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Mike Camp: My journey through the world of MMA Vol. V

Part I., Part II., Part III., Part IV.

At this point in the story the crew and I are settled in Tennessee and I’m getting into the swing of my new job with Ed Clay’s Nashville MMA Academy. Up until this point it has been pretty great. First off, let me tell you we have some phenomenal coaches. Shawn Hammond’s jiu-jitsu is ridiculous to the point where this guy should have been in Abu Dhabi already; Ray Casias is the consummate MMA coach(I couldn’t have asked for better); and Lance Patrick is everything I could’ve hoped for in an MMA striking coach and more. I am enrolling in his class myself(because you know I like to bang around!). Last, but certainly not least is Ed himself. The guy has forgotten more about MMA than mere mortals will ever know.

The coaches want me to get in shape and make a comeback but I’m not sure that’s in the cards. Haha.

My job here is to matchmake our Gameness Fighting cards, to recruit new talent for our team, and it looks like I have struck gold already! Remember the names Rob “The Brain” Helton and Chris “The Nightstalker” Camacho. You will thank me. Rob wrestled with Dave “Peewee” Herman at Indiana University, and Chris is a former NFL player. They both have the makings of future superstars.

I have done five cards here in Tennessee between the Gameness Fight Series, along with the larger Gameness Fighting Championships, and it feels good so far. The last two were trying as the state of Tennessee instituted bloodwork requirements for amateurs as of 10/1/09, but we pulled through. I keep telling everyone that in 6 months it will be a non-issue.

As far as recruiting, we have had F1 Management client and MTV’sBully Beatdown” star Nick “Afrozilla” Gaston down for Dave “Peewee” Herman’s training camp before his win over Don “The Predator” Frye, and we had Kyle Gibbons (from Indiana) come down for a look as well. Both deals are still in negotiations. I am in talks with a couple of other pros as well but my real focus is finding amateur gems to develop, as well as scouting the NCAA wrestling championships after the new year. I have a feeling that I’m on the verge of something special. I have even talked UFC vet and Nemesis MMA co-owner Josh “The Warhammer” Shockman into un-retiring. Additionally, Ed has already handed me 2 gems in Dustin Ortiz (7-1 amateur MMA) at 125lbs. and Cory Robison (1-0 amateur MMA) at 135lbs. Dustin is a sponge and one of the hardest working fighters I know. Cory is all ready a brown belt world jiu-jitsu champion. I could quit now and we would have the makings of a great team now, but you know me better than that.

I’m so proud of what we have accomplished so far. We had seven guys fight over the past weekend and went 6-1 as a team. If you throw in F1 client Shamar Bailey’s debut win with Strikeforce, then my guys went 7-1 over this past weekend. Pretty freaking sweet if you ask me. Well that’s all for now but I’ll be back to harass you soon. God bless MMA.

  • RU486 says:

    It elates me to see Ed Clay and Gameness getting the exposure they (he) truly deserve. Being a Nashvillian, I’ve watched from afar as Ed has transformed his dream from crackpot imagination to one of the premiere facilities and fight teams in the South.


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