin and Roy, but nope, it went half to Matt Mitrione and his “rattled brain”. Matt didn’t want to fight. That’s plans and simple. He was scared of James and was looking for a reason not to fight.

After all the bullshit he caused this season with our team, we were just sick of the acting and drama that he created every single day. I gave Matt the benefit of doubt up until this point of the show. I realized that one-minute he would be fine and playing cards, and the next he would be acting like a kid from a special needs 3rd grade class.

So after the acting Matt gets a day away from the house and goes to stay at hospital for the night. He comes home, does some more acting, and then when Dana shows up he smiles huge. Dana asks him if he will fight and with a smile Matt says, “I can’t say no”.

If Dana would have walked away right then and not continued the conversation I believe the acting would have ended. But Dana says lets see what the Doc has to say and immediately Matt see his opportunity to have an excuse. He explains how his brain is rattled and how he needs to see if he is up to it. Then he tells Dana that his brain is not just knocked loose from that fight, it’s from years of football. Dana immediately asks, “So you had concussions a lot in football?”, and Matt responds, “I don’t know, Maybe?”.

What a douche bag. He just told the boss that bullshit. I think Dana smells bullshit but you have to wait till the next episode to see what he says about it. Sorry….haha

Moving on, the fight between Justin and Roy was a great fight. I think that both fighters respected their ground games and kept it standing the entire fight because of that reason. Roy is a smart fighter and knows Justin is more dangerous on the ground. Justin also knows that if he goes to the ground Roy has 90% chance of catching him.

Justin comes out and puts the pressure on Roy and has him backing up for the first minute. Roy keeps Justin at bay by repeatedly jabbing Justin. Roy would move away and jab hook with the left hand and he rarely used his right hand. The fight is a good swing fest and had us on our toes the entire time.

I think it was called correctly because although Justin charged Roy the first minute of the fight, Roy controlled the bout with his jab, and only threw when it would connect. Justin was getting tired and throwing anything in hopes of something connecting.

I also believe that Justin gave his all in the first 10 minutes and that it would have been bad if the 3rd round was chosen.

Justin is a great young and tough fighter that will have a long career. He fought a more experienced fighter and came at him looking for a victory. It just wasn’t enough on that day. I think Justin wore himself out with the wild punches. Justin will get another shot in the real UFC and will win. He has to remember that this was an exhibition and a set up reality TV show fight. There is a huge difference.

Roy always sticks to his game plan and never drifts from it. He had said previous to the fight that he would keep it on the feet and try to make it exciting without taking damage. That’s what he did. Roy and Justin were really good friends on the show and I think that had a lot to do with his game plan as well. Roy wanted Justin to train with him after the show was over to help him and I think that’s why we saw the fight that we saw.

But, what I noticed throughout the fight that Roy threw his right hand only when he was pinned or in trouble. Roy maybe threw his right maybe 15 times in that fight. Roy’s right hand is his KO. If that guy hits you on the chin with his right, its game over.

So, Roy wins but the show stealer for me this week was a 1-sentence line given by Dana after the fight “Roy loves Roy more than anyone loves Roy.” That is a classic line and I laughed my ass off while I was watching the show with Roy. Funny stuff.

Ok, so make sure to check out my new radio show. Its called Alpha Dog Radio and you can call in at 501-262-1066 or listen live on the internet if it’s not broadcast in your area. Tonight we will be talking to Cory Brady from on all the rumors and skinny in MMA. You can also check me out on the web at See you next week.

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  • fanoftna33 says:

    I think it was a good fight but Justin was gassed out way early, a good decision only because Justin would have been koed if they went 5 more min.
    Gotta wonder about Miterone, if he is playing up the injury angle so he can get out of the house without a loss, and go back and really build up the cardio as his was just terrible.
    I am looking forward to next week to see what Dana has to say about Matt, and the fight between Schaub and Jon Madsen, I am pulling for Madsen to get koed here for sure.

  • GassedOut says:

    Mike, I have to say I have really enjoyed your insider’s view of what was going on for the TUF episodes. Thanks for doing this. Any thoughts on what’s coming up for you? Any calls from Joe Silva that you can talk about?

  • mwwessel90 says:


    I really would like to talk you about what Joe and I have talked about recently but I am unable to comment until the last episode. SO, expect the real, real truth to come out then, LOL I appreciate your comments on the blog I have been complimented alot so thanks to you and everyone that reads this. I promise that I will tell you the truth and not be bias. Even if it means throwing myself under the bus I wont bullshit it. If I mess up or am a dick I admit it.

  • edub says:

    Kind of a selfish question Mike but if you get back on here I was wondering if you ever said anything to Matt about the whole note thing. Especially when it seems he has been looking for a way out of his semifinal fight.

  • Rich S. says:

    Roy Nelson fought a very stupid fight.
    I can’t put it any better than that.
    Luckily for him, the judges came up with a horrible decision..
    Apparently he’s just trying to play it safe and conserve his energy, but that is the worst thing to do with these judges.
    Wren clearly won the first round and could’ve possibly won the 2nd on aggression, yet there was a decision.

    Roy got very, very lucky..

  • mwwessel90 says:

    edubI am serious when I say this, what am I being selfish about? BUt, I did confront matt about the note and aboput why he threw me under the bus and his response was the normal. He said “man i dont know’ and “im sorry but i just said it and dont know what i was thinking.” It was a worthless conversation but so was the hole idea about the note. He didnt know scott was tight with me so he never thought it would been caught that he said I was scared but it was funny how everyone on both teams and coaches debunked that I was scared of anyone. Oh well he remains the show douche bag for now. LOL

  • qat says:

    i see the fight as mike does. justin started strong, but roy kept his cool and controlled him after the first minute.
    i can understand the judges giving the fight to roy, just look at this fight again and count. justin had his moments, but after the first minute he had little impact. roy on the other hand didnt score big, but he scored consistently, with consistent impact.

    if mat pulls out, i would rather see mike going in again than kimbo. since mike impressed me a bit more in his fight than kimbo did. but we all know what it would come down too. but if kimbo really fights again and is now supposed to fight houston alexander, it would mean he lost again, right?

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Hey Wessel, (if you read this) would you please weigh in on how you think Fedor and Brock would match up?

  • edub says:

    mwwessel90: He said “man i dont know’ and “im sorry but i just said it and dont know what i was thinking.” It was a worthless conversation but so was the hole idea about the note. He didnt know scott was tight with me so he never thought it would been caught that he said I was scared but it was funny how everyone on both teams and coaches debunked that I was scared of anyone.

    Yea they at a few points in the show looks as though he’s taking way too many shots to the head in his life but at others he just looks like he’s milking it. And I dont mean just injury milking I mean he acts like the dumbest guy in the world when he’s really scheming his ass off.

    mwwessel90: edubI am serious when I say this, what am I being selfish about?

    I meant I was being selfish in that I didnt know if you wanted to talk about or anybody else really care to hear aboout it. I wasnt trying to call u selfish.

  • JollyDV says:

    I have to ask, are the doors in the house made of cardboard also?

  • RU486 says:

    Mike – First off, thank you so much for giving us a week to week inside look at how things went down outside of the editing process.

    I’ve been a long time hater of Rashad Evans ever since he graced season 2 because of his boastful antics and “Showboating” (in Matt Hughes’ words). However after watching this season of TUF, he comes across as being the best Coach to ever grace the show, and earned a ton of respect for his drive to help every fighter in the house get the most out of the training time as possible, his focus on each fighter’s objective and gameplan, and his overall concern for the members of his team.

    How was it training with Evans, Van Arsdale, Whitman, and Greg Jackson (the best coach in all of MMA)? Having already fought in the UFC, and currently under contract with 3 fights remaining, do you foresee yourself hooking up with the Jackson camp in the future to further your training, and the direction of your career in the UFC?

  • Angry Mike says:

    Roy Nelson may have eked out a decision against Wren, but it was the right decision. Wren had no answer to Roy’s jab, and Roy landed leg kicks almost at will in the second round, frequently at the end of good combinations. Is Roy sandbagging? I suspect he is, and I think White suspects it, too. White’s unflattering comments so far suggest Roy better win this thing outright or he might not have a shot at the UFC.

  • Makington says:

    Man I hope John Madsen gets ktfo’d next week. When Abe went to touch gloves with him as a sign of respect and John ducked under it and took him down, I took that as one of the most disrespectful moves I’ve seen in a while in TUF. It was a pretty dirty move. I don’t think Abe had much of a chance anyways but it was still a grimy move.

    Good blog, Mike!


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