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Forrest Griffin talks about UFC 101 and his future.

“There is no reason, it’s stupid. Anytime I lose a fight that’s what I’m doing from now on. I’m going to just jump over the cage and run out,there’s nothing to say.” said Griffin. “It’s not about talking. I thought this was a fighting sport, I’m tired of talking to people…it just gets old,all of it, people putting hopes and dreams on you, telling you they put money on you, ‘You’re my kid’s idol.’ I don’t want to hear that s**t. Get Tom Brady on your kid’s wall, not me.”

And with that, Forrest Griffin breaks his silence in regards to his UFC 101 fight with Anderson Silva. Griffin who spoke with covered many topics including his wedding, Quinton Jackson, and a possible match up with Rich Franklin.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Kind of a strange thing for him to say. I will talk all you want to about how I won, but dont ask me about a fight I lost. Being a professionel you would expect a little more.

  • David Andrest says:

    I think it’s all been a rough road for him. Sometimes Fame doesn’t agree with people. And when your Forrest Griffin, you’re expected to be “on” at all times……………Be Funny Forrest,…………It’s been getting more obvious as time has gone by……

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    its official: Forrest is a hypocrite. 1st the “i never break” bullshit, now this. His act is wearing thin. Nobody was expecting him to be “on” after the loss, but you gotta answer the questions like everybody else.

  • BigDave says:

    @cocoonofhorror – Why does he have to answer stupid questions about oh why did you lose. If I was him and Rogain ever asked me something that stupid I would probably kick him in the face. I know from my athletic days that when I lost the last thing I wanted to do was talk to anyone. Forrest doesn’t owe you me or anyone else any kind of explanation for his actions and I will continue to support him in his future fights.

  • thomaswhigham says:

    i was disappointed that I didn’t get to see him after the fight as well. but I root for him to do well as a fighter even if he isn’t top of the heap, he’s an interesting fighter and he does have charisma and is worth paying to watch fight.

  • Pajamashark says:

    I don’t really buy his whole “FORREST NO TALK! ONLY FIGHT!’ shtick. Forrest wrote a book. I read it this weekend.

    Like most hilarious, self-deprecating, sarcastic people I know Forrest’s brand of humor comes from a fucked up place. He’s spun those experiences to gold so far in fighting and his public persona, but yeah it must be rough when you are feeling a little raw to be in the public eye. I suspect he’s painted himself into a bit of a corner with his macho nothing-gets-to-me thing, and you can tell he’s trying but it’s not really working in this interview.

    I think he’ll sort himself out with time. He says a few times in his book that he loves to fight- and doesn’t view fighting like a job because that would make it like work- something he has to do, not something he wants to do. So if he’s acting like he’s unprofessional maybe it’s because he doesn’t view fighting as a profession, so much as a passion. Everyone has a different way of coping with failure- it’s a testament to who he is that so many people care about his take on things after that fight. Seriously, did anyone ever lose any sleep over how Michael Bisping felt after Hendo put him down?

  • edub says:

    Forrest is not above other fighters in the UFC. Chuck got Kod and he talked to the audience afterwards. Randy go Beat up by Nog and he talked to the audience afterwards. After Rich got KOd by Anderson he talked to Joe. You are supposed to have class in defeat and victory. Forrest this makes you a huge hypocrite bud.

    Oh and when you run away after you get knocked out you look like a coward man. Forrest has been one of my fav fighters ever since i saw tuf 1 but this attitude really contradicts everyting he seemed to “stand” for.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I can understand why he doesn’t want to talk about losses, especially right after they’ve happened. “I lost and I’m unhappy about it.” What else is there to say?

    The stuff about not liking himself was a little off the wall. Some time off is definitely in order.

  • Makington says:

    Agreed Mike. The interview just came off unprofessional for him. I’m always rooting for the guy but you can tell that his head is nowhere near fighting.

    Aaaaand I didn’t even laugh at his jokes, a shame.

  • Kamakosmo says:

    I can understand why he’e feeling down and depressed about his current situation……he just got Married! Zing! Thank you thank you, don’t forget to tip your waiter and try the veal….

  • metalmulisha says:

    Can’t wait till Forrest is back in the cage again.

    Because the faster he comes back the sooner I get the chance of seeing him KTFO again and possibly get another embarrassing episode of him either crying or sprinting back to the locker room like a spoiled brat who was scolded by his parents.

    Forrest Griffin’s act is so old he can’t fade away fast enough for me and he will unless the UFC lines up tomato can after tomato can for him because his confidence after that embarrassing performance against Silva and the criticism of his actions afterward will stay with him for the rest of his career.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    i like what he said and i understand him

    but i also think that this is a fan base business and you got to keep the costumers happy

    maybe this new way of thinking will hepl him get back in the Win column

  • BigDave says:

    @edub so because every other fighter talks he has to aswell? He did what he did and thats it. I personally don’t want to hear any fighter talk before or after the fight I just want to see them fight period.

    @metal You truely are a….nevermind I won’t resort to name calling. Forrest has only lost to top tier fighters and beat a few top guys aswell. I’m sure he will bounce back and be a contender once again.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    he got embarrassed. that’s why he hasn’t talked. that’s why he says this. but don’t count him out.

  • edub says:

    No one ever had a problem with him talking when he was winning. Not even himself. He in fact used to relish talking to the audience after fights win or lose….

    …But thats not my biggest problem. He got knocked out, he was awake and aware of his surroundings, but he made no attempt to go congratulate Anderson after the fight. He showed a complete lack of respect to Anderson in defeat, by not staying for Anderson to get his hand raised. Im pretty sure every Forrest opponent that wasnt out cold stayed for the official decision.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    @ BigDave

    because he is a professional, and answering questions, weather he thinks they are stupid or not, is part of the job description. the media is a tool that helps promote fights and you have to answer their questions if you are going to have a high level career. period. you dont get to pick and choose when you are available, you have a responsibility to the media and the fans. if he doesnt like it, or feels like he cant do it, he should go deliver mail or try a career in stand up comedy.

  • Austin says:

    homeboy sounds depressed to me.

  • Kamakosmo says:

    I’m sure his Publisher is thrilled that he’s exclaiming he wishes the fans wouldn’t bother him. I’ll start by not purchasing his “book”.

  • s00nertp says:

    I actually enjoyed the interview. Hey, everyone struggles with their own personalities. If they like the limelight too much, they have too big of egos, etc.
    I guess Fedor handles it pretty much perfectly so it is possible.
    I am still a Forrest fan, nothing changes for me.

  • redwire says:

    Forrest talks when he wins, and when he has a good showing but loses. He has bolted from the cage twice – after losing to Jardine, who everybody told him he was going to walk through, and after being truly embarrassed against Anderson. I think he was prepared to lose against Silva, but not completely and utterly dominated. As a counter-example to the Anderson post-fight jog, he was pretty gracious after his loss to Evans.

    It’s tough to train for 12 weeks, and then not really be competitive.

  • metalmulisha says:

    You’re absolutely right when Forrest wins he wants to talk and try to be the funny guy everybody likes, but when he gets KTFO he runs away in shame or cries like a child instead of acting like a true sportsman and showing respect to the man that just whooped his ass.
    But that’s when his true character comes out which is he’s mentally weak.

  • Wow…..This seems like a few different things. First of all that guy conducting the interview should be fired he sucks has no ability to lead into any questions of any merit and I think the reason the interview ended like it did was because he stood there and asked dumb questions just like he did in aired portion.

    Secondly I kinda like Forrest’s “I havent been keeping up” attitude. He just got married and probably has more important things to tend to. Forrest has given a decent interview after every fight win or lose. Even with Jardine he gave a short spiel and walked out with an “I’ll be back”. The guy is a true fighter and I’ll always be excited to see him get back in the octagon. And @ Edub…..Chuck never talks after a loss unless forced. Watch the Rampage fight…he leaves….against Randy…left….Jardine left…Rashad….left(ok that made a little more sense) after Shogun dropped him Dana had to tell him to stay in the ring and address the crowd.

    And third and finally… Forrest and Rich would be a great fight. If it stayed overly technical in the striking Rich would pull a decision in my eyes and it’d be a great fight. If it turned into a brawl Forrest would either get the decision or the TKO. On the ground Forrest shows off that underrated BJJ wizardry that he showed against Rampage and Shogun. Say what you will but most people dont get up from those full torque uppercuts from Rampage.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    ya redwire thats how i see it. You last line says it all

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    “Forrest has given a decent interview after every fight win or lose. ”

    no, he hasnt. unless you count giving an interview a month after a fight where he doesn’t answer any questions decent, which i dont.

  • That certainly was one of the strangest interviews I’ve seen from a fighter, but then again that’s what happens when you let someone knock on your head with a hammer fist. Seems like there’s a negative tone in the UFC organization as Forrest doesn’t look too concerned about returning anytime soon and with Rampage quitting. I think win or lose keep your fighters happy.

  • edub says:


    At least Chuck stayed in the ring and didt run away. Chuck also conducted interviews in the locker room for both the Couture Loss and the 2nd Rampage loss. Say what you want to try and support Forrest, but there really is no excuse for the way he acted. It reminded me of a 6 year old who ran away from school crying after he got beat up by a bully.

    Remember your also hearing this from a huge Forrest supporter, and not a guy who dislikes him(Mulisha).

  • edub says:

    Mulisha Im not trying to start an argument with you either FTR. I just figured you not liking Forrest was common knowledge.

  • Matthew says:

    What a pathetic interview. Time waster.

  • Edub I agree he shouldnt have left the building but none of us know how it feels to be embarassed like that. Forrest is an emotional guy and this is his first time he did that. If he continues this behavior I think you’ll see my attitude towards forrest change.

  • edub says:

    Not exactly the first time man. He boohood in the ring against Jardine and ran off right after.

  • Crying in the ring isn’t something I knock people on. It sucks to prepare to win and fail. He told Rogan he had no excuses and got knocked the F$ck out let’s all go home. then left with an I’ll be back. No big deal. The Anderson thing was way different and like I said unexcusable. If he leaves like that again I say its a problem.


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