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WEC 43 Fight Bonuses

After entertaining the crowd in attendance on Saturday night with a main event packed full of action, it seemed apparent newly crowned WEC interim lightweight champ Ben Henderson and fan-favorite Donald Cerrone were destined for “Fight of the Night” honors.

However, what few onlookers could have predicted was a phone call from Lorenzo Fertitta asking WEC head Reed Harris to double the amount based on their exciting performance.

The decision resulted in Cerrone and Henderson each netting an additional $20,000 on top of their contracted salaries for the five-round affair.

Anthony Njokuani took home “Knockout of the Night” honors – and an extra paycheck – thanks to his second-round TKO of Muhsin Corbbrey, while Mackens Sermerzier scored “Submission of the Night” by tapping out the heavily favored Wagnney Fabiano with a triangle choke in the first three minutes of their bout.

The following is a summary of WEC 43 bonuses:

Fight of the Night: Donald Cerrone ($20,000)

Fight of the Night: Ben Henderson ($20,000)

Knockout of the Night: Anthony Njokuani ($10,000)

Submission of the Night: Mackens Sermerzier ($10,000)

  • xtreme_machine says:

    this is why the WEC fighter want the WEC to merge with the UFC

    if Cerrone and Henderson where to have fought in a UFC show

    they would have made $65,000 instead of 20,000

    that is $45,000 difference plus a higger pay and more sponsorship money

    I say merge THEM!

  • Scottish_MMA_fan says:

    As much as i agree that they should be getting more money, i cant help but feel that a merger would mean that a lot of ppl would be loosing their jobs and/or that fighters wouldnt be getting as many fights as theyre just would be too many fighters trying to get on the 12 or so ufc ppvs a year. If they tried to fix this by running more ufc branded ppv’s though i think that the paying customer just doesnt have enough money to buy all these ppv’s.

    The only logical thing i can think is that zuffa need to do a better job of getting the W.E.C. name out there better on both their ppv’s, ultimate fighter show and adverts etc. as the W.E.C. has probably put on the most consistently exciting shows this year in my opinion. Aslong as people are made aware of it, the fights themselves are far more often than not incredible fights, and with the weight classes being different all bar one, then they arent affecting going to be affecting a lot of the ufc fighters pay days.

  • MMAfan1107 says:

    That was a great card, for free! Don’t merge them! The WEC has some great fighters! If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i’d like to see them merged if they were kept seperate. have a ufc show just for the lighter weights maybe. i just think a lot of these fights/fighters would go unnoticed if the ufc had complete control, and the WEC is so damned entertaining almost all the time. actually fuck it keep them seperate and just put more money in the WEC

  • Jstew3785 says:

    I’m with you hindsight. The WEC is my favorite promotion to watch and the UFC would somehow mess it up if they merged. Keep it seperate like you said, just give them some more money.

  • scarred fighter says:

    i think there always needs to to be a seperate organization to help work your way up to the ufc. wec helps these fighters refine there skills and when they are ready make the move but there not going to see large sums of money untill they see the ufc

  • submit662266 says:

    I think they should keep them seperate, but the WEC should seriously find a new network. VS is awful, and I LOVE several of their shows/sports (MMA, cycling, sports soup). Make a deal with one of the other networks that would compete with Strikeforce (ABC, NBC; a network that most of the world has common access to. I run into a lot of people who’ve never heard of VS). Tell them, “we promote MMA fights. We have the elite fighters of the world at 145 or less. We have teamed up with Zuffa, so our production will be top-notch, and we will all make a bunch of $$. ” I don’t know why they haven’t done this already. . .

  • xtreme_machine says:

    FOX should pick them up

    it is not like they have some big show on Saturdays besides old reruns or ancient movies

  • mmac says:

    When does the VS contract last till? I would think that is the immediate problem with the TV issue.

    They need to make it much easier to move between the WEC and the UFC, whereas good/exciting fighters can easily move up to the money. This would solidify the WEC as the minor leagues and the UFC as the majors. If the best fighters are in the UFC that’s probably better for everybody. There’s a real injustice here with fighters like Cerrone/Hendersen fighting for peanuts. It also sucks that crappy fighters in the UFC either get cut or left out there in space – they can get moved to the WEC and still be a viable performer.

    If Zuffa wants to keep their fighters happy with Strikeforce/DREAM/Sengoku out there, at least give the WEC stars a path to making money.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    Unfortunately they just renewed the Versus contract for a few more years


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