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The Juggernaut Diaries: Mike Wessel’s TUF 10 Blog; Episode 3

Mike WesselWell after all the hype and all the buzz, the Kimbo vs. Nelson fight finally came and went.

The show starts off with the great people at Spike trying to make Kimbo even more marketable when they show him struggling with his “Inner Me”. I really don’t know what they wanted to get out of this, but besides Kimbo being the toughest dude at the BBQ, he cannot sit at that same BBQ and be a philosophizer.

The show also shows how sensitive Marcus Jones is. Marcus acquired the nickname “Big Baby” on the show because he truly is one of the planets biggest gentlest creatures.

The scene on the back porch with Marcus and I was at 6 am before practice and he talked and talked about his flower gardens. He really got into to it to. I was sitting just laughing because I have never heard someone be so passionate about flowers, except my grandmother. Marcus is a really good guy and that is his release for his stresses. We all have are own ways of dealing with our problems or stresses but now we all know that Marcus deals with them through his gardening. It was just hilarious to me to have this giant NFL guy taking about his flowers.

Later the fight finally came. Now, even though Dana said, “Roy only did what he had to with out getting hit”, we all thought that that was the whole point of the show. You have to fight 3 times in 6 weeks. I didn’t understand why they still hated on Roy after he did what he had to do with minimal damage.

To me Roy fought a smart, well thought out fight. Roy did what he wanted and didn’t get into any trouble. I did think it was funny that everyone makes such a big deal over Kimbo, and that when someone beats Kimbo they immediately shit on the guy for being happy about winning.

After Roy won he said, “ Can I get a whopper”. Roy was happy, playing around and trying to get Burger King to sponsor him. He was not trying to act like he destroyed him or the world should be shocked.

I just think that its funny how they hype up Kimbo so much and hate on whoever beats him. Kimbo is a big fight for anyone because of all the hype that the media has put into him. So, why is it so bad when someone is happy they beat him and did it in such a manner that they hardly even got hit? In my opinion that’s a smart fighter.

They also showed how team Rashad has a traitor on the team. Now this is where the show starts to get dramatic and starts to be more of a reality type feeling. I am involved in most of the traitor controversy. I cant say who did it but I am involved in more than one-way. It gets really interesting and extremely dramatic very fast.

The show ends with Marcus fainting and the hype of a possible Kimbo come back. This come back stuff is where Dana gets involved and he is very funny and truthful, but he also smacks some heads (verbally) and puts some of us back in line.

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  • MMAfan1107 says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m glad Roy dominated Kimbo. Dana is just backing Kimbo because Kimbo is his new ‘Cash Cow’. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Dana, he’s just another businessman whore. lol

  • TheMirth says:

    Good stuff. Couldn’t agree more about Nelson and Kimbo. Nelson was actually pretty nice to end the fight without beating on Kimbo leaving the door open for Mr. Slice to possibly come back.

  • Makington says:

    Well that’s what Dana had to do for his business. By belittling Roy’s win he made Kimbo still keep his mystique. He came off like a douche about it but I don’t hate him for it, it was strictly business.

  • xtreme_machine says:


  • MMAfan1107 says:

    Kimbo got ko’d by a left jab and a second rate fighter (Nelson) owned him, what mystique?

  • BiG BaD BuLL says:

    philosofizer?… I assume you mean philosopher? This is the fact of the matter ( and trust me, I am not a fan of “Kimbo the fighter” although “Kimbo the person” seems decent enough) while it was obvious that Kimbo was out of his league on the ground, you can’t really fault him. What a lot of people dont realize is that big country is a legitimate black belt, having even out pointed frank mir to win a match ( granted, back in 2003, but still…) how many of you really feel that you could have done any better?Nelson knows exactly how to use all 265 pounds to his advantage. He is the most experienced, well rounded guy in the show. although I don’t doubt he gave it his all, anyone who actually thought kimbo would win is either delusional, or doesn’t know as much about mma as they pretend to. No disrespect intended to any parties.

  • edub says:

    Philosiphizer im guessing is a joke. “Now hes a philosiphizer”…Ben Stiller(Dodgeball).

  • mwwessel90 says:

    Edub, thank you for catching my joke. I thought it was very funny but apparently people don’t get my humor. I know that I am not very intelligent but I purposely fought spell check to leave that word as is stood. LOL

    For the most part everyone that responded knows what this year’s TUF is about…It’s a Kimbo show and all the people that thought he would really beat the 3 time IFL Champion (no matter what he looks like) got involved in the Kimbo hype. Which is fine too. I think its great to have this controversy about a street fighter and a buffet destroyer. But, make no mistake Roy is not second rate. Roy is more respected that past and recent UFC champions and they come to him for ground advice.

    Now, it is not Kimbos fault for the hype. But, I said long ago that he had the most to loose by being on the show. Cuz, if I loose no one cares or the half expects it. But, if Kimbo looses he lost to what posters call a “second rate fighter”. I give respect to Kimbo for the balls to be on a show where everyone wanted that fight. However, saying Roy is a bad fighter and did not fight good is ridiculous to me. Roy said the night before that he was going to do exactly what happened in the fight. He would end Kimbo with out taking damage. Because it’s a long 7 weeks and you have to be healthy to continue. That (to me) is not a bad fighter it’s a smart as hell fighter that knows how to control a fight and himself.

    If you want to knock Roy… call him fat or out of shape but if you are a true fan of MMA you would recognize that Roy did what was needed to make it the next round.

  • edub says:

    Yea man I laughed as soon as i saw it. I figured i had to explain to the guy who thought you just misspelled the word that it was supposed to be humorous.

    Does it get to you that Spike is marketing it as…for lack of a better description… the Kimbo show? Its almost as if they made a show about getting Kimbo ready for the UFC, not to find the best HW.

    Oh and whoever missed my joke when Mike first started posting type “Im the juggernaut bitch” in to you tubes search bar and enjoy. I think that one got misunderstood also.

  • BiG BaD BuLL says:

    mike- my bad on the philosophizer joke. went right over my head. I feel like a douche because I should have caught it. I have a question for you personally ( if you are contractually able to answer it, of course). were there days that had multiple fights to them? I bring this up because episode 2 still features the bloodstains from abe’s cut, but in episode three the mat is clean. just curious.

  • mwwessel90 says:

    It really don’t bother me that they are pushing Kimbo so much because I its not his fault he is more marketable. Kimbo has a gimmick that apparently one that the world loves. So, I understand why they have so much hype on him. But, in the same respect as soon as the “Kimbo Show” ended (last night) everyone was still on him and hated on the guy that beat the great black ghetto hope. That’s what really bothers me. If I would have beat Kimbo or anyone else we would be getting dissed as a 2nd rate fighter. When the general public should be saying that Kimbo don’t belong in this light and don’t deserve to be more sought out after than most UFC champions.

    But, I don’t blame Spike for jumping on and making money. Did you see the ratings? Biggest ever, so they are doing there job with Kimbo’s fame.

    Oh and the Juggernaut bitch skit on you tube is classic. I suggest everyone watch it. Very funny.

    Big Bad Bull…
    Yes, the first 2 fights were on the same day. If I remember correctly they were 1 week into being in the house. That is why Abe Wagner’s blood is still on the mat. The order went 2 fights then 3 days later 1 fight then 2 fights 3 days later and so on. On the day Kimbo and Roy fought there was only 1 fight. But, Kimbo had his wife and posse at the fight. They were allowed in the gym to watch. It was funny to see their reaction after he lost. It was funny also that he was the only one allowed to have people there. Hell, my wife had surgery for cancer during the show and it took everything to find out if she was ok. I had to bribe an extra to text her to find out.

  • BiG BaD BuLL says:

    “the great black ghetto hope”….f##king awesome. I got that one. as for having his wife and entourage there… that’s bullsh#t. I thought that the point to the house was getting fighters away fro distractions and allowing them to focus on nothing but fighting (although I find that my wife is actually a great support when I am getting ready) . the fact that they were there, and taking into consideration your own difficulties, had to have bred a certain level of resentment.

  • Makington says:

    Shit, I hope your wife is fine and everything. You don’t usually get to see that side of fighters on the show and the legitimate problems they’re dealing with. I, for one, would have a hard time fighting when I’m worrying the whole time about my wife back at home.

  • mwwessel90 says:

    My wife and dogs are my support system as well. That was the hardest part of being in the house. If you had a bad day I couldnt go home to them like normal. It was very tough but made me apprecitate them more. Trust me that house is nothing about fighting. Its about drama and confinment. I didnt have resentment toward Kimbo I had it toward the producers and Spike. But, thats how tv works they will do whatever they have to do to get rating and the people they want to get those ratings.

  • savage henry says:

    Great black ghetto hope? Are you serious with that? I hope they match you up with him at the show in December. I think Kimbo would work you.

  • mwwessel90 says:

    Savage Henry…

    Does it sound like I’m serious? I like to talk shit, just like everyone else that has an opinion on TUF 10. But, you really think Kimbo is not a TON OF HYPE. Come on man, from day one he has been hand feed 50/60 yr old fighters and made out to be this big badass in MMA. Then a fight org. goes down just as quick as Seth knocked him down because he was hype. Then a well respected fighter (Roy Nelson) beats him for several minutes and Roy gets turned on like he sucks and Kimbo doesn’t. Really? You’re really gonna tell me that Kimbo is not a lot of hype?

    I give Kimbo this: He’s strong, a good striker, and no ground. If he was a boxer he would deserve the hype, but this is MMA. MMA requires ground work and he doesn’t have it. So, why is he the greatest thing since, well lol I leave out my pun. I like Kimbo, but I dont agree with all of the people thinking he is a great fighter.

    Savage Henry, I would love to fight Kimbo. I would, but it wont get me anywhere. Look at the two that beat him already. They got shit on by guys like you who jumped on the Kimbo bandwagon and said that they suck when Kimbo lost. I really really hope that I get to fight Kimbo after Dec. I really do cuz I would be a legend back home, where I currently reside and with old friends. But, I’ll tell you how I would fight him. I would stand up for a bit then put him on the cage or let him do it, take him down and pound his ass. But they wont match me up against him cuz he has too much to lose by fighting me. He will go to 205 and beat the non just like I am currently. But, yeah now I mean the comment “great black ghetto hope”.



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