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5 Oz. Official Rankings: Featherweight

Jose is back with it’s brand new and highly official featherweight rankings.

Agree or disagree, these ranking were compiled in a completely unbiased manner based on several decisive contributing factors to the decision making process. There will be no delusional (hopefully) or political slants to these rankings.

The different factors taken into account when considering the placing of the various top ten listers included, among a variety of other variables:

A) Recent activity at the weight class. Basically the deciding factor was that if you have competed your last two fights or more at a given weight, that’s your division.

For example, Some are going to be upset to see that Hendo and Rich Franklin aren’t considered for 205 due to the fact that neither have competed at the weight class in two or more bouts. Although a case could be made for either man jumping right into the top ten as soon as they return to the weight.

A guy like Anderson Silva is going to be ranked in both the middleweight and light heavyweight divisions due to the fact that he consistently bounces back and forth between divisions.

B) Activity. I could make a very strong case for putting Tito Ortiz in the 205 top ten, but he hasn’t been fighting. Someone like Alistair Overeem that hasn’t fought in over ten months also takes a significant hit for not competing.

C) Level of competition faced in the past

D) Recent wins over top contenders

E) Experience

Like always, we invite you to post your own personal rankings, and agree or disagree with us in a loosely respectful manner in the comment section below.

1. Mike Brown: Sitting at the top of the mountain in the most stacked featherweight division in the sport, WEC featherweight champion Mike Brown has earned his spot at the top of the rankings with wins over Jeff Curran, Leonard Garcia and a pair of victories over Urijah Faber.

2. Urijah Faber: If it wasn’t for Mike Brown it would be easy to make a case for Faber at the number one spot. “The California Kid” holds wins over the likes of Jens Pulver, Jeff Curran and Bibiano Fernandes to name a few.

3. Jose Aldo: A walking highlight reel known for knocking his opponents senseless, perhaps the scariest thing about Aldo is the fact that his ground game is rumored to be better than his stand-up. Aldo holds a big win over Alexandre Franca Nogueira, with his most recent win coming in the form of an Ong Bak flying knee knockout over Cub Swanson.

4. Hatsu Hioki: Sporting a career record of 20-3-2, Hioki has recently made a name for himself under the Sengoku banner where he has put together victories over Chris Manuel, Ronnie Mann and Masanori Kanehara. Other notable wins in his career include Rumina Sato, Jeff Curran and Mark Hominick.

5. Bibiano Fernandes: A former Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion and current DREAM featherweight champion, Fernandes currently holds consecutive wins over Masakazu Imanari, Joe Warren and Hiroyuki Takaya.

6. Joe Soto: With an unblemished record of 8-0, this twenty-two year old rising force was recently crowned the Bellator FC featherweight champion following wins over Ben Greer, Wilson Reis and Yahir Reyes. Soto’s most recent victory came in the form of a gogoplata over Mike Christensen on October 8.

7. Leonard Garcia: Outside of a defeat to Mike Brown at WEC 39, Garcia has gone undefeated in the featherweight division with victories over highly respected fighters Hiroyuki Takaya, Jens Pulver and Jameel Massouh.

8. Raphael Assuncao: Holding an impressive career record of 14-1, Assuncao is a dangerous Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt with recent WEC wins over Jameel Massouh and Yves Jabouin. Raphael also holds a 2006 submission win over Joe Lauzon.

9. Mackens Semerzier: It’s amazing what tapping out a top rated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt in the first round can do for your career. Semerzier is currently reaping the rewards of his WEC 42 triangle choke shocker over the highly regarded Wagnney Fabiano. At just 4-0, time will tell whether the victory was a one hit wonder or not.

10. Wagnney Fabiano: Before his recent upset defeat to Semerzier, I would have had no problem placing Fabiano near the # 5 spot. Wagnney holds wins over Fredson Paixao and L.C. Davis.

Honorable Mentions: Josh Grispi, Takeshi Inoue, Masanori Kanehara, Michihiro Omigawa, Marlon Sandro

  • edub says:

    100% agreed.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Good list, but I’d quibble about Grispi. I think he should be a little higher than “honorable mention”. His 30 second submission of Pulver was stunning, and so was his ko of Micah Miller. All three of his fights in WEC have been a first round win by ko or submission. Guy’s on a tear.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    you left out Rani Yahya

  • edub says:

    Yahya’s competed mostly at bw recently fan.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    First One that hit hit 100%

    hopefully the BW will ge 100% too

  • brandnewpride36 says:

    the list in almost perfect. i wouldn’t place a guy who is 4-0 on a top 10 list, just cuz he had an upset victory. if his next fight is impressive, then go for it, but not after one fight. grispi deserves some credit in my opinion. otherwise perfect

  • meatloaf says:

    Not a whole lot to argue with here except I’d have Takeshi Inoue in Leonard Garcia’s place and until I see Semerzier fight again I’m chalking up his win as a fluke.
    Especially with Fabiano coming out and saying he shouldn’t have even been in the fight.

  • I hope Aldo can make that jump up to #1. I LOVE watching that kid fight! Might possibly be the most exciting fighter in MMA right now.

  • Makington says:

    There’s not as much competition at this weight class obviously, but I think you got it as good as you could. If the WEC’s payscale continues to grow we might see UFC fighters drop the 10 pounds to fight at a proper weight, at the same time not losing out on the UFC payouts. Can anyone imagine what Frankie Edgar would do to people at 145?

    On a side note, I wonder who you will rank number 1 for Bantamweights. I guess it has to be Brian Bowles for beating Torres, but I believe Torres is twice the fighter Bowles is, and he has done much more to earn the top spot over Bowles who is famous to most fans for his upset TKO over Miguel.

  • edub says:

    Makington: Can anyone imagine what Frankie Edgar would do to people at 145?

    The best 145er in the world.

  • edub says:

    Makington: but I believe Torres is twice the fighter Bowles is, and he has done much more to earn the top spot over Bowles who is famous to most fans for his upset TKO over Miguel.

    Bowles last four wins were all over top 10 competition with the three being in the top 5(Ribiero,Galvao, and Torres). I think he’s deserving of the spot, and I think he’ll beat Torres again when they fight.BLASPHEMY!!! I know I know

  • BigDave says:

    OK, This list is nearly perfect.

    Only two small changes.

    1. I would put Aldo #2 and Faber #3 just based on the fact Faber didn’t look good in his fights against Brown even though he got injured in the second fight and was not very impressive against one off my faves of all time but done, pulver. Aldo has been just destroying guys and imo don’t think Faber or even brown can hang with him.

    2.One fight Against a guy that was obviously not himself in there fight(Fabiano). Semerzier doesn’t make this list yet. Put Grispiin that spot for now.

  • mu_shin says:

    Faber not very impressive against Pulver? Which one? The five round war where he out-boxed, out-wrestled and totally dominated Jens after standing toe to toe and taking some good shots, or the second one where he choked out Pulver in 90 seconds???

    Much as I respect Miguel Torres, and have watched his fights with high regard for his skills and tenacity, if he was twice the fighter Brian Bowles is, he would have finished that fight on his feet and conscious…

    Looking forward to more featherweight action, hoping for Brown/Faber III, after Faber’s hands heal, and Jose Aldo would be a great title match for either one of those guys as well.


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