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Jamie Varner not worried about Cerrone or Henderson

Jamie VarnerIn a week that has been filled with fight quotables, World Extreme Cagefighting lightweight champion, Jamie Varner, decided to throw his name into the mix as well.

Varner recently spoke with Tapout Radio about the interim championship bout being held in his absence and the eventual showdown with the winner.

Varner said he will be interested in the winner of WEC 43 main event bout between Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Ben Henderson, but doesn’t think hell have much trouble defeating either of them.

If Cerrone beats Henderson, Varner said,”The game plan is to do exactly what I did last time, which is to kick his ass, the same as last time. My boxing, I was a national champion in boxing. I fought Golden Gloves when I was younger. I was a pretty good boxer, a pretty good wrestler.”

If Henderson should be the eventual winner, Varner said he will use his abilities on the mat against him, explaining,”I wrestled Division I. I was an All-American. I took second in nationals. I was a good wrestler. I’m a better wrestler than Ben Henderson is.

“I’m not really too worried about what Ben Henderson has to bring, or Cowboy. I see both of those fights ending the same way, with my hand raised and the belt wrapped around my waist.”

Varner also commented on Cerrone’s continuous trash talk about the champion and their first meeting back in WEC 38. Varner was declared the winner by Technical Decision when the fight was stopped in the final round when Cerrone landed a knee that was determined to be illegal, and Varner was unable to continue, stating,”Cowboy’s first fight after he fought me was against a guy who it was his debut in the WEC. He beat that guy, which was kind of a garbage fight… His next fight is going to be against Ben Henderson on Oct. 10 in San Antonio. If he wins that fight, then he’ll fight me… He has to earn it because he lost that fight… He lost a decision and even though it was an illegal knee, it still went to the judges’ scorecards. He lost that fight, so he has to win one more fight if he wants to fight me ever again”

The champion Varner has been out of action due to injuries suffered in his defeat of Cerrone, back in January and even though he isn’t worried about a match-up against either competitor, he would like to see a rematch against Cerrone.

“I would be more than willing to give him a rematch,”said Varner. “I would be happily and readily available to give him a rematch if he gets through Ben Henderson. Even if he doesn’t get through Ben Henderson, he can come to my gym if we have a problem. We’ve got a cage there too. It doesn’t matter to me.”

The WEC interim bout is set to premier October 10th, with an eventual championship fight likely in early 2010.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    “but doesn’t think hell have much trouble defeating either of them.”

    yeah that is why he could not finish Cerrone. keep lying to yourself boy

    “he can come to my gym if we have a problem. We’ve got a cage there too.”

    alright that was pretty good

  • Rich S. says:

    Varner really rubs me the wrong way..

    First, his cheap tactics in the cage, like calling a timeout to get his mouthpiece when he’s rocked, or trying to get out of a fight by saying he’s hurt by a MISSED knee..

    But then he has this ridiculous ego..

    He’s a pretty good fighter, I’ll give him that..
    But, there’s no way he beats Cowboy in a rematch.. absolutely no way..
    Only reason he won the first one is because Cowboy practically lets his opponents take him down because he’s extremely good from his back..

    He has to get past Henderson first though..

  • BigDave says:

    Varners a Douche enough said!

  • Bullylover says:

    My thoughts axactly big dave my thoughts exactly.

  • I have not rewatched the Varner/Cerrone fight since it aired but I remember Cerrone doing pretty good in that fight. I dont remember Varner really kicking his ass at all.

  • Rich S. says:

    He didn’t.. He cut him on both eyes I think, but other than that, he only won on points from all those takedowns.. and like I said, Cerrone’s kind of like Nick Diaz, he’ll let you take him down, because he’s so comfortable from his back, and he can save a bit of energy by not struggling so much..

  • edub says:

    First off Varner is a douche. But hes a funny douche.

    I personally dont see what fight you guys were watching. Varner while maybe not landing as frequently as Cerrone continously blasted him with CLEAN shots. Not only did he take him down at will but he knocked him down multiple times too. Cerrone usually doesnt mind getting put on his back but it was a mistake against Varner because Jamie landed ALOT on the ground.

    Cerrone showed incredible heart and determination to keep coming forward and it did look like Varner was braking in the fifth. But I had that fight 50-44 Varner.

    On another note whoever Cerrones cut man in the corner was is a genius. IF that hematoma over his eye wouldve busted open in the second round it wouldve been a stoppage on cuts easily.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    no need to worry as long as his shoulder-retina is healed up!

  • jj says:

    I can’t wait to see Varner lose. Winning by decision doesn’t mean anything when you’re champion, it’s a given that the champ always wins when it goes to decision.

    Cerrone kept moving forward looking for a way to finish the fight. Varner wanted out. Not to mention Varner looked like a total douche walking out. Hopefully his enormous ego has grown even bigger since the last fight, so we can see it be smashed to pieces.

  • Bullylover says:

    The only reason his ego is so big is because he thinks he’s one of the elite LW in mma. This guy wouldn’t even be a top contender in the ufc.

  • TerribleT says:

    Varner not worried huh? Like he’s really say,”I’m worried about the winner of of the fight between these two guys.” :-) C’Mon………I guarantee that neither one of them is worried about him either.

  • ohody says:

    Varner dominated the fight and would do it again. i would like to see him fight Ben.
    Cerrone is doing a great job hyping the re-match but he got worked and threw an illegal blow.
    Varner was injured and still dominating the fight!!


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