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Paul Daley aware that Martin Kampmann has more to lose at UFC 103

Paul Daley, who makes his Octagon debut at UFC 103 on September 19 against Martin Kampmann, is well aware that the “The Hitman” has a lot to be nervous about.

Initially scheduled to debut against Brian Foster at UFC 103, the former Cage Rage welterweight champion stepped in on short notice to face Kampmann in place of an injured Mike Swick. This move also placed Daley on the televised main card for the event instead of the undercard.

The Nottingham, England fighter recently sat down with and gave his reaction to the news that he would be facing Kampmann, explaining,”I got a text from my manager, and immediately I read it and thought ‘I am having it!’. I grabbed some of my coaches and watched some films of his fights. I’ve know of Kampmann for years, actually, I’ve emailed with him in the past and we’ve helped each other with advice on where to train.

“It is a better fight for me than the Foster fight. I won’t be fighting the best Kampmann, because with so much to lose he will be very nervous and unsettled at the start. This would have been a number one contender fight, but now he’s in a position that if he wins he kinda stays where he is. That’s tough psychologically for a fighter. I can exploit that in a hurry if that happens.

“I’ve got a lot on the line too. A lot of people have written on the forums that this is a win/win for me, that even a good showing on such short notice is going to be a good result for me. But I could never be happy with a loss, no way. I’d be disgusted with myself if I was ever happy that I lost.

Paul Daley has combined a 21-8-2 record and has shown incredible punching power, his takedown defense is questionable, but he seemingly has nothing to lose with the Kampmann fight. If he wins, he beat someone in line for a title shot. If he puts on a good effort and loses, he shows the UFC and fans alike that he belongs in the octagon.

Martin Kampmann 15-2, on the other hand, has a lot more to loss in this fight. If he loses to “Semtex”, he loses his current bid for a shot at Georges St. Pierre and has to start over again. If he wins, he probably stays idle for another fight, possibly facing the winner of Mike Swick’s next fight to determine who’s next in line for GSP.

However, a lot of credit is deserved for Kampmann taking on a newcomer in Daley, he knows he has more to lose and should be more than willing to fight for it.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    they say that the most dangerous fighter are the ones who have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Do you guys think Kampmann still gets the shot is he wins?

  • Makington says:

    Definitely Kampmann doesn’t, but I like that Paul doesn’t kid himself about his ranking, and knows that he isn’t in a contender position or anything.

    All Martin is fighting for is a pay cheque basically, not a title shot that he was first aiming at.

    All that said, Martin really shouldn’t lose the fight, but Paul definitely presents legitimate problems.

  • twyg says:

    If Kampmann wins I think he does get a title shot, because who else are they going to give it to? With Swick and Hughes that fight is further down the road and the UFC won’t tie up the title for that long (unless the title holder is coaching TUF and he isn’t). The real question is who gets a crack at GSP if Kampmann loses?

  • xtreme_machine says:

    “The real question is who gets a crack at GSP if Kampmann loses?”

    I say the winner of Mike Swick vs Antony Johnson

    I think either one of the could KO that cheater GSP

  • Starforsaken says:

    I’m with twyg here: Kampmann will probably get the title shot if he wins; and I got no clue what’s gonna happen if he loses (which I hope he does). That being the case, the only contenders I have on the top of the head that aren’t scheduled to fight as far as I know are Swick and Fitch, but obviously, that fight’s not gonna happen. GSP won’t defend his title anytime soon.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I think Daley will take this fight for sure. But as for a challenger for GSP xtream machine brought up Anthony Johnson and that would be a good fight, but if Swick fights Hughes and by some miracle Hughes wins that fight does anybody really think the ufc would give him another shot at GSP?

  • Bullylover says:

    If kampmann losses viciuosly then he definatley isn’t going to get a title shot in the near future. HOnestly if hardy wins convincingly then maybe the ufc might try to throw him in the with gsp. I’m not saying that they’re or will but it might be a possibility. I mean Hardy would be 4-0 in the octagon and have all of England behind him. You just never know what’s going to happen.

  • madheartmma says:

    well, that’s why they fight, ANYTHING can happen, anyone who does/has fought knows that.Hell, you don’t even have to fight to know that. It’s peoples’ jobs to talk about skills,stats,this,that etc. But when the 2 fighters are in the cage, there are NO lies, all truths are in there on that night. And why is GSP a cheater? enlighten me please. Because The UFC and the State Athletic Commission’s ARE ALL OVER THAT (cheating thing.) “WHEN YOU ARE GREAT, PEOPLE WILL HATE” -ShannBrown


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