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Gone In 7 Seconds: Todd Duffee Records Fastest Knockout In UFC History

Todd_DuffeeUFC newcomer Todd Duffee had as successful an Octagon as could possibly be hoped for, and sent a direct message to the rest of the heavyweights currently occupying the UFC’s heavyweight division in the process.

An honor previously held by both James “The Sandman” Irvin and Don “The Predator” Frye was bested by a mere second this evening as the American Top Team trained Duffee brutalized Tim Hague in record time during the prelims of  UFC 102.

Irvin had finished off Houston Alexander at the eight second mark previously, while Frye had recorded the same time in a bout with Thomas Ramirez contested in the developmental days of the UFC.

Duffee dropped Hague with a hard straight punch right out of the gate and followed his fallen prey to the canvas where he unleashed a flurry of punches, bringing a halt to the one sided beatdown just seconds after it began.

Five wins, five knockouts, and the quickest KO in UFC history make Duffee a big man to keep a close eye on in the future.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    watch out Brock!

    just kidding, but this guy COULD be a legit threat

    Congrats of fastest KO.

  • edub says:

    I still think the Ludwig KO of Goulet was the fastest in the UFC history. I dont see how the official timekeeper came up with 13 or whatever seconds.

  • shotokai_ says:

    Todd Duffee looked like a 265 pound version of GSP. This is not to say he has the skills yet but he looked to have a similar athleticism, explosiveness and strength combination as GSP

  • Rich S. says:

    This guy is huge and ripped.. He looks like he could be a serious threat, we’ll see..

    And honestly I don’t see how anyone is going to beat 7 seconds.. I think both guys would have to run at each other and one would have to get dropped and have the clock stopped immediately..

  • Bullylover says:

    five straight victories all via knockout. This guy is definately one to watch. If he can beat a few quality fighters like gonzaga,kongo, or rothweill,nelso we might have a serious threat on our hands.

  • Batman says:

    This guy should go up against brock Lesnar but first lets see him take on cain valasquez.

  • edub says:

    Id say give Duffee the winner of Barry and Hardonk.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    Duffee vs Gonzaga

  • edub says:

    Jstew u are the winner.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    hold on what was mark weirs knockout of eugene jackson? wasnt that like 7 or 8 seconds? that was my first ufc i attended, Genki Sudo, Evan Tanner, Matt HUghes, Carlos Newton, Babalu, Ian Freeman crushing Frank Mir! that was awsome!


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