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The Juggernaut Diaries: Mike Wessel’s TUF 10 Blog; Episode 4

This week’s episode starts off showing the past fight. It was great to see Roy give Rampage shit. Rampage makes a comment that Roy has no skills but what people don’t know is the Rampage has came to Roy several times before the show for ground training. Its funny to see Rampage act like a child toward him. It was also funny that the only member that Team Rampage was Kimbo. Every other fighter got shit on after their loss and they could not stop kissing Kimbo’s ass after his loss.

Later, Brendon made a comment about Marcus doing this as a hobby and Brendon said this is how he eats. That’s very true. I felt the same way because I need this to survive and provided for my family. I’m not taking anything away from Marcus, but he has made his money and has all the opportunities we don’t. However, its not his fault for being so gifted. I don’t want to sound like I am hating on him, and I think highly of Marcus and his fighting ability. I just thought Brendon made a great point.

I enjoyed how they are showing how the “snitch” really happened. Matt is a good guy but from day one we all wondered why he was there. Matt telling Scott about the match up with Justin was definitely a way to get a different fight. Its funny to show how Matt got his nickname “Meathead”. LOL But, Matt had a great strategy to get the easiest fight in the first round and play the reality game. Which is smart, but I felt that he sold the team out as well. Matt’s first response was to switch the picks, but you get to see how we react and the whole team is ruthless toward him because we all felt betrayed.

Every member of Team Rashad did something to Matt in some way and we even loved ripping him more in front of everyone else, but it was even funnier to see the coaches go after him and make fun of him too. Matt knew what he was doing and in the next couple of episodes you will see him play more games.

The match up between Demico and Brendon was a great match up for Brendon and the team. Brendon’s coaches back home are all of Team Rashad’s coaches on the show. That’s a huge advantage to him because they already know how to coach him and what his strengths and weaknesses are. They know how to get in his head, control him and coach him in the cage because they have done it many times before.

I expected for Brendon to destroy Demico and get out quick. But, Demico showed that he is a very talented and an over looked fighter. I didn’t expect Demico to do as well as he did, but in the end the coaches from Team Rampage screwed him up during the fight. That was a huge reason for his loss. Brendon also is a great fighter and took advantage of Demico’s mistakes and that’s what great fighters do. They find your mistakes and take advantage of them. They even admitted it after the fight. That’s why it was so huge for Brendon and James to come to the show with their coaches because they know them in every way that is important for a coach to know their fighter.

Rampage didn’t even show up with enough to help Demico warm up and I was glad that they showed how Rampage and their coaches really didn’t care about their fighters or the show. It was more to promote Rampage, and that sucks for everyone their team.

Rampage has a ton of talent on his team and it was a shame that they got stuck with a coach they didn’t care about them. I am not talking about all the coaches because Junior and British Tom tried but they are going to follow Rampages lead. Rampage didn’t even go to him after the fight he just sat outside of the cage and felt sorry for himself about how he must have the worst luck. Really? What a dick.

Rashad and our coaches came over and took care of him and that shows how much our coaches care about all the athletes on the show. The only thing that Rampage did right was admitting he coached Demico wrong but Rampage never admitted it to his own team and he needed too. After how he acted I think Rampages team finally felt like they didn’t have any support.

Next weeks episode is where all the Matt Mitrone drama and starts to show how Zach gets hazed constantly by his own team. It starts to get ugly in the house.

  • David Andrest says:

    I didn’t necessarly have issue with Brendon being passionate or even yourself being passionate about this being a main source of income, But, it could also be taken as if Marcus doesn’t take his training or the sport seriously. That could be taken as a bit insulting.

    There are a few very talented fighters in the sport who clearly are not fighting for the money. Two of them happen to be current champions. While I’m certainly not comparing a very green Marcus Jones to either of them, they do show that you don’t have to be a starving athlete to take your sport seriously or have a burning desire to compete.

    With that said Brendon looked great under fire, and we look forward to your first fight as well.

    This season looks like it might produce some good Heavyweights we’ll all enjoy watching compete for years to come.

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    So I guess this isn’t about editing? It seems we saw what we saw, and what we saw is what was.
    I don’t know how anyone can defend Quinton.
    Yes, he’s a fighter, not a coach.
    Well, he was a fighter.
    Now he’s an actor.
    Now he’s an actor who was a fighter who said he was so game to fight Rashad that he was ashamed of his own dark imaginings of what he wanted to do to Rashad.
    But now he’s an actor.

    Look, I think if you talk that much, if you self promote that much, that death itself, let alone any money making opportunity cannot dissuade you from the cage. If you talk as much as Quinton has, you show up for your fight as a zombie if need be.

    Rashad bugs me with his own self hype and showboating. But, uh, he shows up. Rashad shows up early, stays late, and is simply a better man on the show than Quinton. Neither men are coaches by career, but they both said they would coach these men, and only Rashad has coached effectively.

  • Niv says:

    I’ve always liked Rampage as a fighter, but the more I see of the guy outside the octagon/ring, the more I dislike him.

    He obviously doesn’t care at all about his fighters, and dumping his guy and not prepare him for his fight over going out to eat is disrespectful to say the least.

    On the other hand I never really understood why so many people hate Rashad Evans. There’s times he’s acted a little cocky but overall he seems like a decent guy. I personally thought that he was genuine in his concern over Marcus Demico, and I couldn’t agree more with him on the comments he made after the fight.

    Rashad showed nothing but class in my books here and deserves far more credit than he receives. Maybe training with GSP has rubbed off on Evans in a good way.

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    Interesting point Niv – maybe Mom was right – be careful the company you keep, eh?

    My criticism over Rashad has always been the manner of showmanship, it would seem that is indeed a show, where Quiton is all and only what we see. In his case, I really don’t like what I see.

  • edub says:

    I think it would be the funniest thing in the world if Team Rashad swept team Rampage.

    Itd be funny because there would be no need for Rampage to be on the show anymore.

    Oh, and Demico Rogers definately deserves to come back into the tournament over Kimbo if an injury happens.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Yeah EDUB so far out of all the fighters that have lost on team Rampage Demico deserves to come back the most, But we all know who will be back. I would like to see Kimbo come back and fight the British guy Rashad is in love with though, as that could be a good stand up fight.

  • Pajamashark says:

    Edub, I agree! I was wondering last night, gosh is Team Rampage EVER going to win one? No slam to the guys on his team but Rampage’s coaching is just abysmal. I found myself asking out loud- wow, I wonder if Rampage will even win one? Then I remembered that Rashad has Greg Jackson, and Rampage is too busy giving Kimbo a tonguebath to think about the other guys on his team. Of course he’s not going to win one.

  • mwwessel90 says:

    I love all the responses. Everyone of you are correct. I cannot tell you how bad Rampages team wanted to be coached by our coaches. These fights your watching now happend around week 2. So, they had 5 more weeks of Rampage being and ass to them. I will say this Rampage did care about Scott Junk but that was about it or so I was told in the house. They hated training so much that most of them didnt practice they sat around for two 2 hours practices doing nothing or lifting weights. But, Rampage could not get off Kimbos nuts.

  • David Andrest says:

    Feel free not to hold back here Mike! LOL , I have to say this publicly, in all of our seasons of having TUF bloggers at Fiveouncesofpain, you sir are cutting though all the bulls**t! “Keeping it real” as the kids say.

  • mwwessel90 says:

    Thats who I am. I wont lie or bull shit anyone. I dont have time for that but I do like to let people know the truth. Also, anything that I say in interviews or blogs I would say tho whomevers face. Im not the type to talk and hide. BUt, I thought the kids say “lets get crunk” man I dont no the streets anymore. lol

  • NinjaMobley says:

    Personally i have always liked rampage as a fighter, but now that i see him how he really is idk. Him and rashad are way to cocky i think to and they rag on everything about eachother ha even rashads breath. But yeah i cant wait for you to get in the octagon im friends with josh and hes the one that let me know when the seasons first episode would air and that you were on it. Oh and btw your truck is beast.


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