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UFC 102 Salary Figures

Antonio Rodrigo NogueiraAntonio Rodrigo Nogueira was UFC 102‘s highest paid fighter with a disclosed salary totalling $460,000 for his “Fight of the Night” performance against Randy Couture, who netted a cool $310,000 for his troubles.

Other notable paydays include Nate Marquardt, who brought in a total of $140,000 for his lightning quick knockout of Demian Maia, and Thiago Silva, who went home with $118,000 for his trouncing of Keith Jardine.

The “why is he not fighting on the main card?” fighter of the night, Gabriel Gonzaga, raked in $120,000 for his victory over Chris Tuchscherer that was not a part of the live broadcast.

A full list of the disclosed payouts from UFC 102 are listed below:

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira ($460,000/includes win bonus of $150,000 and “FOTN” bonus of $60,000) def. Randy Couture ($310,000 – includes “FOTN” bonus of $60,000)

Thiago Silva ($118,000 – includes win bonus of $29,000 and “FOTN” bonus of $60,000) def. Keith Jardine ($55,000)

Jake Rosholt ($86,000 – includes win bonus of $13,000 and “FOTN” bonus of $60,000) def. Chris Leben ($30,000)

Nate Marquardt ($140,000 – includes win bonus of $40,000 and “FOTN” bonus of $60,000) def. Demian Maia ($28,000)

Brandon Vera ($70,000 – includes win bonus of $35,000) def. Krzystzof Soszynski ($8,000)

Aaron Simpson ($18,000 – includes win bonus of $9,000) def. Ed Herman ($24,000)

Gabriel Gonzaga ($120,000 – includes win bonus of $60,000) def. Chris Tuchscherer ($10,000)

Mike Russow ($20,000 – includes win bonus of $10,000) def. Justin McCully ($15,000)

Todd Duffee ($10,000 – includes win bonus of $5,000) def. Tim Hague ($7,000)

Mark Munoz ($24,000 – includes win bonus of $12,000) def. Nick Catone ($5,000)

Evan Dunham ($14,000 – includes win bonus of $7,000) def. Marcus Aurelio ($13,000)

  • G-DUB says:

    Definitely seeing a trend towards higher UFC payouts in the past few months, especially for the 2nd tier “almost superstar” fighters. Love the incentives too …. so much more money available is you come to fight, win, and really bring it. It just makes sense.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    It looks like the ufc will tell us how Gonzaga is back to form becaus he beat another fighter in his octagon debut(after kicking himvery hard in the jewles).

  • edub says:

    I didnt know they gave Thiago Silva a bonus also. He isnt listed on articles on other sites as recieving a bonus.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    hey fanoftna33 you do what you gotta do for the win right? i really think he did it on purpose

  • Persian_Prince says:

    wow, Krzystzof only 8000?!! and gonzaga 120′ for beating up another nobody! somebody must really love gonzaga in the ufc!

  • xtreme_machine says:

    Nog deserved all that money

    and Damn half a million

    Team Black House 2 vs Xtreme Couture 0

    Silva/Nog Griffin/Couture

  • I hope they give Tuchscherer a bonus for continuing to fight instead of taking the DQ. That man deserves a little something extra for that one.

  • Batman says:

    Chris leben sucks get rid of him I hope my mission is a success.


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