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Herschel Walker: ‘I will go in there and test myself against any 20 year old’

hershel_walkerA living legend of the gridiron, Herschel Walker was a phenomenal athlete both during college football where he was awarded with the Heisman Trophy, and as a professional where he earned Pro-Bowl honors on two separate occasions.

However, anyone familiar with Walker’s history as a commentator during the old school Tough Man Championships would know of Herschel’s longstanding interest in the fighting arts . Outside of his achievements on the football field, Walker has earned a black belt in Taekwondo, along with having spent time training in both Kenpo and Muay-Thai.

“I’ve been training for several years,” said Walker in a press release issued through Strikeforce following the announcement of his signing with the organization earlier this afternoon. “I would play college football games on Saturday and then compete in martial arts tournaments on Sunday after church I’m now looking forward to opening up another chapter in my life and to competing in MMA.”

At forty-seven years of age, the former NFL running back knows he will have his fair share of sceptics that will doubt his decision to begin professional fighting at such a late point in his life. According to Walker, he’ll let his actions do the talking inside of the cage, explaining, “I will go in there and test myself against any 20 year old. I know there will be naysayers and I’m fine with that. I want to prove to people who sit on a couch and don’t do anything but criticize other people that, if you’re a true athlete or martial artist, you’re not old until you can’t get up and walk around anymore. MMA fighters are said to be some of the best athletes in the world, my plan at the age of 47 is to show the world I am still one of the best athletes as well.”

  • moosebaby02 says:

    Well then if he can let him. just have the meds thier on the hop just in case.

  • edub says:

    Put him in against Mike Kyle.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    What weight class is he going to fight in? I kind of feel bad for anybody who agrees to fight him though because if you lose you just lost to a 47 year old rookie, but if you win you just beat a 47 yoar old rookie. Hopefully Shamrock will be done with his suspension soon and they can get him in there vs Walker.

  • jj says:

    I can’t see this ending well. We need a legacy league for the older guys.

    20 year olds will kill this guy.

  • CMT says:

    This just in – Moses has signed a 3 fight deal with the UFC. Dana White is quoted as saying “they can’t be only promotion with an old fart” His first fight will be against the hightly touted Hercules. This is kinda funny. Herschel was an awesome football player, but I don’t know about this. Don’t start with the Ron Van Clief, Hershel is no where in the same league as Van Clief as far as fighting goes.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I like the idea of a senior league. To keep it interesting, the fighters should be allowed a prosthetic limb, walker, crutch or cane that can be used as a weapon. However, nobody can actually lift their feet from the canvas, only slide them or shuffle. Uniforms would be plaid bermuda shorts, black knee high socks, and golf shirts.

  • fraz says:

    Look out Canseco!

  • mattman says:

    There is no way an Athletic Commission should sanction Herschel Walker to fight. The man has suffered from a serious mental disorder and claims memory loss from it. There is no way he needs to get licensed to get hit in the head.

    Here is a link to check it out:

  • I wish Strikeforce would not have done this. It just makes the sport look bad. A 47 year old running backs body has to be so beat up, wonder if he can make it through a real training camp? Id rather not see this.

  • This is a joke.

    An utter and absolute joke.

  • edub says:

    Sergio you read the link that Mattman put up. Because if you do it makes it sound a lot worse.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I read Mattman’s post. Multiple personality diagnoses are very controversial, so who knows what his problem is. Clearly, he’s not well. Regardless, you have to wonder whether he has any business in an octagon with mental problems and given his age. Strikeforce stands to lose a lot of credibility if they let him fight in their org.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    that was a great find Mattman, after reading that I dont think he has any chance or reason to be in a cage fighting somebody.


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