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Strikeforce Pays Out Bonuses to Displaced Strikeforce Fighters, Mark Miller and Deray Davis

strikeforcecrestWhen the lights dimmed in Chicago for “Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers” on Saturday night, friends, fans, and family of local welterweights Mark Miller and Deray Davis sat in the Sears Centre anticipating a clash between the two that ultimately never came to fruition due to a scheduling error. While it was immediately announced both fighters were being paid their agreed upon showing fee for undergoing the unfortunate circumstances, neither was able to compete for a win bonus to potentially ease any hardships endured, financial or otherwise, while training for the starcrossed bout (such as lost sponsorship money).

However, in a move many would label the righting of a wrong, Strikeforce executives announced today that both Miller and Davis would receive additional salary equivalent to the sum either would have received for winning the fight. When contacted by for clarification on matters, Strikeforce representative Mike Afromowitz went on to briefly explain the situation and confirm the supplemental payment had been issued.

“(Strikeforce) did everything we could to match (Davis and Miller) on a card taking place in Chicago on November 21st,” said Afromowitz. Neither fighter could take the fight on this date, however, due to different circumstances. Given this situation, we felt the next best solution would be to pay them their respective win bonuses as well as their purses.

This is the first time in Strikeforce history that anything like this has occurred.”

No official word has surfaced on what is next for either Mixed Martial Artist or if they plan to face each other at a future event, Strikeforce or otherwise.

  • GassedOut says:

    That’s a good first step. I think they should be compensated on financial losses vis-a-vis sponsorship money lost as well.

  • David Andrest says:

    I would have to disagree GassedOut. Sponsor money while important to a fighter, is a deal between a sponsor and a fighter. If circumstances take place that stop a fight from taking place, and the org pays the fighters, and gives them a win bonus that ends the financial responsibility of the ORG.

    I can not count on two hands the amount of fighters that have been screwed by a sponsor not paying or slow paying over the years. Does that become the reponsiblity of the org’s as well?

    How about a swing bout that may or may not be televised? If the money is different for those scenario’s are the companies responsible for not having time to broadcast the fight thus making them responsible for the difference between the two amounts?

    Who owes Sam Stout for his possible lost sponsor money from UFN 19??? The UFC or Phillipe Nover??

  • Dufresne says:

    I like that SF is trying to fix an obvious mistake, but does this not seem like more of a PR move than true compensation?
    I’m wondering if this would have ever happened if there hadn’t been such an outcry from the public.

  • GassedOut says:

    David, I understand what you’re talking about. I respectfully submit that if someone lost sponsorship money, the party responsible for that loss should step up and do something.

    Swing bouts are in a special category. People know they may not make the telecast ahead of time, and as such, it could be understood ahead of time that compensation from sponsors may differ.

    I also think I see what you’re getting at, for example Xyience not paying Chuck for stuff or the like. I don’t see where that was caused by the fight org.

    This was directly caused by the last-second cancellation of their bout by the org, and it’s very clear that this happened to everyone. Perhaps that makes this the special case that does deserve the compensation from either Strikeforce, or Showtime/CBS.

  • Vogairian says:

    Dufresne: I like that SF is trying to fix an obvious mistake, but does this not seem like more of a PR move than true compensation?
    I’m wondering if this would have ever happened if there hadn’t been such an outcry from the public

    It’s funny because I thought the same thing. If the UFC had done this I can only imagine what the reaction would have been.


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