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The Juggernaut Diaries: Mike Wessel’s TUF 10 Blog; Episode 1

Mike WesselSo last night was the debut of TUF 10 and it was great to hear all of the comments that I was there for, but didn’t actually get to hear. As you know, I know what happens but I don’t know what all is said, so it’s really cool to see the different reactions that the others had.

When they introduced Kimbo the entire cast was like, “Who gives a s***”. Nobody was intimidated, or scared. I remember one guy during media day asking me, “what do you think your chances are now that Kimbo is on the show?”. My response was simple, ‘The same f***ing chance I had before he came on’.

But, Brendon said it best, “F*** that guy”.

The fight between John and Abe went as planned. I remember talking to John beforehand, and his whole strategy was to take him to the ground. I also remember Abe being really over-confident and cocky, thinking that there was no way John could hold him down.

Abe got his ass handed to him. The doctor said that his cut was the worst in MMA history. Abe got 36 staples and over 200 stitches. Abe actually asked if his skull was fractured and the doc pulled his scalp back and said, “No need for x-rays, I can see your skull and no fractures”. It seriously was every bit as bad as it looked.

As far as the house goes it was pretty calm the first week. Both teams just trained their asses off. John even trained an hour after his fight.

It was great to finally have the show air. At the end of the show people saw me jack someone in the pool. I cannot say anything except there is a ton of drama coming this season. I promise that this will be the best and craziest season that has ever aired.

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  • JollyDV says:

    Hey Mike, this is Melissa, thanks so much for doing this for 5oz! I am so looking forward to reading what is going on this season. Your awesome!

  • edub says:

    Niceee. Good luck to you Mike, and hopefully u didnt drown anybody.

  • submit662266 says:

    Mike, Good luck. My first thoughts were that they found some GIANT dudes to fight on this season, and Kimbo looks tiny. I’m not impressed with Rampage at all, and very impressed with Rashad. Evans has class and conducts himself as a pro: Rampage does neither. Abe’s takedown defense and ground game were truly awful. Even myself, a non-fighter, know that if the other guy shoots in, sprawl. Get those feet way back. Abe and everybody knew he’d shoot.
    That was the nastiest cut I’ve seen. I suppose its a toss up between him and Edwin Dewees for biggest cut and spilling the most ketchup on TUF.


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