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The Juggernaut Diaries: Mike Wessel’s TUF 10 Blog; Episode 6

Mike WesselHello everyone, did you get enough titties last night?

Last nights show started off more aggressive than any of the others. I really liked how they set this one up. But, first I want to clear the Darrill drinking thing up. Darrill only drank that first day. He did this because we had media day the second and no training. Darrill did not drink like they were acing in the beginning of the show, and especially not the week he fought. A little Hollywood editing magic for ya, lol. His fight was in the beginning of the third week, and the drinking situation happened in the second of the show, or on media day.

The Rampage and Darrill argument was classic. I loved that Darrill got in his face several times and Rampage looked more like a bitch than he has ever. Darrill is a great guy, but unlike Zak, he won’t let someone just rip his ass and take it. With the expectation of Zak, no one would.

Darrill took it as a joke in the beginning but after weeks of this from Rampage, and that’s all he really said was “Titties”, it was stupid. Rampage has one or two funny moments, then he dwells on them for eternity and won’t let go. Everyone thinks Rampage is funny but he really is not that witty or funny. Darrel did what anyone (except Zak would do). We’re not scared of Rampage, nor would we take his bullshit.

The training sequences between the two teams was exactly how they went. No Hollywood editing there. Rampage spent time making a poster of us and revealing it to his time (wasted practice time). Then when Zak got cut they ran to Kimbo and started hyping him to get ready. Haha, what a bunch of bullshit. Zak might not be the most respected guy in the house, but he was going to fight no matter what. I knew that about him; at least he would fight.

Then we got to see the great black ghetto hope get all rallied just to not fight again. Funny how he would barely train when he was out of it, but the fist sign of him being able to come back, he was ready to learn and wanted to train hard, lol. He should have been doing this long before the show.

Our practice was on point and I even learned how to do a perfect superman punch from Phil Nurse. That guy was amazing and a great coach. He is tiny but he hits like a truck, and is fast as hell. Now there were some things I don’t think would work well for heavies, but he is a badass coach. That’s just another example of Rashad trying to give us the best coaching while we were there. When it came to fight game planning, they had Darrill ready to go.

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but did you see the other superstar Nate “The Great” Marquardt was there at picks as well?

The fight between Darrill and Zak was not a surprise to us. Although Zak came out blazing and took him down, he got caught. Everyone does, and it sucks that it happens there. I think if anything, Zak got some respect from the viewers, and Darrill showed he could take punishment like none other and still win. It was a great fight and I was happy for both fighters.

The show ends with me calling Matt Mitrione the “biggest fucking douche bag”. I can’t tell you why but it gets dramatic, funny, and very childish. Trust me I am excited to see it, and the best fight of the show so far is next week.

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  • fanoftna33 says:

    last nigh was a good episode, I thought Zak did well in the fight by trying to get out of that triangle the whole time and not giving up. Darrell should have clubbed Rampage during there argument F that guy, coach or not he should have hit him in the face. Hopefully we see the Juggernaut fight next week.

  • TheMirth says:

    Great recap. Like how you speak your mind. You and Junk have recieved nearly no time compared to Jones and Mitrione considering the four of you are going to be fighting within the next two weeks.

    If your team sweeps it will be interesting to see how your team handles the atmosphere once you all have to fight each other without anyone eliminated for practice.

  • dpk says:

    I thought Darrill looked like a beast in the making. He was pounding Zak on their feet, he did get taken down, but transitioned right into a submission attempt, and then stayed calm and finished it. I’m not sure about Darrill’s drinking, but I hope it isn’t something that slows down his career. This was a pretty good episode.

  • Rich S. says:

    fanoftna33: last nigh was a good episode, I thought Zak did well in the fight by trying to get out of that triangle the whole time and not giving up.

    Wait, what?
    I remember being annoyed because he did NOTHING to actually get out of the triangle..
    He sat in it for a good 10-15 seconds while it was still loose and didn’t even try to stand up..
    He gave Darrill a few strong punches, but that almost never gets you out of a triangle..

    I was convinced that he was going to come out and dominate.. It’s always the quiet guy who comes out and DOES WORK (Sanchez, Cummo). Not this time.. He was slow, took alot of unnecessary shots, and by the time he was in the triangle, it looked like he’d already given up..

    Props to Darrill, though.. He was throwing some nice bombs and they all landed..

  • moosebaby02 says:

    I like rampage but his act is getting old. Darrill get big balls with that win. I was hoping Zak was going to do better since everyone is bagging on him right in front of his face. At least he his taking the high road.
    One more thing yes titties stood up for himself at the fight picks but come on. Did he think that anyone was fooled when he walked up in rampages face??? Everyone knew that his team was going to stop him before anything happened thats why he did it. Wasn’t like he was going to take a swing at rampage (which he should have done) nice attempt to look like you wanted to do something but I could see through that one very easily

  • bjjnewb says:

    ” I loved that Darrill got in his face several times and Rampage looked more like a bitch than he has ever.” – “We’re not scared of Rampage, nor would we take his bullshit”

    I guarantee no matter what, scared or not, if Darrill ever tried to give that a go Rampage would have knocked his ass out. I agree that you after hearing that for 2-3 weeks anyone would be pissed and would have to say something, but if anyone thinks Darrill would last more than 2 minutes with Rampage you are delusional. There is a reason Rashad stepped in, he knew what Darrill was in for had he tried to step up on him again…smart, class move by Rashad.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    RichS a lot of fighters on the show when placed in a submission just decide it is a way out. Simms did nothing last week to get out of the arm triangle for example. At least Zak tried to punch out( which if it isnt the correct way to get out that reflects on coaching). He caught some hard shots and went for and got a takedown and began to gnp, not just taking time to rest in Darrills guard. Obviously he isnt a great fighter but I think he made a good showing for himself.

  • Makington says:

    He made a better showing than other fighters but I think he was punching Darril just to punch him, not exactly to get out of the triangle. If he was trying to get out he would have punched and then pulled his head out, where he just punched and sat in the submission. To be brutally honest I wasn’t that impressed with either fighter. I guess I’d give props to Zak for atleast doing something but it was a pretty sloppy triangle attempt, and even worse defense. Atleast they made it more exciting to watch than the other fights. Brendan Schaub is the only fighter so far to really show some slick moves.

    On another note, I am liking Rampage less and less each episode. I used to like him quite a bit, but by now it makes me smile reading Mike tear him up on here.

    I would love for Rampage to get word of your blogs Mike so he can whine about how fake you are too on his website.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    after the first two episodes i stopped watching, the fights were awful. have they gotten better?

  • Makington says:

    Only slightly, but if you are very into the technical aspect of MMA, like many of us, you’ll cringe the entire time.

  • fetussandwich says:

    It’s basically been like watching two dogs fight for a bone.

  • David Andrest says:

    2 fights in the next episode?? Nice that means someone gets KTFO quick, and then there is a closer fight. Given the people left to fight….I’ve got my suspicions.


  • David Andrest says:

    I always forget to ask. You have been a strength and conditioning coach. What can you tell us about the problems guys seem to have with gassing on the show?

    Are people not in shape? or is it more than that, perhaps nerves and adrenaline dumps that are hurting guys?

    Is the notice that you will be a participant in the show short, leaving people little time to prepare??

    whats up with that?

  • Makington says:

    To me it looks like fighters really need to learn to pace themself. They go out there looking extremely tensed up and try to explode on the other fighter for the first minute, then pay for it the rest of the fight. Obviously when you have much larger muscles you need more oxygen so cardio is normally a problem, but you can see them doing moves that really aren’t worth the effort. For instance, look at Wes Shivers, who got completely gun crazy the first couple of minutes i his fight. He was tossing around McSweeney, using much more energy than he should have, and then he gassed so completely he couldn’t keep his arms or back up.

  • BigDave says:

    I too have really stopped watching the show just because for one everytime runpage speaks i want to punch someone and secondly the fights just are simply boring. I will wait till the first round of fights is over to start watching again hopfully then there will be some good fights.

  • MacBatty says:

    I first want to say that i have nothing but Respect for all the fighters in the TUF house…..I’m sure the good ones will get their opportunities and 2 years from now will be among my favorites….

    But it cracks me up when they rip on Kimbo on the show or even now after the show when the only reasion anybody is watching the show is because of Kimbo…All these guys should be happy they are on this season because people will actually recognize them unlike the last season of the Ultimate Fighter when everyone fell asleep until Hendo knocked Bisping OUT.

    We get it you guys are all REAL MMA FIGHTERS and Kimbo is just a draw.

  • Pajamashark says:

    Mike, I don’t know if you are still lurking but I just wanted to say I love reading your articles here and the interview you did with Cory. I think Dana is doing you all a great disservice with the way he pitched, handled and edited this season. Everything is drama this year, and talent and actual fighting are taking a backseat… which is pathetic.

    It could not be clearer to me that Rampage wants to BE Kimbo. You have someone that is supposed to be your coach to guide you and take cues from, and the first and only thing he does is try to crawl as far up Kimbo’s ass as possible. Rampage made it very clear that the only thing he values is celebrity and trash talk, so it is so not surprising that everyone went Lord of the Flies on Zak. All Rampage DOES is bully, and his team must seriously be wondering how they signed up for a fight show and instead got dumped into The Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

    Kimbo probably *could* be at least an average fighter, but it must be hard to learn to basic submissions with a posse of leeches stuck to your wallet and Rampage’s head lodged somewhere in your upper colon. I seriously feel bad for the dude as he probably genuinely wants to better himself, and gain credibility, but that’s a bit hard when no one will even try to take you seriously. Mind you, I feel worse for the rest of you who made some serious sacrifices for a shot at something really good, and ended up with a coach on a famebender who wanted nothing more then to snort another hit off Kimbo’s oddly shaved pecs. They wouldn’t let you call your wife who had cancer? Fuck. Is Dana White not even pretending to be human anymore?

    And to the posters who think Kimbo is the only reason to watch the show? It’s shocking I know that some of us would want to watch fights on a show ostensibly about fighting. Fighting with fists and feet, not the catty 7th grade backbiting going on in this season. I mean, I never want to hear the word “titties” again.

    There are literally hundreds of reality shows that will showcase humanity’s trainwreaks above anything else, but we’ve come to expect TUF will be different. It’s bad enough that they shut you up in a Big Brother hermit house as if daring you to grab some of the limelight by acting the fool. People With Embarrassing Personal Problems (Chris Leben, Junie Brown) used to be the exception, not the rule. But when you build a whole season around Kimbo “the Ratings Savior” Slice you are going to alienate your core audience that delivered you to an eleventh season to begin with. And worse, you are projecting to the participants and your new fans that in the UFC celebrity and infamy trump athleticism and talent.


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