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Fedor Emelianenko Submits Gegard Mousasi at “M-1 Global: Breakthrough”

fedor mousasiFedor Emelianenko managed to force a tapout from Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion and good friend, Gegard Mousasi during an exhibition sparring match held at “M-1 Global: Breakthrough“.

The entertaining match-up took place this evening from the Memorial Hall in Kansas City.

While just an exhibition match, and neither fighter was going at full strength, it was apparent that Fedor was the superior grappler as he threw Mousasi to the canvas like a rag doll seemingly at will.

The contest started out simple enough, before a big throw from Fedor sent Mousasi crashing to the canvas with a thud that rippled throughout the stadium. A couple of big Emelianenko throws later the smaller Mousasi was able to return the favor with a throw of his own. From there the Dutch-Armenian standout went for an armbar before Fedor was able to escape danger. The pair continued to throw each other about the ring before Emelianenko eventually scored the bout ending armbar from the top position.

The duo were all smiles the entire time, and the crowd voiced their approval at the end of the show for an exhibition that failed to disappoint.

  • fraz says:

    I’m really not a fan of these “sparring exhibitions”.
    I realize that this event had to add some star power to it in order to sell some tickets (their poster even featured the guys from the “exhibition” match rather than from the real matches) but the results of the exhibitions are meaningless and they detract from the card. MMA should be doing as much as possible to differentiate itself from athletic exhibitions (i.e. the WWE).

    They also seem to spark far too much debate after-the-fact about the respective strengths of the fighters even though the exhibition match is a poor representation of actual match-ups since neither fighter is trying to expend too much energy or hurt their opponent.
    The Fedor/Aoki “fight” was semi-entertaining because of the huge size difference but I really hope that these things don’t start to pop up on more and more cards. They might attract some fans to the sport but in the end, I think it will do more harm than good.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    How is a sparring exhibition like scripted pro wrestling where chairs and ladders are often …”used”.
    Sparking debate is good too.
    P.S. Fedor would kick Lesnar’s ass in a ladder match.

  • sigmund says:

    One thing I really gathered from this match, was gegard’s ability to hold his own on the mat against one of the best just goes to show how much of a force he will be at LHW or whichever division he chooses to fight in. Shit he danm near had Fedor a couple of times just imagine if it was a real match and he could display his striking. In time mousasi will be number one pound for pound… Mark my words

  • sigmund says:

    and yes fedor would own lesnar in a ladder match!

  • fraz says:

    Haha. Yeah, MMA-Logic, I know the WWE comparison is a bit extreme. I just don’t like exhibitions very much.
    The results of the match are meaningless so I find that there is no tension or excitement while watching the match.

    And yes, in general, things that spark debate are good, unless of course those debates take precedence over more meaningful ones.

    I find that NFL pre-season games spark an absurd amount of debate and chatter on the sports sites. People get all wound up because their team won and mae all kinds of predictions…yet every year we see that pre-season/exhibition game results mean nothing. Hell, the Lions were 4-0 in pre-season last year before going 0-16 when it counts.

    Yes, I’m overthinking it – and yes, some of this is the weed talking – but I hope you see my point.

    At the same time, I do like your ladder match idea.

  • fraz says:

    You are probably right. Mousasi could be the future face of MMA. I know the UFC thinks that spot belongs to Bones Jones…but at this stage, Mousasi is the one to bet on.

  • sigmund says:

    Jones is definatly a force, but I just dont think he’s on the same level as Gegard. But hey thats just my opinion

  • sigmund says:

    It’s funny Fedor cought him with the armbar, the same way mousasi’s only 2 losses came by

  • xtreme_machine says:

    only feeding Fedor’s ego

  • hall says:

    Fedor has no ego thats why he is the best he has no emotions

  • sensiman says:

    I find it amazing that he shows no emotion at all, except for a brief smile after a victory. He actually looks like he is on the verge of falling asleep right before the match starts. He is the best I have ever seen at controlling his feelings and staying calm no matter what is happening.

  • perfecto says:

    Of course he won. How sad that Fedor fights a light heavyweight. And still gets his ass kissed for it. Pathetic. Sign with UFC and fight some competition already. Dont get me wrong he is good i’ve seen him beat some really good guys who used to be on top, but how good really. We may never know until he actually fights some young and hungry competition.

  • meatloaf says:

    Spoken by someone who truly doesn’t know what they’re talking about.


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