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Hollywood Swinging

hollywood-walk-of-fameIn recent weeks there have been numerous reports of fighters entering the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Mind you, this is nothing new, but it seems to be ever present in the past few months.

This is due to a couple of reasons: 1.) It proves that MMA has finally become a mainstream sport with fighters being just a recognizable outside the ring, as they are inside. 2.) It shows that people have grown to have an emotional attachment to fighters and would enjoy seeing them in other outlets.

I completely understand when a fighter has an opportunity to create fame and fortune outside of getting punched in the face. Fighter payrolls are not as lucrative as some think they should be, so why not capitalize on the notoriety fighting has given you and use it in other venues? From Bas Rutten being a guest star on King of Queens, to Tank Abbott, Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn going into the WWE, MMA fighters have taken chances by going where the money is.

Recently, Gina Carano just signed on to star in a feature film with acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh, while Chuck Liddell has set out to do his best Tony Manero impression.

What I don’t understand is when fighters start neglecting their roles as professional athletes. When they care so little for the reason they received their fame, to try and achieve an almost unattainable goal as a legitimate actor.

This brings me to the core of this rant: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

It was announced recently and confirmed today by Rashad Evans that the highly anticipated fight between the two will be postponed due to Jackson’s role in the new A-Team movie.

Again, if a fighter wants to create other avenues for income, there is no reason they shouldn’t, but when it interferes with your career, you have to wonder what’s next? I have no problem with fighters making their money elsewhere, just look at the stuff Bob Sapp pimps, but it should never take the place of your professional obligations.

As was stated in an earlier post by 5 Oz’s, the fight between Jackson and Evans should have been held closer to the TUF Finale. We as fight fans have grown to anticipate the outcome of this show and the fight between the coaches shortly thereafter. Not to mention the great publicity it garnished from the post fight antics between the two after the Evans vs. Griffin fight.

This is like Shaquille O’Neal telling the Cleveland Cavaliers, he’s going to miss the first half of the season because he’s going to be filming Kazaam II. I pity the fool who would accept that as a legitimate excuse.

Maybe I’m wrong but it’s not like Jackson will ever be considered for serious acting roles in which he can make a permanent switch. It’s not like any fighter can make the switch in other roles besides action/adventures.

Again, I may be wrong here, but enough is enough with this acting stuff. From Cung Le to Heath Herring and everyone in between, you’re cheating your fans out of what they came to admire you for in the first place. If fighters want to make money using creative outlets as their source, fine by me, just don’t let it interfere with your real career.

  • To be honest, Rampage is the only fighter on this list that I really care for.

    Carano, Le, and Herring… I’m not really clamoring to see them fight again.

    And it looks like Rampage/Rashad is only getting pushed back a month or two. Not a bad trade-off for what could bring the UFC, and MMA in general, a ton of mainstream exposure.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    I like Rampage and REALLY WANT to see this fight as soon as possible but putting it off for four months after watching tuff and all the side interviews between those 4 months and the cross advertising the UFC can do with this movie like they do with other movies has to much potential for $$$$$. Everyone knows Rampage likes to hear his own voice and LOVES to have everyone hear his voice as well. When it comes to self promoting Rampage is one of the best behind the mike. Will it piss me off that I will have to wait??? hell ya but I trust the minds behind the UFC will have no problem filling the gap and no problem hyping this fight with Rampage in the crowd with a mowhawk flipping his lips of how he is going to make black on black crime against Evans. Shit I want to play Mr. T what man black or white who loves the A-Team wouldnt?? Getting this role means allot to him, so I have read. Let’s not forget Rampage has stepped up for the UFC before earlier this year taking a fight when he already had a title shot, well im pretty sure he did if my mind severs me well. Yes he needed the money but he did step up for the UFC, so putting their fight off for 4 months dosent seem to bad since they are matching up some great fights that everyone wants to see anyways filling the gap given the opportunity to market the heated match up longer hoping to get more PPV’s. It would be cool though if the put the fight on free tv for all the fans who will be OUTRAGED the someone like Rampage went off to make some more money playing a money role.
    Shit it’s not like he is leaving a belt in limbo. And if Evans is pissed about it the give him a title shot then after the Rua vs Dragon fight. That will teach Rampage a lesson for not fulfilling his duties as a fighter

  • jj says:

    Rampage will never hold the belt again. Also, I couldn’t care less about seeing him in a B rated action movie. The whole reason they make idea’s into TV shows is because they’re not good enough to make a movie of in the first place.

    Rampage has lost a serious fan here and I highly doubt I’m alone on that.

  • metalmulisha says:

    Well to be honest fighters like Carano, Rampage and Cung Le not fighting and doing movies is nothing like Shaquille O’Neal telling the Cavs he’s going to miss half the season to film a movie.

    You’re talking about fighters in an individual combat sport who may or may not be offered more than 1 fight in the time they’ll be away from their sport, and don’t give me the whole argument well Cung Le’s movie career has tied up the Strikeforce title, because that’s Strikeforce and Showtime’s responsibility to either insist he take a fight or move on with a new championship. Individual sports move on when one athlete goes his own way someone else is always ready to fight.

    As opposed to Shaq who’s in a Team sport where his absence would affect numerous other athletes on his team.
    Not to mention Shaq is probably getting paid 20 or 25 million dollars for one season. He’s not going to get that for a movie role, and I’d be willing to bet the fighters taking these movie roles are getting a lot more cash from Hollywood than they would be from missing a fight.

  • edub says:

    Metal I agree with all your points but do u as a person keep the same respect for a guy like Cung who hasnt fought in over year, or a guy like rampage who already turned down a title shot and now spurned the match up that he wanted in the first place. Because I dont.

    Im all for athletes making extra money and gaining more exposure for the sport, but when it takes when they already have a fight planned just to skip out on it for a movie really pisses me off.

  • twyg says:

    I have to agree with metalmulishas line of thinking with the comparisions with Shaq. Also as has been stated Rampage is not holding up a title for straight to dvd films like Cung Le. As for the whole waiting for the TUF coaches thing didn’t we wait like 18 months for Serra/Hughes? Hell Hughes and Franklin never fought. It is not like he is taking more then one fight off, and this is a better excuse for not fighting then Alistar “my hand has been broken for two years/can’t pass a drug test” Oveream. All the pub this movie and Rampages raising star will bring to the fight are well worth it to the UFC. I would not be surprised if Rampage asked Danas thoughts on the subject, and I would be willing to bet Dana gave his blessing while counting the increased PPV buys this whole thing will bring him. What was once a co-main event can now become a stand alone main event with the added public interest. Anything that brings more people to the sport is a good thing.

  • Batman says:

    I think you are wrong Jason. Be realistic it takes time to make a movie so it will always interfere with a persons next fight. I am sure he will make a lot more money on the movie and he wont have to risk his health. I actually think its cool to see fighters in big budget movies. I think it’s pointless however to see them in low budget B movies. Get off Rampage’s case, I agree Cung le is in the wrong because he is holding onto a belt.

  • WarCry says:

    Rampage is trying to make a little extra money let him. It will only grow the sport. the Ufc has enough depth to fill that gap a bit. Us fans are upset because we can’t wait to see that showdown. That’s understandable but, we must realize that he has only limited athletic life. So you cash in when you can and have more then one avenue to support yourself and your family long term. Like a previous poster has said and I agree Rampage won’t be seeing that belt again, unless Lyoto falls down some steps. He got get while the gettings good.

  • 3OAM says:

    Dude…I would TOTALLY watch Kazaam 2.

    It would be so full of LOLs, I’ll bet my head would explode.

  • edub says:

    I would watch Steel 2.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    holy shit i forgot about steel

  • hindsightufuk says:

    this isnt a b movie we are talking about, its the a team, like the star trek movie it will be fucking massive. and i bet Quentin is making serious 7 figures for it. For a proud black man coming from where rampage has come from, from his back ground, when he thought he’d only ever be able to fight for a living cos thats all he was good at, to suddenly be offered to play a black icon in a massive movie. i’m sure quentin is looking at the bigger picture here. fuck fighting rashad evans when you can be BA Baracus and get paid like a mother fucker. props to that man

  • edub says:

    Imagine how much attention an event would get if somehow filming wrapped in time for Rampage to fight Rashad on New Years weekend.

    Anyone know when filming is supposed to exactly start.

  • Angry Mike says:

    A fighter’s career is comparatively brief, and it’s smart to pursue other options when they’re available.

    And for whatever it’s worth, I’d like to see Cung Le fight more and against better opponents. I don’t think we’ve seen the best of him yet. He broke Frank Shamrock’s arm, for pity’s sake. I hadn’t seen that before.

  • neijia says:

    There is only one business here, and it’s called SHOW business. It’s not called fighting or mma or boxing or whatever. If you get some fame and you have the desire to cash in, you pretty much owe it to yourself to do movies or whatever gig is best.

    Incidentally, Cung Le rocks, FTW, who cares what commenters say.

    Also, the entertainment business drives a huge % of the economy now. What is 5 oz business model, after all? And why are we all here commenting? It’s entertaining.

  • neijia says:

    Oh, and Rampage is the most entertaining #@$% fighter in all of mma if you add up his personality and his fights. Better than Anderson Silva + Machida + Fedor combined. He should definitely be getting paid for it.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    LOL, it seems you dont know the meaning of the word “swinging”…

  • xtreme_machine says:

    How cares about Lee, he is irrelevant

  • BigDave says:

    So Runpage is ducking another fight to do a movie that will be in theaters 2 weeks before it is pulled for being the worst tv show made into a movie in the history of mankind does that about cover it?

    Oh and strikefarce, take your head out of your ass and strip Le of his title and let 2 guys that deserve a shot a Title match.

    The only Movie I want to see Carrano in is well any thing that causes her to be naked.(What you know you where thinking it!) 😉

  • David Andrest says:

    If I’ve said it once I’ve told the story a million times.

    Take Roger Huerta…………..

    You are Roger Huerta, you have had 5 fights in 12 months…. You make 17 K to show up 17 K to win.

    Did I mention the previous 2 years in which you fought 14 times as well???

    Anyway……once you really do the math here…… have had ZERO down time….once you have recovered from injury, it’s time to go back to CAMP….not training but CAMP. Restricted diet, suck ass cardio CAMP. OH and let’s not forget CAMP isn’t free.


    Your hard work has paid off, your a good looking kid, and now you have some mainstream attention. MTV films approaches you with a 3 movie deal starting at 100k for the first film …………

    You can make 100k and not starve yourself and live like a monk. You can make 100K and not get punched in the face??

    Shit…………..That choice appears simple.

    “B..b..b..but he’s not giving back to the sport that made him famous”

    Grow up, you watched the fight. You may have purchased the DVD. He did his job and owes You and I less than nothing.

    I’d think they were morons to pass up the money.

    The beef isn’t with the fighters, but rather how promotions handle the situation. Shitty or not the only person looking out for their future is themselves.

  • twyg says:

    Yes BigDave I was but it should be in good taste.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    I want to see:

    Roger Huerta vs Diego Sanchez

    I know he is leaving, but it would have been a nice one to see. (Diego Wins)

  • submit662266 says:

    A lot of facets to this case. . . a lot of ins and outs. Years ago I was watching re-run pride footage and they showed Rampage power-bomb Arona. I was in the gym on the T.M and gasped out loud “DAMN!!!” Have been a huge fan until this year. He’s made several career moves and 2-3 illegal moves that have been one debacle after another.

    However, for an athlete competing in a grueling sport like MMA, I don’t blame that person for pursuing fame and fortune in venues with less risk. Some of the punishment suffered in fighting never fully heals. Who would want to hobble painfully for the rest of retirement once finished with fighting?

  • GassedOut says:

    To all the whiners that want to see ‘Page or others “give back to the sport” that made them famous: Grow the hell up. And quit dissing the fighters for doing what earns the money. The beef is with the promoters here. You want fighters to quit (trying) the acting biz? PAY THEM! WAR RAMPAGE. Go get paid, brother.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    this will only make money for the ones who are directly involved. dont really hear any of them make an issue of this so far. this will only get worse from the fans point of view cause from what i have heard the tuff show has some good drama this year only hyping up the Rampage vs Evans fight. No one wants to wait to see it. i dont want to wait but what can you do. This movie is almost free advertising for the UFC and some ways Evans in the long run cause he will be able to cash in on this as well with a bigger pay day for himself.
    $$$$$ makes the world go around

  • hindsightufuk says:

    David Andrest couldnt agree more, well put

  • Scott H. says:

    I think I agree with most of the comments, and most people seem to be making the distiction between Rampage, and everyone else… they are completly seperate cases.

    A Team is a Big Budget Feature Film, being produced by Ridley Scott. Rampage will be working with “A” list actors (pardon the pun). This can’t be compared to the straight to DVD films that others have been in. Not that I think there is anything wrong with that, I’m with Dave Andrest’s post on that. But I really think that the A Team movie is a once in a life time oppertunity, and as Hindsight points out, something extra special for Rampage, and most Black Males.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I think as long as you are not the champion of your weight class, these movie oppertunities are a good thing. Most fighters are not missing fights to do movies, putting a fight off for a few months is no big deal. Before filming tuf 10 Rampage was talking about a hand and jaw injury he wanted to heal up, and with his layoff hopefully he will come back close to 100% and give evans another ko.

  • edbuzz says:

    When the UFC starts paying better purses for their fighters then they have a legitimate point, but these fighters are sorely underpaid so the UFC has no right to piss and moan. If you’re a true fan, you should understand the fighter’s position. They’ve got to make the money while they can. The UFC sells more pay per views than boxing, but boxers are paid much more than there UFC counterparts. Why do you think Anderson Silva wants to fight Roy Jones Jr? It’s because the money he will earn in just one bout with Roy Jones Jr. would be more money than he will earn in his entire UFC career. I love MMA and I want to see the fighters do well financially. If they have to make their money in other venues then shame on Dana White/the Fertitta bros./the industry. They pull in $5 million at the arena and another $87,000,000 in pay per views but pay out only $3 million dollars for the entire card of UFC 100. Frank Mir fought for the championship and walked away with a beat down and a measly check for $45,000. It’s B.S. The UFC paid all the fighters from the gate with a couple of million left over and kept the ppv money all to themselves. Now tell me, do you still have an issue with fighters making money anyway they can? Because I don’t have an issue with it.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    I dont remember reading anything in this article about the UFC pissing or moaning. and from all the post it I have read its just the fans so far who are outraged. as for the salaries and Dana White/the Fertitta bros./the industry, making pulling in $5 million at the arena and another $87,000,000 in pay per views, im sure that’s all 100% profit. Those bastards. What will all the staff do who put these shows together like the marketing team publicist, producers, Bruce Buffer, refs. Those stealing sneeky bastards.


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