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Houston Alexander added to Adrenaline IV

Houston_Alexander_2A co-headlining bout between power punching Octagon veteran Houston Alexander and Sherman Pendergarst has been set for Adrenaline IV.

The main event for the card will be former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia facing off with Jason Riley. had previously reported the bout after Riley had leaked the news on his MySpace account.

Adrenaline IV will take place at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa on September 18.

Alexander will be looking to get back on track after suffering three consecutive defeats in the UFC to the likes of Thiago Silva, James Irvin and Eric Schafer. The Omaha, Nebraska established himself as a powerful knockout artist prior to his recent losing skid, stopping both Keith Jardine and Alessio Sakara in impressive fashion.

Pendergarst is an experienced veteran with an overall record of 11-14 that has previously been stopped by Shane Carwin and Antoni Hardonk. He is currently riding a five fight losing streak.

  • Kamakosmo says:

    Love Houston A., he may not have the best record, but I’ll root for him, whoever he fights. This dude is an all around good guy and has showed it in and out of the ring. Pendergarst is prone to being KO’d, lets just hope this fight doen’t go to the ground.

  • manny says:


    Houston is a tough dude and has ko power. not sure about being all around fighter. Houston is also prone to bing KO just ask James Irving who Ko’d houston in 8 sec.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    am i the only one who gets a little jarred off seeing people referred to as veterans? nothing against the author of this piece as it happens everywhere.
    Randy is a UFC veteran, Chuck is a UFC veteran, Coleman is a UFC veteran. Houston Alexander had a few fights over the last couple years, thats not a veteran, thats just someone who has fought in the UFC

  • Rich S. says:

    That always kind of annoyed me too..

    Goldberg will just say “and the UFC VETERAN” even if it’s some dude who hasn’t even gotten off the prelims yet..

    I consider a UFC vet a guy who has been around in the UFC for years.. like the ones you mentioned, hindsight..

  • jj says:

    i’m always surprised the ufc lets these types of fighters go. guys like this put on a great show although they dont always win, im still excited to watch their fights. hopefully houston can get some W’s and get back into the ufc.

    on a side note honestly, what does goldberg say that isn’t dyslexic, wildly inaccurate or just plain stupid? he seems like a nice guy but not the best announcer by any means.

  • edub says:

    I agree JJ. I use to think he just acted dumb to make Rogan look like a genius, but it just seems like his knowledge of mma has not grown. WHich is insane considering the fact he has been the longest running announcer for any promotion in all of mma.

  • s13 says:

    Moro Ronallo / Joe Rogan / Frank Mir / Bas Rutten…Imagine that type of 4 way commentary for UFC 100 Brock vs Fedor (In my dreams!)

  • Franklin says:

    I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the UFC hadn’t released him but was giving him special permission to basically take a tune-up bout outside the UFC. Can’t remember where I saw this, though.

  • Kamakosmo says:


    James Irvin (no G) was probably hopped up on the ‘Roids…uhhh. I didn’t say this guy was unstoppable. I said he was a “good guy, in and out of the ring”. If you knew the guy, you would know. The MMA world needs more guys like Alexander. Unless you plan on ageeing with me…say nothing.

  • Batman says:

    Send him to strikeforce he could pick up some wins. I think he wont cause he wants back into the UFC.

  • submit662266 says:

    I’m a H.A. fan, but he has got to get a ground game. Right now he doesn’t even have a bad ground game: he has NO ground game. He will continue to lose if he does not develop these vital skills. As far as Goldberg goes, I think he is part of D. Whites plan to make MMA appealing to the “average shmoe” after the Zuffa takeover. The worst MMA announcer is that goofy dork from Strikeforce. I bet there are at least 3 people on this discussion thread who would do better than that guy.

  • twyg says:

    Houston does seem like a real cool guy and I hope he wins. That being said he needs a ground in the worst way. Now onto Goldberg yeah I wish he knew more considering he is cage side for every event. Please do not bring up Moro Ronallo because every time I hear his voice it makes me want to kill unicorns or stangle smurffs. He knows his mma, but his voice is worse then the sound of boiling live kittens IMO.

  • MMASwami says:

    “i’m always surprised the ufc lets these types of fighters go. guys like this put on a great show although they dont always win, im still excited to watch their fights. hopefully houston can get some W’s and get back into the ufc.”

    They didn’t let Alexander go. They’re just lending him out to Cox’s promotion, which they do quite often for fighters if the event isn’t being telecast in any ways.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    Franklin im pretty sure I read that somewhere as well. I remember reading something about the UFC letting him get some fights in somewhere else while something comes up for him in the UFC. I love H.A. Single farther of I think 5 kids gave one of his daughters his kidney or something like that. Volunteers everywhere with under privilege kids. He is a really genuine guy. But he does need some ground game. I love watching him fight. That Jardine fight was just great

  • GetItOn says:

    Alexander has not been let go from the UFC, just one of the few who get to take a bout outside the UFC when they are under contract.


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