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Fedor out four to six months with hand injury; Overeem likely next opponent

09_FEDOR(rt)_vs_ROGERS_6P1Y7610It appears as though Fedor Emelianenko will likely be forced to the sidelines for the next four to six months due to a series of injuries sustained in his recent second round TKO over Brett Rogers on this past Saturday’s Strikeforce card that aired live on CBS.

According to Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker in a conversation with the L.A. Times, Fedor suffered a fracture and tendon damage in his left thumb, along with a fractured nose in the Rogers clash.

“[The hand injury] could’ve been from that blow when he had Brett on the mat at the end,” Coker said. “We’re hearing he could be out for four to six months.”

According to the recent report, Coker is planning to use Fedor’s time off to help promote current Strikeforce heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem, who is currently the front runner to face off with Emelianenko upon his return to the cage.

As of right now Overeem is expected to headline a Strikeforce card in early 2010 which will air on Showtime, the question is: Who will Alistair face in the tune-up bout? Will it be Brett Rogers or Fabricio Werdum? Is there a “safe” tune-up bout for Overeem in Strikeforce?

  • coulson says:

    And now they’re backed into a corner. It makes no sense to have Brett Rogers fight Overeem considering he just lost. The only logical bout now is Overeem vs Werdum and the winner faces Fedor. That means that once Fedor faces the winner of that match (presuming he wins), who is left for him in SF? No one. The lack of depth in the SF talent pool is seriously going to cost them in about 8 months.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    This is two out of the last three fights in which Fedor broke his hand. Hopefully this isnt the type of injury that forces him into early retirement.

  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    Overrated vs Werdum(overrated, reprise) can fight it out to see who gets fed to Fedor, and then Fedor realizes he should’ve went to the UFC when everyone says he hasn’t beaten Brock, Carwin, or Velasquez., only two overrated guys, one who couldn’t hang with the UFC, and a dude with a mohawk who was pimpslapping him for the first round. Admittedly, the right hand was vicious, and the reason I want more for Fedor. Strikeforce just isn’t the pinnacle. It is AAA ball, sorry.

  • heatwaves says:

    Overeem won’t be available for a tune-up fight. It will take him 4-6 months to detox for a fight on American soil.

  • jding3 says:

    It’s unfortunate Fedor will be out so long, but it will be interesting to see how SF handles it.

    To Yourdaddydevilandlord I think after Fedor vs Rogers we realized that Rogers is definitley not a pimpslapping mohawk man. He proved he can hang with the best, and showed a decent chin. That shot he took would have knocked out 90% of fighters cold. and he was still semi-concious. That’s impressive.

  • GassedOut says:

    I guess I expected some medical suspension, and if he broke a thumb, 6 months is about right with tendon damage.

    I just hate to see it is all.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    give him Arloswki’ glass chin

  • H3ro says:

    It should give Overeem enough time to clean out his body

  • HonorableAggression says:

    guess the fighters curse lately extends beyond the zuffa roster.

    Hope for a quick recovery so we can see fedor back in action soon.

  • jim7283 says:

    Overeem vs Rogers would be the better fight IMO, but Verdum deserves the shot since he won. Winner of that takes on Fedor, and if Brett wins a fight in the interim then he’s probably due a rematch for the title after that…


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