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Advertiser Spotlight: Hardwired DVD Release Scheduled for Tues., Nov. 3

hardwired-dvdhardwired-dvdOscar-award winner Cuba Gooding Jr. (Jerry Maguire, Pearl Harbor) and Val Kilmer (The Doors, Heat, Batman Forever) star in Hardwired, a brand new adrenaline-packed sci-fi action thrill scheduled to be released on DVD on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

The movie is centered about Luke Gibson, played by Gooding Jr., who is involved in a severe car accident in which his wife and their unborn child is killed. Gibson survives the crash, but is all but written off for dead and is left with total amnesia.

Gibson is able to survive the accident thanks to breakthrough technology developed by the Hexx Corporation. A Psi-Com Implant is hardwired into his brain, but Hexx’s motives aren’t as noble as they may seem.

Hexx has been looking for test subjects in which they can employ their implants for nefarious purposes. With the help of some new allies, Luke takes on the Hexx Corporation in uncovering their illegitimate business interests while at the same time trying to recover his past memories.

Written Michael Hurst and directed by Ernie Barbarash, Hardwired also stars Michael Ironside, Lance Henriksen, and Tatiana Maslany.