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The Juggernaut Diaries: Mike Wessel’s TUF 10 Blog; Episode 8

Mike WesselOn this week’s episode of TUF the show starts out recapping the Junk vs. Mitrione fight. Matt had his bell rung and Scott eyes were both banged up. Those two fought a war and were both hurting pretty bad. Wes Sims attempt to throw a party for Matt was a funny joke but died quickly when Matt was to out of it to even move as Wes sprayed him with silly string. I hated that Scott lost but that’s how the judges scored it so we must move on.

This week was my fight against big baby, but first off I want to clear the air about the sucks balls comment. When I wrote sucks balls it was purely a joke. That was my saying to everyone that week because I was bored and entertaining myself. I said I would tell him I said it but I was told to leave it be and drop it. I didn’t think he would be that upset over it but regrettably he was. I had not intentions of messing with him and that happened a week before we even knew we would be fighting each other.

I got along great with Marcus and was just playing along with the pictures. I didn’t mean anything more than to joke with him, not at him. However, it was funny that the guys that told me not to tell him, 10 minutes later told him if the guy who wrote it was a man he would admit it.

I respect Marcus (even before I lost to him). He is a great guy and I am glad that we will soon be training together (maybe). Marcus is such a great guy that I felt bad he took it that way because we hung out a lot on the show. But, I had no problem telling him I did it. I really didn’t think he would take it that way. If you want proof that we got along watch this weeks episode of the aftermath show with Amir Sadola on Spike, or my Facebook fan page.

Secondly, the stuff about my wife is true. We found out she had cervical cancer two days before I left for the show. I knew she would have surgery while I was on show and opted out, but she wanted me to go. My wife had surgery and had the cancer removed the week before my fight and is clear for now. She goes back in December for a follow up. I hated not knowing what was happening to her. There was more than just the surgery, it was maybe not having children with her. It was not being there to support her if more bad news came. I was going to bail on the show but she would not let me. I found out two hours before I was picked up by the UFC when her surgery would be. I’ll admit, it was a major distraction, but not the reason I lost the fight.

The fight between Marcus and I was a simple plan: Keep it standing. I was told that he didn’t like to be hit and to not go to the ground; keep it on the feet. I veered from the game plan. I went for the leg trip and got reversed and it was a dumbass mistake on my part that cost me the fight. I hate that I had such a poor showing and deserve all the criticism from all the haters for my performance.

I have never fought any worse than I did against him. I am embarrassed by my fight. I did not stick to the game plan and almost cost me my fucking arm. My arm took two months to heal fully after that. What sucks is I didn’t even see it coming. Marcus did a great job and he is a great fighter. He has a huge career ahead of him.

The difference between real fighting and reality TV fighting is the surroundings and the lack of preparation. I had no clue to how he really fought. Yeah, the coaches told me but I am not good at imaging things. So, when someone says that guy is good on the ground, I think, ‘Well I’m good on the ground, so, no worries’. You get no visual on your opponent. I didn’t know his speed or his skill. That was the toughest thing about fighting this fight. I had to stick with my game plan because I didn’t know what he was capable of, but I clearly didn’t stick to my game plan and got my arm handed to me after almost being ripped off. I give no excuse for my loss; on this day Marcus was the better fighter. It’s not failure if you gave it your best, it’s just a loss.

I really am happy for Marcus. He deserves it because he is such a genuine person. I enjoyed hanging with him in LA two weeks ago. I am also more pumped about him coming to train where I train in Vegas.

Sorry to all my fans that I lost and that I didn’t make it go longer. I really appreciate the support and wish I could have done better for all of you. I’ll be back with better focus. The house is tough, but I think everyone saw that I really need to be in the right frame of mind. Thank you all for your support and being there for me even when I lose. Make sure to check out my web page at or add me on my fan page on Facebook.

Next week is the beginning of some really good stand up wars. The show only gets better from here on, so until then, SUCK BALLS hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. JK

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  • edub says:

    Hey keep your head man. You’ll be back. Looks like im rooting for Marcus on the show now. Still calling a Big country victory.

    Hopefully we get to see u in the UFC man. Keep fighting big guy!

    Also if anyone is spiritual saya a prayer for the families of the men lost at ft. Hood today. A piece of shit coward went on a shooting spree and killed 11 people and wounded 31 more.

  • Davey D says:

    Mike…your love and passion for your Wife can not be denied. I wish her all the best. I hope to see you fighting Buentello at UFC 107 or another fight. Take care and Believe in yourself. You can do this!!!

  • David Andrest says:

    You both were excellent on the aftermath. I really don’t know what exactly I expected , but you exceeded expectations. You sir are one entertaining mofo.

    I hated to see you and Marcus fight this early in the competiton. But I’m glad to hear you may be working together, it never hurts to have people to train with that are the same size!!!! errr…I mean weight.

  • qat says:

    it was a very short fight but it was still technical the best of the season. even though big baby is a really nice guy, i was rooting for the smaller guy in this fight. you still looked better than some of the winners, but you got caught.
    i really hope your wife is gonna be ok. its really hard to believe that kimbo was able to contact his family, even see them, and nobody else was allowed too. even under that circumstances.
    i would really love to see you facing off against kimbo. hope you gonna get your chance in the ufc again.

    btw. am i the only one who doesnt like brendan schaub? he gets his ass kissed for his blog on mmajunkie, and he always defends his behavior when you see some mobbing on the show. but it is somehow always brendan who is running around smiling and cheering when something childish happens in the house. but in his blog he always loves anybody and anyone is a great guy, bah. he seems to be a fucking tool who wants to be liked by everyone. thats was his blog is telling me.
    the only guy worse there is sims, this useless piece of trash going after guys who just fought and are still hurt bad, guess his brain was choked out a long time ago.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Mike showed flashes of very solid ground fighting and good stand up so it wasnt all bad. Am I the only one who thinks Dana is a a-hole for giving Roy a bad time for not having the most exciting fight.

  • edub says:

    No fan. Dana knows that Roy did the smart thing and thats what pisses him off. He beat Dana’s new cash cow at pretty much half speed, and Dana holds it against him. After all Ive been called a UFC nuthugger a few times but I think we all know Dana White is a c*cksuck$r.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Well said Edub.

  • Rich S. says:

    Now, that’s what I’ve been waiting to see all season..

    First off, I had no idea Jones had good submissions.. Like Mike said, when you hear he has a good ground game, you just think, eh, well, just about everyone has a “good” ground game..

    I was not expecting to see a GIANT heavyweight move so quickly on the ground, and better yet, go for an armbar from his back..

    I thought he was still relatively new to the game.. He must be just sucking all that training in and not letting go of it..

    Also, Mike, believe it or not, you showed more effort in skill in that short amount of time than most of these guys have showed in 10 full minutes of fighting.. Even with your loss I’d still say you’re one of the best fighters in the house, and hopefully, we’ll be seeing you fight under the UFC here soon..

  • moosebaby02 says:

    ya that was pure shit. dana needs to stop showing his true colors oh wait he already has. I respect him but dont like him.
    mike i was rooting for you both and i noticed you said you were going to tell marcus but you didnt….i was wondering why you didnt cause your team was thorwing you under the bus. was talking about that today at work and now i know why. either way i can understand how that happens. i lived with in a house with 7 rookies on our football team freshman year off campus. so i know how guys and put that knive in your back.
    any ways good luck and hope you and your wife are well.

  • HonorableAggression says:

    hey Mike, was obviously looking forward to this edition of the blog, you came off as a real stand up guy to me and I’m so glad to hear your wife is ok for now. Don’t feel too bad about the performance, its easy to make small but costly mistakes in such a uniquely high-pressure situation like the TUF show. I really hope they put you in the finale so we can see you showcase your skills!

  • Makington says:

    You are a true man Mike. Other fighters have quit the show because they got a note saying their girlfriend of 6 months cheated on them. I can’t even imagine what it wold be like in such an actually serious situation as yours. I, for one, know I wouldn’t be able to be anywhere near the right frame of mind. I would just want to worry and mope around all day but yo stuck through it, and showed more effort and skill than other fighter on Team Rampage.

    “It’s not failure if you gave it your best, it’s just a loss.” Great line Mike.

    I also agree completely with edub. Dana is just pissed how easily Roy dismantled his moneymaker. I don’t even think he comes off that cocky, but it seems like Dana is trying to smear his name on T.V. so that all the Kimbo fans out there are like, “Oh THAT’S why Kimbo lost. Roy is just a big pussy. Dana hates him so he must be a big douche. Kimbo is, like, so totally the MANNNNN!”

  • kellywessel says:

    Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and concerns
    I am very proud of Mike and all he’s accomplished, especially sticking it out on the show even though he was stressing about what was going on with my health. He’s such a strong individual and great athlete. I enjoy reading all of your posts each week after mike posts his blog. It’s great to know he has such supportive fans!

  • Niv says:

    Hey Mike sorry about the loss and far more importantly I hope your wife is well. Unfortunately I’m sure everyone here knows someone that has had to make the battle your wife is waging now, I wish both of you well.

    Anyhow I hope you read this next part, I find this a very motivational poem that I have on my fridge and read every day, it applies directly to you.

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

    Theodore Roosevelt

    Take care

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    Marcus’s standup is horrific, but his ground game is solid. he looked like a damn mummy out there until you tried to trip him, it was laughable. he looked decent in the clips they showed of him in training, he must freeze up bad when the lights come on…

  • Pajamashark says:

    Mike, do not be sorry about your performance. Everyone gets caught now and again and your preparation and skills are some of the best we’ve seen on this show. Best wishes for your wife and you for continued health and recovery.

    I think we know now the secret to beating Big Marcus is to throw some spiders at him in the cage. Did you see how fast he leaped away from the dead one Justin threw at him? Big man has got some serious arachnophobia!

  • GassedOut says:

    Yeah, that arachnophobia is weird for a gardener.

    Mike, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your blogging here, and I’m looking forward to your next one. My best wishes to you and your wife for a full recovery for her. It says something about her that she wouldn’t let you quit, and it says something about you that you didn’t. There’s no way on Earth I could have statyed under those circumstances.

    I also appreciate that you manned up and took responsibility for your loss (even though if anyone had a reason it was you). You’re an inspiration, sir. Semper Fi.

  • Cory Brady says:

    For anyone reading this, make sure to check out Kelly Wessel’s comments a few posts above.

    Thanks for reading guys!

  • submit662266 says:

    Mike, I wish you and your wife best wishes as you go through this battle.

    As for the note, it was obvious to all people capable of thought that your comment was not personal. Its obvious that the producers of the show will do anything to manufacture drama.

    Looks like Big Baby is the real deal.

    Does the UFC have a policy against sexual harassment? If so, it is certain that Rampage has crossed that line. It has been terrible to see Rampage deteriorate week by week.

  • wtcoach says:

    Hey brutha,
    All of us down here in Mississippi are proud of ya!!!

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    I just read Brendan Schaub’s blog, and I have GOT to get this out there, just in case there is any confusion about what exactly the insect was that was thrown at Marcus-

    Not to be an ass or anything, but it was NOT a potato bug. Anyone that’s been to Iraq knows that.

    That was a solpugid, also known as a camel spider. Anyone that DVR’d the show, take a better look, then google solpugid.

    I have 2 combat tours in Iraq with 2nd LAAD Battalion, US Marines, and if someone would have thrown one at me, I would have ran like hell too…… then came back and puched him in the ear


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