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Mike Easton, Pat Runez and Jacob McClintock pick up wins during UWC 7

Jacob McClintock

Jacob McClintock

High paced action and vicious beatdowns were the theme during last night’s UWC 7: Redemption that took place last evening from Fairfax, Virginia.

Mike Easton scored an extremely narrow split decision over Chase Beebe to retain his bantamweight championship for the promotion during UWC 7’s main event.

Undefeated flyweight Pat Runez, fighting out of Arizona Combat Sports, captured yet another championship in the weight class when he scooped up the 125 pound crown in a hard fought split decision over John Dodson.

One of the fastest rising prospects in the welterweight division was also in action last night as the AZCS trained Jacob “Tic-Toc” McClintock improved to 6-0 with six finishes with a first round TKO over Beau Baker.

A full list of the results from the event are listed below:

Mike Easton def. Chase Beebe by Split Decision

Pat Runez def. John Dodson by Split Decision

Kyle Baker def. Tommy Truex by TKO at 4:59, R1

Timothy Woods def. Ryan Sturdy by TKO at 0:35, R3

Jacob McClintock def. Beau Baker by TKO at 3:30, R1

Kris McCray def. Igor Almeida by TKO 0:49, R1

Iman “Mannie” Achhal def. Sumie Sakai by TKO at 2:30, R2

Jesse Riggleman def. Josh Ferguson by Split Decision

Freddy Assuncao def. Felipe Ariantes by Unanimous Decision

  • edub says:

    The decision going to Easton was the worsed call i have personally ever seen in a title fight in the short histor of mma(besides maybe the Randlema-Rutten fight)…. and no I dont think I am exagerating(sp?).

    I had Beebe winning every round except the first and I thought that round was a draw. Beebe smothered and just completely pwned him on the ground taking Eastons back more times than I can count on one hand, and held the position for minutes at a time( although he didnt do that much damage he was more looking for the rnc). The stand up was not really in favor of either fighter with Easton landing some hard body shots and a few leg kicks. Horrible Horrible decision.

    Dodson and Runez was a AWESOME FIGHT. I had it as a draw because I gave Dodson the first and second round with the second being 10-8. He KOd Runez in the second round and he woke up when his face hit the canvas(crazy). This fight actually got booed in the 3rd round for what the audience perceived as lack of action. I however think this could be my personal fight of the year. Runez showed a truck load of heart.

    Mcclintock won me twenty three dollars(three beers). He showed some great talent in stand up.

    Timothy woods has some powerful leg kicks. Sturdy was outgunned for most of the fight, but showed great heart in trying to tough it out til the bell.

    Kris McCray showed some powerful hands, but the stoppage over Almeida was kind of early.

    Kyle Barker mauled the shit outta Truex.

    Overall great night of fights except for the final decision.


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