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UFC 104 Weigh-In Results

Anthony JohnsonAll fighters are set for battle at tomorrow evening’s UFC 104 card, but the weigh-ins didn’t come without little bit of drama courtesy of Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

The massive welterweight failed to make his contracted weight limit of 170 pounds, and had already notified his opponent Yoshiyuki Yoshida prior to stepping onto the scales. When it was all said and done Johnson weighed in at the 176 pound mark, and will most likely end up surrendering a sizable chunk of his purse to Yoshida for the foul.

UFC 104 will take place tomorrow evening from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, airing live on pay-per-view.

Below is a full list of the weigh in results for the event:

Lyoto Machida (202.5) vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (204.5)
Ben Rothwell (265) vs. Cain Velasquez (238)
Spencer Fisher (155) vs. Joe Stevenson (155.5)
Anthony Johnson (176)* vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida (170)
Josh Neer (156.5)** vs. Gleison Tibau (157)**
Ryan Bader (205) vs. Eric Schafer (205.5)
Patrick Barry (237) vs. Antoni Hardonk (249.5)
Yushin Okami (185) vs. Chael Sonnen (185)
Rob Kimmons (185) vs. Jorge Rivera (185)
Razak Al-Hassan (204.5) vs. Kyle Kingsbury (205.5)
Stefan Struve (243.5) vs. Chase Gormley (262)

*Johnson failed to make weight and will likely end up surrendering a portion of his purse to Yoshida

**Both fighters have agreed to the weight differential

  • JOEgun says:

    Rumble needs to pick on someone his own size! lol

  • JOEgun says:

    Hmm, Im thinking Lyoto should put on some more muscle weight. Or not. It could only help in my opinion. But I guess it doesnt matter much when you’re a bad ass anyway. lol

  • Makington says:

    Lmao, good call Joe. I’ve always had my doubts as to how long Anthony would be able to make 170. Looks like he might have to challenge Silva instead of GSP soon.

  • JOEgun says:

    Yea Makington, I agree. I would really like to see him stay at welterweight because there are some great matchups for him in that weight class but apparently its becoming harder for him to cut weight. Any ideas for good matchups for him at middleweight?

  • BigDave says:

    not making weight is amature hour. When you get to this level you need to make the limit but if you can’t its time to move up to 185. He still wins tomorrow night but it may be a good thing for him to go to 185 since he would never be able to be champ at 170 as long as gsp is still there.

  • Lord Faust says:

    He might have to fight GSP at 170, but Silva is waiting at 185… Not that I’d want to have to take a belt from either of them, but at least if GSP kicked my ass I would probably be able to chew food at some point after the fight.

  • Rich S. says:

    Lord Faust: but at least if GSP kicked my ass I would probably be able to chew food at some point after the fight.

    OK, that made me laugh hard..

  • Madmax says:

    This thing of surrendering purse money when you dont make weight is bullcrap!! If I made the rules, if you dont make weight, you dont fight. Period. 100% of your purse goes to your opponent who also gets a “W” by Forfeit or DQ. It’s high time that the high profile orgs put an end to this system. So what that Y.O. gets a”substantial portion of Johnson’s purse, it doesnt make the fight fair. Guys miss weight cause they know they wont be penalized aside from the purse. They still get to fight, make “some” money and get that valuable W on their record due to unfair advantage. I hope Johnson gets KTFO in a highlight reel finish. Big Dave hit it on the head, not making wieght is amateur hour stuff. Perhaps if Dana started cutting fighters for missing weight even once, at least in the UFC, this kind of crap would be a thing of the past. MISS WEIGHT and LOSE YOUR JOB. Just my opinion.

    Go Yushin, beat the cheater.

  • BiG BaD BuLL says:

    TO MAD MAX -firstly, anthony johnson will be fighting yoshiyuki yoshida; not yushin okami. I am assuming by the ignorance of your statement that you have never cut weight , and furthermore, have never fought before. you refer to that extra weight as an “unfair advantage”. you should be aware that fighters don’t really “lose” weight… we cut it, meaning we dehydrate ourselves. it is a grueling and draining process. now, you mean to tell me that anthony johnson has an advantage because of 6 pounds of water weight (that just gets put back on by the fighter after weigh ins). also, as to “who cares if they lose most of their purse..” Are you kidding me? Do you think we do this shit for free? we don’t do it for the money, simply the joy of the win? you’re out of your mind. Moreover, if yoshida is still willing to fight, why would any organization, pull the fight? how much money would that cost them ( in terms of anticipated revenue) that is just bad business and more ignorance on your part. I agree with big dave. at this level of the game there is no reason that missing weight should happen… but it does. if you start your prep wrong, mis time your sodium loading, stop sweating, etc. TO MAD MAX, I personally don’t know anything about engines…. so i keep my mouth shut when it comes to cars.

  • Makington says:

    I would have given Big Bad Bull two checkmarks if I could have. That was just a terrible statement madmax, and it didn’t make an inch of sense. The fact that you were talking about Yushin Okami, who ironically does fight at 185, instead of Yoshiyuki shows how ignorant you were.

    Props Big Bull, I couldn’t have said it any better. Missing weight by 6 pounds is terrible, especially at this point of the game, but it would make absolutely 0 sense to pull the fight and boot Johnson from the UFC.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Johnson IS big. Maybe he will be the first to truly challenge for the WW crown… and MadMax, Big Bad Bull does have a point. I’d say surrendering a portion of the purse does seem fairly appropriate. Those fighters fresh to the UFC don’t make big big bucks and I doubt many of them have outside jobs. Getting docked pay sucks. Also that isn’t the only consequence for the fighter, remember Dana and Joe Silva are always watching and missing weight isn’t one of those good “bad publicity” things to do.

  • BiG BaD BuLL says:

    to bigbadjohn and Makington- thank you for your support and understanding. I don’t like to be a dick, but I do take it offensively when an “armchair quarterback” feels that they have an understanding of the nuances of fighting simply because they happen to see a few events. unless you have experienced the rigors yourself, you shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

  • Madmax says:

    I know all because(sic) “I’m a FIGHTER”,,,yeah,,,right, and I have driven the INDY 500.So, Mr. Big Bad Bull FIGHTER, post a link to your Sherdog record or be silent. Most sorry I got the two japanese confused. Pure idiocy on my part. However, you ARE correct that ALL fighters put on weight thru water before the fight. I watched UFC 1 LIVE, did you?(“”happen to see a few events”)The weight limit is the rules. In other forms of sport, I’ll use Auto racing since you dont know engines, NO tolerance is allowed! If your car is too light after the race, youre DONE, as in DQ’ed cause thats the rules.The reason I got off on AJ is purely the 6 lbs, he wasnt even close.If 6 lbs isnt an advantage, explain why we have strict weight limits per class, and just a 1 lb tolerance, if 6 aint crap, then why not have a 5 or 10 lb tolerance. Wouldnt have mattered anyway, AJ destroyed the can they fed him, and IF he can make 170, he will beat GSP.

  • Makington says:

    Johnson lost out on a lot of money for not making the weight, and that’s one of the worst thigns for these young guys. You don’t understand madmax that when you’re not huge fighter, you still don’t get paid that much, even in the UFC. It’s not like NHL, when even the worst players get signed on for half a million per year. 176 is bad, and there are strict guidelines, which Anthony paid quite a price for. He lost out on the 60,000 KO bonus, and will lose a hefty sum of his purse to Yoshiyuki (which will go straight to his hospital bills) The point is, Yoshida needs the pay just as badly as Johnson, and everyone would suffer if they pulled the fight. I think the penalty on Rumble is very fair, and if he fails again at making weight then instead of forcing out of the organization, move him up to MW.

    You can just tell you’ve never cut weight before though madmax. It’s hard as hell, and it’s nowhere near an exact science. There’s times where I’m sitting in the sauna and the I can almost see the pounds melting off me. There are also other times where I feel like I’ve done everything the same, and dieted with the same foods, but the water weight won’t come off, and it makes for one of the most grueling experiences ever, more often harder than the fight itself.

  • Madmax says:

    OK mak, I get it, weight cutting is a bitch, BUT it’s a bitch fighters accept to be a fighter. Since you allude to the fact youre a fighter, sherdog link please. ANYONE CAN SAY i”m a fighter, so if its true, post the link. I noticed its been a few days and BIG BING BULL hasnt seen fit to post his sherdog link and PROVE it.Easy to say, and easy to PROVE. The only reason I was realoly tough on AJ was 6 POUNDS, not one or two, but 6. Not even close. Additionally, he was too injured to train properly to cut weight, but looked like he fought pretty damn well. Also, what does a knee injury have to do with cutting weight. My main original point was that AJ had an unfair advantage by being 6 over. BBB said 6 lbs isnt an advantage. If this is the case, like I said before, why bother with strict limits, why arent weight classes defined by a range, instead of a specific weight. I race shifter Karts (140-mph plus at times) and must make weight after each race. NO tolerance. I sure wish I got a 6 lb break in weight as I have been DQed for .35 lb over. just trying to make a simile. If AJ had been 1 or 2 over, that’s different.
    6 over means he didnt even try, knew his opponent would take the fight cause he needs a payday too, and as such would have an unfair advantage. Dont bother with the fight link, cause im done with this.


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