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Exclusive: Cung Le talks Pandorum, says his Round 5 figurine would destroy Anderson Silva’s in a fight

cung-le-exclusive-frontImagine you wake up in space, on a ship, with no clue of where you are, or how you got there. That’s exactly what happens to the two leading characters in Pandorum, a Sci-Fi/Horror film in the tradition of the timeless classic, Alien, featuring former Strikeforce middleweight champion Cung Le.

Directed by Christian Alvart, Pandorum follows two befuddled Astronauts as they make their way through what they believe to be an uninhabited aircraft. Little are they aware that a terror beyond anything they could have imagined conceivable awaits them aboard the vessel.

Set for release on on a global scale this Friday, September 25, Pandorum features other notable Hollywood heayweights such as Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster. Experienced actors that served in motivating Cung to prepare for a role in a title fight.

In this exclusive interview with in the days leading up to the highly anticipated release of Cung’s biggest movie to date, the Strikeforce knockout artist discussed a variety of topics including him having to brush up on his Vietnamese for the role, why Pandorum is the perfect movie to take your special lady friend to, his thoughts on being a bonafide Round 5 action figure, and who would win in a fight between his figurine and Anderson Silva’s.

FiveOuncesOfPain: Would you say that you took the same mind-set from your time spent as the Strikeforce middleweight champion and applied it to how you prepared for this most recent role in Pandorum to some degree?

Cung Le: I took it very seriously. I took it as my opportunity to go up against a very skilled and intense actor in Ben Foster. I just went out and trained in the art of acting like I would train for a title fight. I would just drill my lines, record myself on tape, I worked with a private acting coach, and then I would do my scenes. I would really research my scenes as well, because you really have to know the mood when your lines are being delivered, and be familiar with the environment you may be in. The first step for me was to memorize my line and know when I was going to deliver it. The next step was to know exactly how to deliver it. The last step was for me to make sure that I was in the right mood for the scene.

FiveOuncesOfPain: What can film fans expect when they go to see Pandorum? I heard there’s a little something in there for everyone; some action, horror, Sci-Fi?

Cung Le: The best way for me to sum up this movie is that there’s going to be a lot of action, a lot of suspense, and really like a psychological thriller. If people pay attention from beginning to end, there’s a real message there. You never know, the earth might not always be here, and what would happen if you were selected to go explore and find some new planet and rebuild from there. Repopulate essentially.

FiveOuncesOfPain: Are you a big fan of scary movies, and did Pandorum freak you out the first time you watched it?

Cung Le: Believe it or not I haven’t had a chance to watch the entire movie from beginning to end so I’m looking forward to seeing it just as much as anyone. I’ve read the script from start to finish, and if it comes out as good as the script then it’s going to be amazing.

FiveOuncesOfPain: Is it the type of movie you can bring your girlfriend to, or are there a bunch of blood, guts and limbs being lopped off during the film?

Cung Le: I know it’s very scary and girls can get scared at movies a lot easier than guys, so I think it’s definitely the kind of movie you can bring your girl to because she’ll be hanging onto your arm from beginning to end.

FiveOuncesOfPain: I heard you speak Vietnamese through the whole movie and there are no subtitles; Is that true?

Cung Le: I delivered all of my lines during Pandorum in Vietnamese, and of course I’ve been in America for so long that I’ve become more accustomed to speaking in English than in my own native tongue. So I had to go back and get schooled a bit on all of the words and the proper pronunciations for all of my different lines in the film. There’s not going be any subtitle because the director wants the audience to feel what the main character is feeling in the movie. It’s kind of like, if you were stuck on this ship and someone was speaking this different language to you, how would you feel?

FiveOuncesOfPain: So what do you think about your Round 5 action figure; Do you think they did you justice? Is he ripped enough for you?

Cung Le: My Round 5 action figure is actually a little bit bigger than me so it looks like I’m going to have to work out a little harder. I think they did me a lot of justice. I think they could have made me look just a little bit more Asian, but I’m pretty buff and yoked out so I’m happy with it.

FiveOuncesOfPain: Who wins in a fight, your Round 5 collectible or Anderson Silva’s?

Cung Le: Who would win in a fight? Oh, definitely mine.

(Editors note: Enjoy the following clip from the upcoming movie Pandorum which opens September 25th in a theatre near you)

Cung wanted to thank Zebra Mats, Throwdown, ADX, KNOXX Gear and BR Flooring, all of the fans, the Vietnamese community, and everyone in MMA that supports all of the fighters and athletes.

  • Sorry Cung but Silvas action figure would KTFO yours. It has more experience and your action figures been too busy acting and not fighting while Andersons action figure has been whoopin ass! Anderson via Kung Fu grip!

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Cung is right about making it look more Asian, whan I first saw it I thought it was Frank Shamrock.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    “Anderson via Kung Fu grip!”

    Line of the Day and funny as hell

    “I thought it was Frank Shamrock.”

    Me too

  • hindsightufuk says:

    looks like a cool ass movie tho

  • rasputin75 says:

    The Cung Le action figure looks amazingly like the bad guy from Kindergarden Cop.

  • Bullylover says:

    that figure looks just like frank shamrock.Maybe they did this on purpose so those who don’t like le will get it anyway and imagine it as frank.who knows.

  • H3ro says:

    This is probably another Steven Segal type. A bomb. I think Cung Le should have stuck with fighting to prove himself. If this is a great movie, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a donkey.


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