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5 Oz. Official Rankings: Middleweight

Anderson is back with it’s brand new and highly official middleweight rankings.

Agree or disagree, these ranking were compiled in a completely unbiased manner based on several decisive contributing factors to the decision making process. There will be no delusional (hopefully) or political slants to these rankings

The different factors taken into account when considering the placing of the various top ten listers included, among a variety of other variables:

A) Recent activity at the weight class. Basically the deciding factor was that if you have competed your last two fights or more at a given weight, that’s your division.

For example, Some are going to be upset to see that Hendo and Rich Franklin aren’t considered for 205 due to the fact that neither have competed at the weight class in two or more bouts. Although a case could be made for either man jumping right into the top ten as soon as they return to the weight.

A guy like Anderson Silva is going to be ranked in both the middleweight and light heavyweight divisions due to the fact that he consistently bounces back and forth between divisions.

B) Activity. I could make a very strong case for putting Tito Ortiz in the 205 top ten, but he hasn’t been fighting. Someone like Alistair Overeem that hasn’t fought in over ten months also takes a significant hit for not competing.

C) Level of competition faced in the past

D) Recent wins over top contenders

E) Experience

Like always, we invite you to post your own personal rankings, and agree or disagree with us in a loosely respectful manner in the comment section below.

1. Anderson Silva: Not much to explain on this one.

2. Nate Marquardt: Marquardt has really found his groove lately. Outside of a defeat at the hands of Anderson Silva and a “loss” to Thales Leites, Nate hasn’t seen his opponents hand raised in victory since 2003, compiling wins over guys like Kazuo Misaki, Dean Lister, Demian Maia, Martin Kampmann and Wilson Gouveia along the way.

3. Dan Henderson: Henderson is as established a bad a** as they come. Outside of the top level competition he has consistently faced and done well against throughout the course of his career, Hendo’s recent win over a top contender in Michael Bisping, and a previous victory over the always dangerous Rousimar Palhares make his spot on this list an easy choice to make.

4. Vitor Belfort: A pair of vicious knockouts over the likes of Matt Lindland and Rich Franklin (195 or not, you can’t discredit the way Belfort dismantled the former UFC middleweight champion) make it hard for me to justify placing someone like Okami or Maia above Belfort being that Maia just got bounced in seconds by Marquardt and Okami’s last defeat was at the hands of the previously noted Rich Franklin.

5. Yushin Okami: Wins over guys like and Jason MacDonald aren’t going to push Okami much higher than the #5 spot on this list. I personally feel like Okami is a bit overrated, and will continue to think so until I see him defeat a legit, top flight middleweight. Regardless, these rankings have nothing to do with personal feelings, and as such, Okami can have the middle spot for now.

6. Demian Maia: The only reason Maia is as low as #6 on this list is because of the way he got blown out in his last fight. On top of the fight with Marquardt not even being close, I feel like Demian revealed a huge chink in his armor that night. However, one loss to a guy like Marquardt definitely doesn’t cancel out Maia’s accomplishment in the Octagon entirely by any means.

7. Nick Diaz: Outside of the TKO due to cuts at the fists of KJ Noons and a 2002 TKO via Jeremy Jackson, Nick Diaz hasn’t been dominated by anyone in the fight game during the course of his professional career. If you take a look at the names on his resume, Nick’s ability to avoid being embarrassed by anyone he has faced is quite astounding. Although recent wins over guys like Frank Shamrock and Scott Smith were legit, this pick was more based on overall talent level more than anything else.

8. Jake Shields: Shields is one of those funky characters that will end up ranked in two weight classes based on the fact that his last two fights have been at both welterweight and middleweight. Although one win over Robbie Lawler wouldn’t normally justify a fighter a spot in the top ten, Shields background in the sport makes this an easy choice to make.

9. Jorge Santiago: I’m a little surprised to have the same guy that got clipped by Chris Leben and kicked in the mug by Alan Belcher on this top ten list, but Santiago has done a fantastic job of reinventing himself since those back to back defeats in 2006, putting together nine consecutive wins over top level middleweights.

10. Michael Bisping
: Sure, Bisping received a spanking at the hands of Dan Henderson, but three prior consecutive wins at the weight class, and previous victories at 205 pounds over guys like Matt Hamill and Red Schafer leave Bisping on the very edge of the top ten at 185 pounds.

Honorable Mentions: Patrick Cote, Nate Quarry, Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, Ricardo Almeida, Kazuo Misaki, Chael Sonnen, and Dan Miller.

  • jemaleddin says:

    a) Diaz and Shields? Diaz couldn’t hang in the UFC’s welterweight division, and Shields’ only win is from another UFC welterweight wash-out.
    b) When did beating Matt Lindland become a big deal? He was 38 and inactve coming into that fight. Dude looked like he might fall over on his way into the ring.

  • ozz_the_powerful says:


  • edub says:

    1. Anderson
    2. Hendo
    3. Nate
    4. Okami
    5. Vitor
    6. Santiago- WIns over Misaki, Nakamura, and Prangley shoot him up on my list.
    7. Demian Maia
    8. Michael Bisping
    9. Jake Shields
    10. Robbie Lawler

    Nick Diaz: I dont think wins over Frank and Scott Smith should put you in the MW top 10. Eventhough he is AWESOME!! at MW and would have great success IMO against a lot of the top 10.

    Also I feel Jake Shields doesnt match up well with much of this list. Except Bisping. I think if him and Okami fought again he would get beat because Yushin wouldnt have to cut down to 175.

  • jemaleddin says:

    @edub: Wait, so in your mind Shields’ win over Scott Smith pushes him higher than Diaz’s win over Shields? Huh? So confused!

  • edub says:

    “Wait, so in your mind Shields’ win over Scott Smith pushes him higher than Diaz’s win over Shields?”

    I think your mocking something but Ill bite anyway.

    1. Shields never has fought Smith.
    2. Diaz never(and will never) fight Shields.

    So ummm yea.

  • mikee1980 says:

    Wow, somehow Robbie Lawler got screwed out of his place on this list. His rightful place might I add.

  • mikee1980 says:

    Why do victories in other weight classes have anything to do with the fighters current weight class they are being evaluated for? WHOLE differednt ball game cocheese.

  • nope says:

    I read the qualifing rules but Franklin should be on the 185 or 205 list or both.

  • Ronin says:

    My are


    1. Anderson Silva
    2. Dan Henderson
    3. Nate Marquardt
    4. Demian Maia
    5. Vitor Belfort
    6. Yushin Okami
    7. Jorge Santiago
    8. Chael Sonnen
    9. Paulo Filho
    10. Michael Bisping

  • beanxpunkx says:

    Finally there is someone who agrees with me. Im tired of hearing the okami hype. Many people think he is the number one contender but he hasnt really beat anyone. Chael Sonnen will be a good matchup but even if he wins, i dont see him higher then 5th or 6th

  • Snoop Dogg says:

    I liked 1 thru 6. 2 thru 4 could go anyway and have a good argument but I liked how you have it setup. I would have a tough time putting Bisbing in the top 20. Put Bisbing in with Belcher and I don’t think he will make it out of the second round. If Belcher didn’t loss his last fight I would give him the 10 spot but I just cannot do that.

    Diaz is a WW at best he has just been feeding on some guys that perfect matchups for him. I can see why you put shields on the list but he really needs to fight at 170 and shuldn’t be considered a MW. I mean can we just put GSP at #5 than because he is better than half the guys on that list. Fitch may even break top 10. I think their should be a rule that the fight has to be fighting at the weight for a while. I mean are shields and Diaz going to be on the WW list as well.

  • 27jride says:

    does anyone really think Marquardt would beat Henderson in any other way than a controversial decision?? I’m having a really tough time imagining anything other than Hendo dominating that fight.

  • edub says:

    A lot of people on here thin Nate would run through Hendo 27. I however a with you.

    “I mean can we just put GSP at #5 than because he is better than half the guys on that list.”

    I cant speak for Cory but I have Shields on my list because he just subbed Lawler in the first round, and Lawler was probably around 6 or 7 IMO before that.

  • edub says:

    “I however agree with you”.*

  • mikee1980 says:

    Maybe I am confused and if I am then somebody should educate me. Shields isn’t regularly a middleweight is he? Wasn’t the fight between him and Lawler at a catchweight? Even if it wasn’t it was a super fight and Shield’s constant weight class is welter so why on earth would we put him on a Mw ranking? I get that he guillotined Lawler but Lawler’s status is at middleweight now Shields and I believe him to still be a top ten despite his last outing. I am not even a big fan of Lawler’s but would like to see him in the UFC again, along with Nick Diaz.

  • Batman says:

    Patrick cote should be on there

  • xtreme_machine says:

    I like 1-6

    but not the rest

  • BigDave says:

    i would take out Diaz and Bisping and put lawlor and cote in there spots. And in a few ufc’s from now your number 4 which i agree with will be #1 When he destroys the spider early in round 2. I’m calling knockout of the year when belfort smashes silva. you heard it here first.

  • mpwhite2 says:

    I think Henderson has to be put above Marquardt on this list. Not to take anything away from Marquardt, but I feel like a lot of people are riding high on Marquardt’s KO of Maia, when Maia has virtually no striking skills and had no chance to take it to the ground. It was a very impressive victory, but I think Henderson showed more in his victory over Bisping. Its close between the two, but I give the edge to Hendo.

  • BillyWarhol says:

    Bisping did NOT Win over Matt Hamill!! That was handed to him on a Silver Platter by Dana White just to Promote UFC in Britain. Bloody Disgrace! Hendo Smoked his Ass + rightfully so!! ;PPP

  • danw84 says:

    He may not be HORRIBLE, but I don’t feel Bisping belongs anywhere near the top 10.

  • fraz says:

    Bisping over Akiyama is absurd.

    Akiyama not even getting an honorable mention is even more absurd.

  • metalmulisha says:

    Not having Robbie Lawler at the very least in your honorable mention portion of the rankings I’ll chalk up to an oversight.
    Belfort at #4 is way to high and Michael Bisping at number 10 is crazy.

    What happened to the quote option to question or even attack someone else’s post?

  • metalmulisha says:

    lol just noticed it’s in a different spot. Time for bed.

  • submit662266 says:

    I agree with whoever said Franklin needs to be on this list. Bisping gets blasted by Hendo, fights mediocore talent and is top-ten? Make a special “you got knocked the @#^$ out!” clause that automatically drops you several slots. Yeah, Rich got knocked out pretty quick, but he also beat Wanderlei, and lost a close, rather controversial decision to Hendo.

    Maybe get rid of the “they currently/recently fight a different weight class” criteria. It has screwed up the previous rankings, and nothing good can come from it.

  • edub says:

    To everyone who is thinking about Franklin being on this list. He hasn’t fought at 185 in four fights. 195 twice and 205 twice. Anything above the last pound of your weight class is looked at as the start of the next weight class.

    I think he should be in consideration for the 205 lb weight class only.

  • MM izzle my Nizzle says:

    Lawler, Franklin and Jacare should be on the list and Bisping shouldn’t be. My opinion of Maia is that he shouldn’t be on the list and I reckon he will drop off it soon but he has the results for now.

  • MM izzle my Nizzle says:

    If everyone was allowed to fight each other and those that made the move to LHW, due to the fact that there is a huge vacuum in that division out of the UFC, stayed at MW I think the top 10 would look like this.
    1. Silva
    2. Mousasi
    3. Filho
    3. Hendo
    4. Belfort
    5. Marquadt
    6. Okami
    7. Jacare
    8. Santiago
    9. Lawler
    I guess this is an indication of who I think is top 10 based on ability and results. Special mention to Villasenor, Rua, Miller, Bisping and I just learned how good Cote’s record is.
    As for Diaz and Sheilds I think they are WWs
    1. GSP
    2. Diaz
    3. Sheilds


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