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Bitetti Combat Nordeste 4 Live Results

jeff monsonBitetti Combat Nordeste 4 is taking place this evening in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and features a variety of high quality match-ups such as Ricardo Arona vs. Marvin Eastman, Jeff Monson vs. Pedro Rizzo, Murilo “Ninja” Rua vs. Alex Steibling, Paulo Filho vs. Alex Schoenauer, and much more.

Below is a full list of results from the card:

Alexandre Pimentel def. Luciano Correa via decision

Cassiano Tytschyo def. Fausto Black via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 1

Luis Dutra Jr. def. Henrique Nogueira via TKO – Round 1

Glover Teixeira def. Leonardo Lucio Nascimento via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 1

Fabio Maldonado def. Vitor Miranda via decision

Milton Vieira def. Luciano Azevedo via decision

Murilo “Ninja” Rua def. Alex Steibling via knockout (head kick) – Round 1

Pedro Rizzo def. Jeff Monson via decision

Paulo Filho def. Alex Schoenauer via decision

Ricardo Arona def. Marvin Eastman via decision

  • fanoftna33 says:

    This is a pretty interesting night of fights. I remember watching Ammary Bitetti fight Don Frye in the ufc 10(I think) he was a tough SOB. That guy took everything Frye had to give and came back for more. Seriously if the fighters on his card show his kind of heart we should be in for a very good night.

  • platypus says:

    spot on fanoftna. should be a good night of fights. btw it was ufc 9.

    your handle belies your passion for mma =)

  • fanoftna33 says:

    You sure it was9, if so you remember better than I. Just read Ninja won, good to see him win again. Thanks Platypus, nice to talk to old school fans.

  • Did anyone watch these?

    It seemed like Arona and Filho should have had no problem finishing their fights but took it to a decision. Were they dominating decisions or did they do enough just to win?

    What about the Rizzo/Monson fight? I thought for sure Monson would take this…

  • metalmulisha says:

    Arona looked like a guy who had been away from the sport for 2 and a half years he was very hesitant for the most part and was tired in the 3rd round.
    But standing his leg kicks were great and he can still take people down that last take down in the 3rd round sealed the victory. He definitely won 2 of the 3 rounds.
    I also think he will eventually be able to use the cage to his advantage in fights in the future. This was his first fight inside a cage.

    Filho on the other hand looked out of shape and unmotivated. The pictures I saw of him at the weigh in eating a bag of Doritos kind of gave me the impression that he wasn’t taking this fight very seriously.
    Not to mention he weighed 201 pounds for this fight. I can’t remember him fighting at light heavyweight before. He did just enough to win.

    Rizzo should just keep fighting Jeff Monson because his 2 best performances in like the last 5 years have both been against Monson.
    So much for Jeff looking to get back to the UFC or get a fight with Fedor. He looked slow and his takedown attempts were pretty bad.
    I have never really considered myself a fan of Rizzo, but it was good to see him bounce back with a win after that brutal knockout against Gilbert Yvel and getting stretched by Barnett in the fight before that. I thought those fights were the end for him, but now he’ll obviously look to move on to bigger fights I would guess.

  • Man I can’t wait to be in Rio and be able to do all of this stuff. I know a few guys who went to these fights and it is something I dream about every day. Being in Rio, training, the beach, jiu jitsu etc.

  • edub says:

    When the hell is Teixera gonna step up and fight better competition. Anyone know where he is at with his visa issues right now.


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