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With release from the UFC on the horizon, Frank Trigg plans to retire

Frank_TriggAfter suffering a first round TKO defeat at the hands of Josh Koscheck during UFC 103, it now appears as though Frank Trigg‘s return to the Octagon has been a short lived one.

In a recent report on, UFC President Dana White made it clear that a return to the Octagon anytime soon for Trigg would be extremely unlikely due to the one-sided nature of his recent loss.

According to Trigg during the same report, if he’s cut from the UFC, that’s all she wrote. He’s stepping away from the game.

“If they say I’m done, I’m done,” explained Trigg. “If the UFC cuts me, I’m done fighting. I don’t have the strength or determination to go fight in the minor leagues anymore. I’ve done it before.

“I didn’t come back here for one fight … so I could say I retired as a UFC fighter. I came back to make a run at a title fight. I want to fight. But if they’re done with me, that’s it.”

  • Angry Mike says:

    Trigg ought to get at least another fight before the UFC cuts him loose. Had he beaten Kos, it would’ve been a huge upset, so losing to Kos shouldn’t be the end of the line.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    if he is serious about running for the title then give him one more shot. Use him in a gatekeeper match and if he wins keep him. his name alone can still draw a little. but if he dosent win the he should retire. but that was a really one sided fight

  • Rich S. says:

    I’m kind of surprised by this..

    Trigg is a big name, and a top fighter.. and Koscheck is a future title contender.. It was a tough first-fight-back.. It doesn’t seem like losing here warrants him getting cut..

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I am all for Trigg fighting again, hopefully the ufc uses him one more time, I really dont want to see him go like that. I would really like to see him matched up with Marcus Davis I think with his wrestling vs Davis’s boxing it would be a great match up.

  • jj says:

    As much as I dislike Trigg I’m strangely saddened by this.

    Maybe I was hoping to watch someone punch him in the face for a few years yet!

  • edub says:

    I really dont like Dana White sometimes. You bring him back after a couple of years, and 1 you put him in with a guy who is an absolute horrible matchup for him, 2 after he gets beat you say theres nothing the UFC can do with him. I mean Cooomeeeooonnnn.

    Your not even trying to make it look like you wanna keep the best fighters anymore. Keep the best at the top and get rid of guys that can beat your up and comers right… or the ones that give stand up fighters fits. Your boy Daley who you said is ready for Swick would get punded out by Trigg, and you know it. We got it your the top promotion in the world. Frank Trigg is a douche and rubs a lot of people the wrong way(including myself most of the time), but even he did not deserve this.

    Dana ur [email protected] garbage

  • Brandon says:

    Are some of you people mad? Trigg a top fighter??? Since when???

    Koshcheck is a bad match up?? How so? If anything he’s a good match up since Josh is not a great submission artist and his stand up is pedestrian. Trigg at this point and pretty much for most of his career is a guy who will never be an A level fighter that can beat the best. He’s a solid UFC Fight Night gatekeeper who probably could beat some “decent” talent.

    But more then likely he would be smoked against any top 10 WW.

  • Makington says:

    Which is basically what happened Brandon. It’s unfortunate for him to fall under these circumstances since he seems like he’s grown up a lot since his last UFC outing, but he will never be a champ.

    The UFC could make money off of him still for one more fight, but let’s face it, his fighting career, like most, will end on a low note.

  • edub says:

    Brandon with all due respect i completely disagree. Hes only been submitted by hughes, GSP, and Condit. The latter in which he has professed to not training as hard at that stage of his career.
    In no way was Koscheck a good matchup for Trigg. Kos is better at striking, subs, and wrestling. The latter being what Trigg relies heavily on to when him fights. In the top ten I would pick him to lose to GSP, Alves, Hughes, Koscheck, Swick, Shields, and Fitch. I would pick Trigg against anyother ww in the world. I know hes lost to Condit before but I believe whole heartedly he would win a rematch. Wins over Mayhem and Misaki are nothing to look down upon.

  • edub says:

    Anyother welterweight in the world is a stretch. Id pick him to lose against lower tier wrestlers Johnny Hendricks and anyother wrestler on that level…but you see where Im going.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    they give guys Fight of the Night and KO of the Night awards to encourage them to stand up and bang for the entertainment of the fans

    but when the other fighter gets KO they immediately start questioning whether or not he still has what it takes

    they get KO because they want and need that money and because they want to entertain the fans

    So UFC, Joe, Dana why not cut the guys a brake and do not be so quick to judge


  • I feel bad for Trigg. I hope they give him one more fight atleast. Cant fault the guy for losing to Koscheck, the guy is top 10 at his weight.

  • Brandon says:

    Kos does not have great/good stand up… he’s improved his stand up from being absolutely god awful up to half decent. May I remind you he was clubbed to death by a strictly jiu jitsu guy in his fight before.

    Trigg beat MIsaki who is over rated and who only really beat an injured Kang (who is also known to flake out). Mayhem is a nice win, but Mayhem isn’t a top ten fighter. At his age and with his limited skill set, he can beat some TUF scrubs… but most up and comers would pick him apart and/or submit the guy.

  • Rich S. says:

    What is this “clubbed to death” you speak of? Please, go back and watch Paulo/Kos. Kos was dominating the standup. Paulo looked slow. I thought Kos was seconds from knocking him out. Paulo just landed a good uppercut.

    Also, how can you deny Kos’ striking is great when he has totally battered Hazelett, Yoshida, and Trigg?

    He’s primarily a wrestler, but at the rate his striking is improving, he’ll probably be one of the better strikers in the WW division in the near future… at least in the UFC..

  • edub says:

    Rich you pretty much made my point.

    Brandon I understand where your coming from but just cuz you think they are overrated doesnt mean other people think they are not. Kazuo Misaki had wins over great opponents in that tourney and his only loss was to Filho. There are only two people that have beaten Dan Henderson at 185(183) lbs..Misaki and Anderson Silva.

    Also there has been many points in mma that a strictly grappler type fighter has KO’d a striker or someone percieved to have better striking than them. Examples: Diaz vs Lawler, Fedor vs. Crocop, or if you want one on the same level of Thiago vs Koscheck…Randleman vs. Crocop.

  • Koscheck was a bad match-up in the sense that he’s a younger, more explosive version of Trigg.

    And if Trigg can’t get past a guy who is about fourth or fifth on the totem pole in the WW division, he should really stop aspiring for one last title run.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    he is not gone from the UFc

    Junkie- They just chaged their mind and decided to give him one more chance

    maybe Johnny Hendriks but i want Phil Barroni

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I would rather see Baroni vs Ellenburger, but anybody Trigg faces is ok.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    good news than


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