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Trading Punches: “Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers” is back to break down the main card of Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers via a verbal  sparring session between 5 Oz. managing editor Cory Brady and fellow loyal 5 Oz’er David Andrest.

Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers  is set to go down this Saturday evening  at the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Ill.  The event will be broadcast live on CBS.

Set to feature a headlining  heavyweight  fight Fedor Emelianenko and Brett Rogers, also set for action will beJake Shields, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Gegard Mousasi,  Fabricio Werdum, Antonio Silva and others.

As always feel free to agree or disagree with either of us in the comments section below, and please post your very own set of picks so they can either be voted up or down by the people: You guys.

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers

David Andrest:  Not sure what to type here that hasn’t been said everywhere. Fedor is a heavy favorite and for good reason.  He brings a thousand ways to beat Rogers into the cage with him.  Rogers brings one.  A victory for either is going to be a HUGE win for Strikeforce, with the only chance of failure is a main event marred in controversy.  Strikeforce on CBS  can not afford a  Machida over Shogun type victory, or a stoppage due to a cut.  Fortunately for them they won’t have this problem.

Winner: Fedor via armbar

Cory Brady: My gut keeps telling me something absolutely shocking could happen in this one, but I have promised myself that I will never let my gut choose for me again (we’ll see how long that lasts). My gut keeps telling me that Brett is the biggest threat Fedor has ever faced because the way I see it is like this: The guy that’s going to beat Fedor isn’t going to be a guy there’s a ton of tape on, and the odds of Emelianenko losing a fight on the ground are slim. No, in my opinion the guy that will end up defeating Fedor will be the guy that’s totally not supposed to, but punches like a truck; sorta like “Grim”. With that being said, I see no reason Fedor’s extensive Sambo background wouldn’t enable him to lock the big man at the waist and drag him to the canvas. From there, I keep seeing Fedor working some ground and pound before Rogers spins around in an effort to escape, only to get caught up in an Emelianenko rear-naked choke.

Winner: Fedor via submission

Jason “Mayhem” Miller vs. Jake Shields (for vacant Strikeforce middleweight title)

David Andrest:  I can’t stop going back and forth on this fight.  Everything points to Shields but something keeps telling me Miller is going to win this fight.  Perhaps the fact that Jacare couldn’t  take Mayhem out on the floor?  Perhaps it’s still obvious to me and the rest of the planet that Shields doesn’t have the stand up to bang with Miller.  But then I remember a 12 fight winning streak, each opponent going to be the one to keep Shields standing or be able to defend on the canvas………Let me flip a coin here……

Winner:  Jason Miller via TKO

Cory Brady: While I have also been going back and forth on this fight for quite some time now, there’s no way I’m flipping a coin on a match-up as important as this one. Jake Shields is going to win this fight, and let me tell you why: Mayhem is going to be the more powerful, naturally larger man, there’s no doubt about that. However, in my opinion the difference in this bout will be that Shields is going to be just slightly more technical in the subjects that will matter the most in this one: wrestling and submissions. While Shields has normally fought at 170 in the past, he’ll be at 185 for this one. Miller would love to keep the fight standing but I don’t feel like he’s going to be able to.

Winner: Shields via submission

Gegard Mousasi vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (non-title match)

David Andrest: Poor Sokoudjou, I mean this is the Fedor vs. Rogers fight all over again, with one exception. I don’t think Sokoudjou believes he is going to win this fight.  Neither do I.

Winner: Mousasi  via armbar

Cory Brady: Well I have to believe, that Sokoudjou believes he can win this fight. He’s a fighter, and god knows he’s not coming in there to take a beating. He may end up taking a beating, but that’s not what he’s showing up for. Sokoudjou has shown in the past during bouts with both Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Ricardo Arona that taking the power in his fists lightly could be a disastrous mistake, but Mousasi is seriously just so much technically better than him on the feet it’s not even funny. On the ground, it’s not even close. Sokoudjou’s a hell of a fighter, and always fun to watch, but there’s good reason this one’s not for the title.

Winner: Mousasi via knockout

Antonio Silva vs. Fabricio Werdum

David Andrest:  I don’t care what anyone say’s , I still believe Werdum is one of the better  heavyweights in mixed martial arts.  He is ever improving, and looks to have gotten the memo that cardio is important.   Silva is big, but isn’t better at anything. He’s bigger at everything.

Winner:  Werdum  via Decision

Cory Brady: Of course, it’s MMA and anything can happen as displayed in Werdum’s recent knockout defeat at the hands of Junior dos Santos, but there’s absolutely no reason Fabricio shouldn’t win this fight, and win it convincingly. He’s the better striker, and the better submission artist by a mile. Silva may be big, but there’s not a limb on his body Werdum won’t be able to snap in half like a tree branch if given the opportunity, which he will.

Winner: Werdum via submisiion

Marloes Coenen vs. Roxanne Modafferi

David Andrest:  If the MMA gods smile on us we’ll see this fight. Coenen is widely believed to be next in line for a beating from Cyborg Santos. Modafferi on the other hand steps in for Erin Toughill on short notice.  Anyone familiar with Modafferi  is aware she already holds a victory over Coenen, however it was two years ago and one would expect both fighters to have matured a bit.  Modafferi is often recognized as one of the best 135’s  in  WMMA, and much like  the woman she is replacing , will defeat Coenen.

Winner:   Modafferi

Cory Brady: My good friend and colleague Mr. Andrest pointed out to me earlier that Modaferri was the female equivalent of Clay Guida. A tenacious brawler with a never say die attitude in the cage that overwhelms her opponents through pure aggression. On the other side of that coin I would have to compare Coenen to a female Kenny Florian; She finishes fights. Although the two met up before in a bout that Modaferri took the split decision home in, that fight was two and a half years ago and I’m willing to bet that the “Female Rickson” will be able to get the job done this time around.

Winner: Coenen via submission

And now we turn it over to you guys, the readers. Don’t be that guy that says he called every fight but nobody believes; put up or shut up, get it on record in the comment section below!

  • fanoftna33 says:

    No way shields pulls off a sub on Miller, Jacare couldnt do it and he is bigger and stronger than Shields, maybe even better.
    I really hope they air the ladies fight, it is for the #1 contender spot after all, and getting the winner over should be important.

  • Madmax says:

    GO GRIM!!!!!

  • Pajamashark says:

    The clear winners: Strikeforce, CBS, EA, MMA as a legit sport supporters, and the fans who appreciate good live fights for free.

  • Dachman says:

    I have a feeling after the Fedor/Rogers fight we are all going to say “Why did we think Rogers would ever have a chance?” I think Fedor is going to go out drag him to the ground, drop those crazy bombs that he does in his GNP. Rogers is going to get sloppy and either give up his back or arm and it will be over in Round 1. Not that Rogers couldnt get that perfect shot because he could drop anyone with the perfect shot, I just dont think Fedor will give it to him. Fedor never looks to give long flashy fights he wants to win and fast.Fedor fights like his wife is in labor and he has to get to the hospital.
    Think about this, how would Rogers do against Tim Sylvia does anyone really think he would just walk through him knowing all of the battles he has been through? So what makes us think that outside of a perfect punch that he would otherwise have a chance.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Rogers would knock Sylvias head into the next row.
    Also people need to remember Rogers does not have to get used to fighting in a cage, I belive this if Fedors first fight in one, and historically the transition from ring to cage isnt all that easy.

  • Makington says:

    Fedor: sub round 1.
    Jason Miller: TKO round 3
    Gegard: TKO round 1
    Werdum: Decision
    Coenen: Decision

  • edub says:

    Fedor via armbar: Fedor catches Brett during an exchange, takes him down, passes to mount, taps the right joystick and takes his arm home to Russia.

    Shields via plodding decision: I m rooting for mayhem here but I think Shields takes this one on just having better wrestling. I dont think itll get stopped and I think the boos will rain down more
    than once from the audience in this fight(although I think itll be a great technical battle on the ground). Hope im wrong and Miller gets the tko but I dont think itll happen.

    Sokoudjou by tko: Yea you saw that right. I think Mousasi comes in and tries to trade too early with Soko and gets rocked and put to sleep. Soko leaves the victor but without the championship belt.

    Silva via tko: This will be Silvas coming out party and all his hard work at ATT will pay off. The guy trains with great fighters on the ground every day, and I know Werdum is prolly the best in the world I just dont think he’ll be able to get him there. Werdum has been getting caught a lot in previous fights, and I think thatll be his undoing in this matchup.

    Coenen via being bigger: I think this matchup well be a really hard one for Modafferi in the fact that Coenen doesnt have to cut as much for this fight. I dont think itll get stopped because Modafferi is a machine and I hope SF can put together a solid womens 135lb division after this fight. Maybe bring in Larosa.

    In the end Im rooting for Rogers, Mayhem, Mousasi, Silva, and Modafferi. BUT I think Fedor, Shields, Sokoudjou, Silva, and Coenan are going to come away with the victories.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    Great card and I hope this works out for Strikeforce. I hope Fedor and his “company” doesn’t bankrupt another fighting organization. Sokoudjou by TKO Edub? No way man, Mousasi is the real deal and he will find a way to get the African to the ground or he will just knock him out. I do however agree that Silva will smash Werdum. I’m back baby and I’m loving every single second of it!

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Silva has one chance and that is by fluke ko. Werdum will not be caught by the much slower Bigfoot.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    why does the banner link to this thread have Brett with a tattoo of Zuluzinho on his arm?

    He doesnt really have that tat does he? or am i missing something?

  • Bullylover says:

    “why does the banner link to this thread have Brett with a tattoo of Zuluzinho on his arm?

    He doesnt really have that tat does he? or am i missing something?”

  • Bullylover says:

    “why does the banner link to this thread have Brett with a tattoo of Zuluzinho on his arm?

    He doesnt really have that tat does he? or am i missing something?” sorry push the wrong button on my keyboard. I was wondering the same thing hindsight.I don’t remember that tattoo in rogers last fight. I think sokodjou has a btter chance than most people think the guy was putting a beating on luis cane before he got caugh,he does have a suspect chin though. I’m a go with rogers via ko, shields via sub,mousasi via tko,werdum via sub, and coenen via ud.

  • Makington says:

    The reason he was taking it to Cane was because Cane was smart enough to see how quickly Sokoudjou was going to gas himself. He basically just tucked his chin, weathered the storm, and took and extremely easy KO. I thought it was sheer intelligence on Cane’s part. Sokoudjou was loading 150% power with each shot. I give Sokoudjou a better chance than some, but Gegard has been in the ring with much tougher competition than him, and won in very convincing fashion.

  • s00nertp says:

    “The guy that’s going to beat Fedor isn’t going to be a guy there’s a ton of tape on, and the odds of
    Emelianenko losing a fight on the ground are slim. No, in my opinion the guy that will end up defeating Fedor will be the guy that’s totally not supposed to, but punches like a truck; sorta like “Grim””

    I agree, like Fujita, one of the few guys who almost knocked out Fedor and Mark Hunt. In my opinion, those two were the closest to winning of any so far.

  • neijia says:

    I think even Fedor said Fujita is the only one who’s really hit him hard. Rogers has the power but Fedor’s standup and “elusiveness” are never really mentioned – overshadowed by his gnp/subs.

  • edub says:

    Makington: but Gegard has been in the ring with much tougher competition than him

    Like who denis Kang, Jacare, Manhoef? I dont think any of them are as tough as a fight as Sokoudjou is purely on Size. Babablu is better but I wouldnt classify him as much tougher competition than Sokoudjou.

  • Makington says:

    Well actually, yes, I do consider all 3 fighters tougher than him. You must really like Sokoudjou, because he is nothing special as a fighter. He is like Kimbo if he dropped to 205 and grew dreads. Great power and good boxing, but sub par at everything else. Poor cardio compiled with a weak ground game and average take down defense make it an absolutely terrible match up for Sokoudjou.


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