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Roy “Big Country” Nelson TKO’s Kimbo Slice

Roy NelsonYou could already see the wheels turning inside of Roy “Big Country” Nelson‘s head on the eve of his battle with Kimbo Slice for survival in the The Ultimate Fighter house.

As Nelson sat outside with a few of the other fighters on the night before his big fight he discussed the crucifix position. Roy seemed to be focusing on the position because it was obvious that it was the one position where he would take the least amount of damage, even going as far as explaining that the punches you hit your opponent don’t have to be the hardest shots in the world. The ruling goes, if you’re not able to intelligently defend yourself, it’s a wrap.

Following an extended feeling out process in the early moments of the opening round, Nelson shot in on Kimbo, and caught a couple of hard punches in the process. On the heavy handed slugger like a leech against the cage, Roy wound up scoring the takedown with 1:30 remaining in round. From there it was a fluid succession of: mount, side control, and eventually, you guessed it, the crucifix position. Quite possibly the safest position in all of mixed martial arts. For a solid 15-20 seconds Nelson tapped away at the face of Kimbo with a series of punches, and while they weren’t the hardest shots, referee Herb Dean was just a second or two from stopping the bout as the first round came to an end.

Kimbo starts round two swinging for the fences, catching Nelson a with a couple of solid bombs before being tied up by the much larger and more experienced veteran of the cage, and slammed to the Octagon canvas. It was just a replay of the first round once they hit the ground. Roy goes right into side control, and it’s not long before he’s right back in the crucifix position, delivering unanswered damage to the grill of Kimbo Slice once again. Herb Dean continuously warns Kimbo to improve his position, but it’s pointless. The fight is stopped, winner, Roy “Big Country” Nelson.

Staying true to his plus-sized form and light-hearted nature, Nelson immediately joked, “Can I get a Double Whopper with cheese?” following the bout. A fat guy’s version of the traditional “I’m going to Disneyland” celebration.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Not exactly a devastating victory. The fight was stopped, but Kimbo didn’t have a mark on him and didn’t seem hurt at all. Subpar takedown defense plus big ‘ol belly equals unimpressive win.

  • BigDave says:

    And this is who Dana says will still fight in the UFC? Bimbo is a (watch the fighter bashing please) send him back to his yard to beat up people for –. Oh and tell him not to forget his gun.

  • Ronin says:

    Hey BigDave /Kimbo still has more money and class than you. Go troll somewhere else.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    I don’t know if Roy was trying to save energy and not to get hurt


    if he really thinks that he could beat UFC heavyweights with that kind of weapons

    anyways I think Kimbo really looked good and all he needs is more ground work

  • danw84 says:

    Class maybe, but money? Who cares about that?

  • BigDave says:

    Hey Ronin if i wanted to hear from an asshole I’d fart.

  • Gstar says:

    Roy nelson should have been expected to win by all accounts! Roy needs to forget burgers start running with Forrest………Didn’t Matt Hughes do the same thing to BJ for a win, but nelson is the fat guy who lays a prays? I can”t understand it.newbies need a Ko I guess?

  • jmack91 says:

    I know Kimbo was overrated/overhyped,,but I couldnt help but to cheer him on and hope he knocked him out.He seems like the kind of guy you want in the ufc.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Ronin first off love the avatar thats my favirot show, secondly Kimbo has done nothing but be humble and respectful throughout the show, and really ever since we first saw him, so really all the hate he gets comes from places inside people that we will never understand. Kimbo looked just as good as many of your rookie fighters today, nowdays everybody likes Sam Stout but remember his octagon debut against Florian- he was completly schooled on the ground. Kimbo is on the right path to becoming a good mma fighter If the ucf matches him up with a good striker with equal experience and dont throw him in with the Hardonks and Kongos or Dos Santos fighters to early we will see him improve every fight,

  • BigDave says:

    Watched this fight for a second time and I need to give Kimbo a bit of credit here. He is the first guy in a long time that I’ve seen make Kongo look like a great ground fighter. It wasn’t even funny how bad he was on the ground. How do you get put in a crucifix not once not twice but three times. Roy did very little in this fight, In fact he looked mediocre and yet still had zero trouble beating this guy. So now Dana may put him in another fight or two but by next summer Kimbo will be nothing but a punchline to a bad mma joke.

    Here is the first of those jokes for you…

    What is the similarity between Kimbo Slice and a turtle?
    Put them on there back and there fucked!

  • fetussandwich says:

    What is the similarity between BigDave and a 5 year old?

    Ask them to explain the difference between there/their/they’re and they’re fucked!

  • H3ro says:

    The fight did not live up to the hype. I was expecting to go, “Wow” but what was expected to happen, happened. I was also rooting for Kimbo, but he did not look good. No improvements since he first entered MMA and he said that this was one of his best fights??

    I hope Kimbo has a better showing when it looks like he replaces somebody.

  • Rich S. says:

    1. The stoppage was kind of lame, but, that’s one of those moments when you’d hate to be a referee.. I mean, you could see Roy wasn’t throwing devastating shots or anything, but, Kimbo just COULD NOT defend himself.. So it had to be done..

    2. I’m getting kind of sick of this whole situation.. First, Dana hates Kimbo.. Then, he says, OK, I’ll let him in the UFC, but he has to fight for it.. NOW that Dana realizes Kimbo is very marketable, it seems like he’s sheltering him.. I mean, the whole show is based off of him.. Especially now that we won’t be seeing Rashad vs. Rampage.. Plus, even now that he’s lost his fight, Dana couldn’t stop talking about how unimpressive Roy was.. THEN, they’re already talking about subbing Kimbo in for Jones because of a cardio/fatigue problem.. NOT EVEN A REAL INJURY..

    I like Kimbo, but I swear, if he fights in Jones’ place, while Jones isn’t legitimately (meaning a broken bone or something) injured, I’m not going to watch the rest of this show..

  • mu_shin says:

    touche’ fetus…

    Let’s remember what we were watching people. This is The Ulitmate Fighter, not a top contender bout for the heavyweight division of the UFC. In that context, this was a decent bout, not a great fight by any means, but I thought it answered some questions about both combatants.

    No, Kimbo did not aquit himself like a BJJ blackbelt on the ground. Sure looked to me like he hit Nelson pretty hard at least a couple of times. Perhaps given a bit more experience and the composure and confidence that goes with it, he could apply some of that standup power and achieve some level of success in the octagon. He will need some instruction in takedown defence, because I don’t care who you are, once you have 265 pounds of meat sitting on your chest, or straddling your upper body in the crucifix, your options are very limited. Kimbo used one leg kick, sounded like it hit pretty good, so if he can learn and progress in the sport, he could be entertaining to watch. Don’t think he’ll ever be an elite MMA fighter as he has no wrestling/BJJ, but I think Kimbo can draw and entertain fans.

    Roy Nelson came in to a big name fight and did his job. I agree with Dana White: Nelson did exactly as much as he had to do to win. While that may not be what the promoters were dreaming of, it was, in my opinion, what any professional fighter would try to do in this situation. Again, this is TUF: he has more bouts ahead of him in this format, and getting into a slugging match with Kimbo only opens him to injury and possible elimination. Big money in the UFC lies on the path of victory, and Nelson achieved the first step on that path. Kudos to him, and let’s hope we get some more good fights out of the contestants that remain. The promos are implying that big Marcus goes out, so maybe Kimbo comes back in…

  • Rich S. says:

    Also, when he had him in the crucifix the first time, I thought he actually knocked him out for a bit.. At one point, Kimbo’s legs were kind of twitching, and he wasn’t moving or anything.. It looked like he was knocked out, but was up by the bell..

  • submit662266 says:

    disappointed Kimbo couldn’t pull it out. Looked like he landed some clean punches. His hands looked quicker than what I remember from before. He has potential.

    It is truly difficult to make it in this game though. A fighter really needs to have the whole package (ground game, subs and sub defense, and stand-up. If a fighter is lacking in any of these, he/she will not succeed.

    Before the show, I was a huge Rampage fan and loathed Rashad. I’m quickly turning on Rampage and am impressed with Rashad.

  • Austin says:

    I would have preferred a straight armbar or kimura finish from that position, but a crucifix showcases some sweet jiu jitsu.

  • gy614x says:

    Roy did just what he needed to, to win.

    oh and someone said Kimbo didnt defend himself like a jiu jitsu black belt?

    didnt even defend himself like a blue belt.

    props to kimbo. good striking….needs ground work and wrestling…..questionable cardio (dont know if that improved since his fight with that Thompson guy).

  • edub says:

    I made a post in the other article about my feelings on the fight so ill just stick to one thing.
    Why would Kimbo be subbing this early in the contest when Rampage still has 5 other guys that can fight?
    I dont think hell be subbing anytime soon.

  • Makington says:

    Lol, well played fetus. I think the producers just want people to think that they MIGHT get to see Kimbo again so that everyone will tune in. I highly doubt that he will, or else they would have hyped another fight. If you say Kimbo miggggght fight again soon, people will watch. Now if you say Kimbo WILL get another shot, then you gets tons of people watching. So, in my opinion, I don’t think we’ll see Kimbo do anything more than train for the season, or else the producers would have flat out said it.

  • Angry Mike says:

    There is more fury and activity in these posts than in the fight last night. Cheeseburgers for everybody!

  • Rich S. says:

    That’s what I’m saying edub..

    The fact of the matter is, he SHOULDN’T be subbing any time soon, but if ANYONE does sub, it will be him..

    It’s kind of corrupt..


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