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Diaz submits Guillard, Maynard edges Huerta at UFC Fight Night 19

ufc fight night 19There were blood stains on numerous sections of the Octagon canvas when it was all said and done in Oklahoma City as UFC Fight Night 19 featured a variety of bouts that failed to disappoint.

The main event of the evening saw Melvin Guillard utilizing good head movement in the first round that served to throw Nate Diaz off of his game, only to run out of steam in the second where he fell victim to a tight guillotine choke.

Gray Maynard sent Roger Huerta packing from the UFC with a loss, but Huerta has nothing to hang his head about. In a split decision that could have easily gone either way, Huerta kept the fight close, but ultimately had no answer for the superior technical wrestling attack of “The Bully”.

Carlos Condit was rocked badly on numerous occasions in the opening round of his bout with Jake Ellenberger, but came back to grind out the extremely hard-fought split decision victory. Both men displayed a tremendous amount of heart in the battle.

Nate Quarry bested Tim Credeur in a front-runner for “Fight of the Night” honors. The fight played out like a Rocky movie, with both men taking punishment only to rally back moments later.

In undercard action, UFC newcomer Jay Silva fought hard but wound up on the losing end of a decision to C.B. Dollaway, Mike Pyle tapped Chris Wilson with a guillotine, and Mike Pierce upset Brock Larson.

A full list of results from the event are listed below:

  • Nate Diaz def. Melvin Guillard via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 2
  • Gray Maynard def. Roger Huerta via split decision
  • Carlos Condit def. Jake Ellenberger via split decision
  • Nate Quarry def. Tim Credeur via unanimous decision
  • Brian Stann def. Steve Cantwell via unanimous decision
  • Mike Pyle def. Chris Wilson via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 3
  • C.B. Dollaway def. Jay Silva via unanimous decision
  • Jeremy Stephens def. Justin Buchholz via TKO (cut) – Round 1
  • Mike Pierce def. Brock Larson via unanimous decision
  • Ryan Jensen def. Steve Steinbeiss via technical submission (guillotine choke) – Round 1
  • Rich S. says:

    I’m callin’ Shenanigans on Melvin..
    He comes out, rocks Diaz in the first exchange, opens him up, then slowly stops striking, and begins to try to take him down? Where is the freaking logic in that? His ONE chance is on the feet, why take a Jiu Jitsu specialist to the ground? So he shoots in loosely, lands in a guillotine, does NOTHING to defend, and taps.. He didn’t seem tired.. He had energy, as explosive as he is, he would normally AT LEAST try to slam him..

    Idk, I don’t believe in fixed fights, but something seems fishy here..

    Either way, I was happy to see Nate actually shoot in.. I thought his cocky attitude towards striking may get him knocked out tonight, so it was nice to see him show that he KNOWS the ground is where is wins come..

    Also, what was up with Quarry? He threw a few big shots early, but then he just kind of stopped fighting, and started taking alot of unnecessary shots.. He even admitted after the fight that he forgot to fight there for a bit.. Either way, I screamed out when he dropped Credeur.. Had he let him up instead of rushing in (which i thought was extremely stupid because of Tim’s sub skills) he probably would’ve been able to get a stoppage.. No credit taken from Credeur’s FREAKING AMAZING CHIN, though..

    ALSO, I am absolutely blown away that Condit survived those shots from Ellenberger. He’s had a hard time with these first few fights in the UFC, I think he’s looking for a rhythm, and hasn’t quite found it yet.. I don’t see how he survived those bombs, though.. They were totally flush, and he couldn’t see where they were coming from.. Mad respect for hangin’ in there, and actually getting the W.. I’d bet the house on a knockout in Ellenberger’s next fight..

    I think this was actually the best Huerta we’ve seen yet.. Aside from Florian, Maynard has been his toughest fight in the UFC yet, and he handled himself well.. I was just cringing when he was in that Kimura.. Ahhhh it hurts just thinking about it.. It’s a shame we won’t see him fight for a long time now..

  • fanoftna33 says:

    What fight were the judges watching in the Huerta v Maynard fight 30-27 by two judges wtf?
    Credeur definatly belongs at MW I thought he would lose but it was close and his striking was way better than i thought it would be.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    WFT! happen to Guillard

    he was winning the fn fight with good strikes , nice judo throws, and Anderson Silva like hard movement

    but then he get cocky and pretends like he got hit to lure Diaz in and he gets caught in a guillotine

    Had he sticked to his game plan like he did the 1st round he would have knocked out Diaz

  • submit662266 says:

    I agree with those above who seem to say that Guillard choked/blew it. Is he yet another fighter whose game is largely one dimensional? I think the weakest part of his game is right between his ears. My take is that he is ultra-cocky and not teach-able. His skills have not developed.
    I don’t know how Huerta didn’t tap. Looked awful!! Maybe they could start calling him “El Gumby?”
    Condit fight was awesome and Quarry/Credeur fight, obviously, was insane. We all thought both guys were finished 2-3 times. Unbelievable!!

  • metalmulisha says:

    I can see how maybe Nick and Nate Diaz could rub people the wrong way with their attitudes. People don’t like it when individuals express themselves differently, but as a fight fan how can you not love these guys?

    They both come to fight every time and have two of the best chins in MMA. Those guys would have to be hit in the face with the stool fighters sit on in between rounds to get put away. Both guys as fighters have my respect and I can’t wait to see both of them back fighting again.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Great night of fights! One of the best televised cards from the UFC this year!

    Not surprised by Guillard’s tapout. Historically he’s had questionable cardio and is vulnerable to submissions. If he doesn’t win by ko or tko in the first round, he usually gasses and is submitted.

    The Quarry/Credeur fight was a barnburner. I wondered about Quarry’s conditioning, though, because he wasn’t as ripped as we’ve seen him in the past. Maybe the cut was more difficult this time. That and the shots he took from Credeur would explain why he seemed to fade.

    Huerta was better than I thought, or maybe it was because Maynard seem hesitant. He wasn’t as aggressive as he has been in the past, and I wondered if he was more focused on not losing than winning. If Huerta’s gone, that’s too bad because he’s still competitive even when it’s not his top priority.

    Sure wish I could’ve seen the Stann/Cantwell fight. Not the outcome (decision) or winner (Stann) I expected.

  • shotokai_ says:

    Amen metalmulisha

  • JollyDV says:

    I saw Stann/Cantwell and I thought it could have easily gone either way. Cecil Peeples was a judge btw. lol.

    Stann’s kickboxing looked very crisp and improved.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I think overall it was a very good night of in cage action, but the judging left something to be desired. Besides the Maynard Huerta fight the Condit Ellenberger fight should have been stopped in the first, even Goldberg called it as ended the ref just watched Condit get pummeled with no intention of stopping it.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    Melvin Melvin Melvin. You were winning the fight. Why play into his game like that. submit662266 is right about the weakest part of his game.
    I woke up tapping my bed wiht vision of Huerta’s arm still in my head. Holy shit that looked like it hurt. How the hell did he not tap. Heart is all I can say about him and that fight and hats off to him and Maynard.
    Quarry/Credeur fight of the night for sure. Credeur striking looked great.
    fan sorry but i give the ref some balls for giving Condit “some” time to get out of trouble. Too many fights get stopped to early and then we have to hear “it was stopped to early” the best part was he came back and got the W, even with all those warnings about the striking to the back and the top off the head. IMO some points should have been taking off after he warned Condit for 7th time to stop doing it.
    Oh and the the two 30-27 judges for Maynard was way off. He clearly lost the 1st round imo and 2nd was really close. Huerta will be back. He is only 25. Let him get his shit together

  • Bullylover says:

    i wonder who they’re going to put diaz in with next?

  • moosebaby02 says:

    i say Joe Lauzon

  • edub says:

    Hopefully its Lauzon. Ive been looking forward to that matchup ever since that season of TUF.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    hey Bullylover

    how about another 6 footer Cole Miller

    both good striking and great ground game

    also, both up and comers

  • nope says:

    +1 Metal

    I wanna see Nick back in the UFC in the worst way.

    +1 on that ref not stopping the Condit fight. Dude is tough as Cat Piss

    It looked like Melvin lost some steam after he hit Diaz REAL hard a few times and he didnt go down. That’s gotta get in your head…your only advantage is your power, and you don’t have enough to drop a lanky white kid.

    It’s a shame Huerta is leaving…he probably got more fans w/ that fight than any other. those 30/27’s were rediculous.

  • edub says:

    Diaz is a lanky white kid well thats news to me.

    And why would being a lanky white kid make it easier to get dropped? You should explain cuz you sound like a racist IMO.

  • nope says:

    lol…Racist. He’s 24, 6’1″, and 155 LBS. and pale in complexion. Just the facts Dick. Do i really need to explain myself?

    ok i will.

    Nate Diaz / Much Better at Everything.

    Melvin Guillard / Only advantage Strength/Athleticism.

    His one advantage doesn’t work on multiple occasions, that’s gotta affect his outlook on the fight.
    Just my opinion. not RACISM

  • edub says:

    Yea thats what it sounded like when you wrote it the first time, and Im not calling you a racist Im just saying your comment sounded racist. So dont get your painties in a bunch little girl.

    So what the hell did you explain. You didnt defend your comment at all.

    “your only advantage is your power, and you don’t have enough to drop a lanky white kid.”

    What does him being WHITE and lanky have to do with his chin?

  • submit662266 says:

    Nope, your comment on the first post implies that a white guy would get knocked out easier than people of other racial backgrounds. That part was racist. The fact is that there are people of all nationalities and flavors who have a sturdy chin (Diaz bros, Hendo, Guida) and there are guys who get dropped if a fist or foot merely grazes the chin (Liddell of late comes to mind, Marvin Eastman, H. Alexander). A very colorful group on both sides of the knockout, if you ask me.

  • edub says:

    Thanx submit thats what I was trying to get at without arguing.

  • edub says:

    Good pull on Eastman too. I still think his Ko at the hands of Lutter was fixed.

  • Rich S. says:

    I think he’s trying to depict what was going through MELVIN’s head.. not his own..

    Btw, just because you mention someone’s race, doesn’t mean you’re racist. I just think people throw that word around far too much..

  • nope says:

    Thanks Rich.

    Sensitive bunch…

    Sorry Folks

  • Bullylover says:

    joe lauzon and cole miller both sound like great opponets for diaz. I’m kinda leaning on lauzon since like e-dub i’ve been waiting for that matchup. But yeah against cole miller that would make a hella of a fight.


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