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Anderson Silva to Wanderlei: ‘If you had long hair and a pretty mouth, you’d be like Angelina Jolie’

Anderson SilvaAt one point in time Anderson and Wanderlei Silva were close friends and training partners out of the feared Chute Boxe Academy in the fight team’s heyday, but those day have past.

Since their time training together in their native country of Brazil the two have long gone their separate ways. Recently, with Anderson training with Rich Franklin to prepare him for his past match with Wanderlei Silva, and both men exchanging unpleasantries in the media, it seemed as if the friendship was far beyond mending.

However, according to Anderson in a recent conversation with, the whole thing just got blown way out of proportion and there’s no bad blood on his end. As a matter of fact, don’t be shocked if you see the two Silva’s training together in the near future.

It was a misunderstanding,” explained the UFC middleweight champion. “We spoke, everything is ok now… If he needs my help, I’ll help him like I help all my friends. We’re together. If I can help him, like I always did…”

As a matter of fact, the two have mended their relationship in a way that has left “The Axe Murderer” open to a little friendly busting of bolas in regards to his recent facial surgery. When asked his thoughts on the recent operation, Anderson had this to say,”Man, he’s more handsome (laughs)… I said to him, “Wanderlei, you’re much more handsome… If you had long hair and a pretty mouth, you’d be like Angelina Jolie (laughs). But he’s ok, he did that surgery because of a nose problem and that’s important. The rest is rest, the guys joke with him and that’s normal.”

  • xtreme_machine says:

    “busting of bolas” LOL

    I guess Wand knows that he would get destroyed just like Leben did.

  • TheHouse says:

    Leben…………..are we forgetting…… Franklin X2, Henderson, Irvin, Marquardt, Lutter, Leites, Griffin…………and some probable wins….Rampage, Evans, Mir, Liddel, Coutour, Baby Fedor, Baby Jesus, Adult Jesus (but who would really want to) GSP, Henderson x2, Bisping, Abraham Lincoln (great reach), Fedor.(I kid, I kid) ….Jose Conseco, Anderson Silva, The incredible Hulk (before AND after he turns green) Cro Cop (think about it) and Dana White’s Ego. Losses…. Chuck Norris and the Green Power Ranger.

  • Bullylover says:

    LOl if wanderlei looked like angelina jolie then we wouldn’t need Gina Carrano anymore.

  • Hah! We say the same thing to my freind but about looking like his super hot sister.

  • twyg says:

    Would a man who had a sex chage get to fight the women or would he/she fight the men? What about hermafridites? I know way off subject sorry it was the first question that popped in to my head.

  • BillyWarhol says:

    Thass pretty darn Funny!! ;)) Can’t wait to see the Spider Fight again!

  • fraz says:


    Seek help. Please.

  • twyg… that question has been answered.

    As evidenced by Strikeforce’s 145 Women’s champion… after a sex change operation, they would fight other women.


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