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Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal smashes “The Smashing Machine”

King MoMuhammed “King Mo” Lawal looked impressive while making incredibly short work of UFC veteran Mark Kerr this evening during “M-1 Global: Breakthrough“.

The pair headlined the card that was held at the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, and aired live on HDNet.

The fight was over before it began. As Kerr threw a leg kick to start things off, Lawal latched onto it and scooped the 260+ pound Kerr into the air where he firmly deposited him back onto the canvas. From there Mo landed a series of hard punches to the side of the head as Kerr lay face first on the mat. The end came when Lawal switched his punches from the side of the head to underneath the armpit where a powerful right hand sent the former UFC fighter’s mouthpiece sailing into the crowd, and left Kerr in an unconscious stupor.

Almost immediately Mo rushed to the side of Kerr to check on his condition, a fighter he has great admiration for, yet the battered former wrestler stayed down for several tense moments following the stoppage. To everyone’s relief the hulking heavyweight eventually managed to climb back to his feet and leave the ring on his own free will.

Lawal performed exactly how he should have performed in a fight with someone like Kerr. Go out there, get your money, and look good doing it. The only question now is: where will Mo end up fighting next.

“I’m just trying to go where they keep me busy and treat me good,” explained Lawal following the bout. “I don’t care about any names or anything like that. I’m just trying to go where I can get paid,  they treat me good and I can fight a lot.”

  • KTru says:

    Mo will be spoon-fed for a few more fights

    Cannot wait for him to get smashed

  • sigmund says:

    well I guess a guy can’t argue with the results. Time to give him some higher level competition. See what he’s really made of… dear god I hate his antic’s, interviews and ring entrance though.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    they are building this guy up only the let Fedor destroy him after Rogers and Overeem

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    Kerr needs to stop. that was pathetic.

  • shotokai_ says:

    Yeah Kerr does need to stop. He might have dislocated his shoulder when he went down though, not that it makes much difference. Either way, I hate “King Mo”.

  • sigmund says:

    Hang ’em up Kerr. we might just be sayin that about someone after tonight’s fight’s(not mentioning any names)

  • meatloaf says:

    You know it’s time to stop when even Mezger and Schiavello are saying you shouldn’t fight anymore. It was a sad sight to see.


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