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Roy Nelson vs. Kimbo Slice coming next week on The Ultimate Fighter

KimboRoy “Big Country” Nelson will be facing off with none other than Kimbo Slice (aka Kevin Ferguson) on the third episode of the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter.

The highly anticipated match-up will be airing next Wednesday at it’s normal place and time on Spike TV.

The announcement came on the heels of James McSweeney of Team Rashad’s majority decision victory over Wes Shivers during last nights episode.

The win for Team Rashad placed the ball in their court when it came choosing time for the next match-up.

And so it shall be Big Country vs. Kimbo next week. A showdown between a Youtube sensation and a battle tested veteran of the game.

Make sure to tune in nexty week to what promises to be the highest rated episode in the show’s history.

  • edub says:

    Man all the sense in the world points to Nelson winning. But… with the random reports of Kimbo having success on the show, Spike hyping Kimbo up soo much, a few shots in the previews of Kimbo ground and pounding someone, and the overall demeanor of the show I really think Kimbow takes this fight.

  • Rich S. says:

    Yeah, there’s really no reason why Nelson should lose..
    But, there’s no way they are going to basically let this show ride on Kimbo, put him in all the advertisements, and keep building him just to lose his first fight..

    I really didn’t think he would fight one of the more experienced guys for his first fight, I was kind of shocked..

  • thunder okami says:

    “But, there’s no way they are going to basically let this show ride on Kimbo, put him in all the advertisements, and keep building him just to lose his first fight..”

    ^not sure about that, remember how much they hyped up Junie, and who is he now?

  • metalmulisha says:

    I just hope the Kimbo/Big Country fight is entertaining because the first two fights on the show have sucked to say the least.

    The fact that McSweeney was the first pick was shocking to me when he has a 3 & 4 record, but I thought after finding out on the first episode that he was a training partner of Rashad’s at Greg Jackson’s that maybe he had improved a lot, but obviously not after watching that fight last night because his performance was awful.
    Rashad saying the guy’s stand up is second to none is crazy.
    He was fighting a guy with virtually no experience and who was gassed at about the 2 minute mark of the 1st round and he was lucky to win the fight.
    I guess the judges liked his leg kicks because he didn’t offer much else.

    I’m hoping that Kimbo pulls off an upset, but even if he doesn’t he’ll be fighting someone in a much more favorable match up at the Finale in December I would imagine.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    metal you bang on with the first two fights booooooooooooo. all McSweeney had to do was just keep walking forward. Yes he was gassed but so was Shivers and way worse. those leg kicks sounded deadly and was most likely the reason for Sweeney winning. As for Rashad commenst on his stand up sounded like he was in love with his buddy and was trying to make him look good or justify his reason for picking him.
    Cant wait to watch next week. I see the big guy being to slow and getting caught with a serious wild hook ko’ing him really good.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    big guy is Nelson

  • Angry Mike says:

    I haven’t seen Nelson fight since losing to Arlovski last year. Back in the old IFL days he didn’t really impress me, although I thought he actually won against Rothwell. Anyway, I’d agree that he has more experience than Kimbo, and that makes a difference, but it’s not a complete mismatch. Kimbo has a legitimate chance to win, especially if his take down defense is good.

  • tapout2167 says:

    whats sad too is mcsweeny fought ricardo romero at roc and got killed and ricardos standup sucks thats a guy who should be on the show but they play favorites and at roc they announced mcsweenys record at 3-5 before he lost then he did the show so essentially he should be 3-6 but whatever

  • fanoftna33 says:

    That fight last night should have gone to the third round, although neither would have been standing by the end due to fatigue, it would probably have ended with both of them on there knees trading punches.

  • roshambo says:

    The fight last night was one of those fights that was so bad on both parts that you almost wish Dana White would jump into the cage and just tell them they are both fired. Aside from that fight card in Montreal the first time they were there and that kid from BC did nothing but literally run away for three rounds I don’t think I have seen a more boring fight. I mean when you have one guy so tired he can’t even defend himself and the other guy is to tired to take advantage it makes for incredibly boring TV. I mean if it had gone to a third round, what were they doing to do? swear at one another? because I don’t think either of them had the energy to do anything else. Sad thing is that was Rashads first pick. If that is the best guy on the show, we are in for a rediculously long season of boring fights. Next weeks fight will probably be a KO in the first minute or two or will degrade down to a gas fest like this one was.

  • neijia says:

    I am impressed with Kimbo’s good attitude, saying he is a sponge and he knows he is a big target of everyone else. And looks like Rampage is giving him some extra help.

    I also like that Rashad picked Kimbo early on (before he soaks up too much training!) and Nelson is supposedly more well-rounded. Nelson’s attitude must suck, though, for his own coaches to say he’s gonna have to corner his own fight or switch teams. Now I’m pulling for Kimbo to win. No way Kimbo can be the guy to beat Lesnar later, but I think he has an ok chance against Nelson if he’s actually internalizing all the training. I am really looking forward to the next episode.

  • metalmulisha says:

    moosebaby02″ metal you bang on with the first two fights booooooooooooo. all McSweeney had to do was just keep walking forward. Yes he was gassed but so was Shivers and way worse. those leg kicks sounded deadly and was most likely the reason for Sweeney winning. As for Rashad commenst on his stand up sounded like he was in love with his buddy and was trying to make him look good or justify his reason for picking him.”

    You’re addressing me here apparently but I don’t get why?

    Are you saying you enjoyed the first 2 fights thus far this season?

    And yeah I know Shivers was “way worse” gassed than McSweeney.
    That’s why I said about McSweeney he was fighting a guy who was gassed after 2 minutes in rd.1.

    And you can’t justify him being the the 1st overall pick because the guy isn’t very good at all. If Shivers knew how to apply a rear choke on him he would’ve finished the fight.

  • Bullylover says:

    shivers definately needs to work getting those hooks in when going for the rear-naked choke.that fight was definately one of the most boring ever in tuf history.So much for the best season in the history of the show.Hopefully next weeks episode is much better and more exciting.big country is definately the more experienced of the 2 has been in way more wars. However i have a feeling that kimbo might shock us all next episode.I could definatly see him landing a hot one on big countr’ys chin when he leaves his hands down.

  • BigDave says:

    Thank god no more kimbo after next week I hate his guts and he needs to go away and back to beating up crackheads. Nelson should have zero problem with him and if by some stoke of luck he wins then i say the fix is in.

  • metalmulisha says:

    I hope you’re drunk or trolling and not a big enough asshole to come on here and actually post this because if it’s true and you’re trying to ruin it for people who actually are interested in the show that’s bullshit and you’re a dick.

  • mu_shin says:

    Didn’t know that Roy Nelson is a legitimate BJJ black belt under Renzo Gracie, which only adds to the information I’m hearing that makes me think a Kimbo win in unlikely. Can’t find any reference to Kevin Ferguson training wrestling or BJJ with anyone anywhere, other than the training he did with Bas Rutten.

    Sizing up the competition, they’re listing Kimbo at 235, putting him 30 pounds down to Roy Nelson. Kimbo looks huge, and I’ve never seen him more vascular and pumped then he looks in some of the ads running for TUF, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see if he has cardio endurance.

    Nelson has always carried significant body fat, but seems to have the underlying athleticism that allows him to punch with power and roll with some degree of authority. Saw Nelson fight in the IFL, and while I wasn’t blown away, he did hold his own, and hold their heavyweight title. Definitely shouldn’t judge this book by it’s cover, but aside from an obvious major puncher’s chance, doesn’t seem like this one adds up to a win for Kimbo.

    That said, I’d like to see Kimbo win, as he’s showing major strength of character competing in the TUF format. Whatever happens, hopefully it will go longer than 14 seconds…

  • MM izzle my Nizzle says:

    Nelson to win but Kimbo to come back through “injury” to another actor, I mean contestant.

  • shotokai_ says:

    Nelson by flying armbar, R1.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    metal i was agreeing with you all the way my friend.

  • BigDave says:

    ok the fix part may be a bit much but i still dont see any hope in hell that bimbo wins and for that matter i hope he gets destroyed.

  • There is absolutely a scenario where Kimbo can lose this fight, yet still be considered the “winner” in the end.

    Remember, it’s reality TV. If a guy has 30 bad minutes in that house out of the whole time he lives there, editing can make him seem like a bad guy.

    What I am saying is, with creative editing and soundbites, Kimbo can lose a hard fought fight, and afterwards, if five people get on camera and say, “Hey, Kimbo lost, but he’s got a lot of heart, so he won us over,” it will give off the effect that he was a winner in a losing situation. It’s making the viewer sympathize with the loser. Done all of the time in TV.

    There is a scenario where he loses, continues to live in the house and train….and then someone gets hurt.

    Is there any doubt who the replacement fighter would be in this scenario?

    In other words, let’s give the guy who is humble and has surprised everyone with his attitude a second chance.

    Having said that, I would not be shocked if Kimbo caught Nelson with a huge punch. He may not have much else in his game, but he can punch, and Nelson can be hit.

    That’s my two cents.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    hey Lee anything can happen man. I still think Kimbo will catch him. He has been working on his takedown D so far from what I have seen on the show and with the sneek peeks. Roy is fast for his size but not quick enough imo to catch Kimbo off gaurd with any slick takedown…….I THINK.

  • Bullylover says:

    nelson should have this fight in the bag technically but kimbo is more athletic and as mushin stated earlier he seems to be as lot more ripped than usuall i can definately see him bum rushing roy with a barrage of punches and leaving him face up on the canvas once roy starts to gas.


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