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Former Olympian Daniel Cormier plans to debut as a heavyweight

Daniel CormierThe waters in the heavyweight division just got a little bit deeper as plus sized brawlers such as Brock Lesnar, Fedor Emelianenko, Cain Velasquez and Shane Carwin can expect company in the form of a massively powerful Olympic level athlete that hails from Lafayette, Louisiana.

Wrestling powerhouse Daniel Cormier recently made news by announcing his intentions to make the transition to mixed martial arts, signing with Zinkin Entertainment & Sports Management and joining up with the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, California.

A two-time United States Olympian, and an astounding six-time U.S. National Champion, Cormier put together an astonishing record of 117-10 while competing out of Oklahoma State University against the highest caliber grapplers college wrestling had to offer.

Being that Cormier had traditionally competed around the 211 pound mark in his wrestling days, the question on everyone’s minds has been,’What weight class will he compete at?’. Will it be 205, or heavyweight?

Of course anyone familiar with the type of weight cutting that goes on with wrestlers at the level Cormier competed at will tell you that getting to their “ideal” weight is no easy task. When had the chance to catch up with Cormier recently in between training sessions at AKA he admitted that somehow shrinking himself down to 205 pounds is not a current concern of his, stating,”I cut a lot of weight when I was wrestling, so I’m going to stay up for right now.

“I probably walk around at about 250. I’m big, but I was cutting from 245 to 211 during wrestling.”

After barely a month of formal training, Cormier definitely has the right mind set about things; take things one step at a time, learn how to walk before you start running.

“Right now I just want to enjoy this transition,” explained Cormier. “I don’t need to worry about weight management at this point in my career. What I need to be doing is worrying about getting better, and by staying up and not worrying about weight control, it’s going to allow me to just focus on my training and improving my skills.”

Make sure to check back early next week as 5 Oz’s will have a full, extended interview with Cormier where the future superstar speaks about wanting to fight in the big show ASAP, growing up with Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal, turning tragedy into triumph and much, much more.

  • 3OAM says:


  • BigDave says:

    Never heard of this dude but he has an impressive wrestling background. Lets hope he has been traing hard to be well rounded cause he is stepping up with the big boys now and just being a good wrestler will only take him so far. I wont hold it against him that he grewup with “king joke” Lawal and I’ll take a wait and see atitude with him.

  • helterskelter says:

    BigDave, what do you have against Mo? Dude’s crazy talented.

  • TURKISH says:

    @BigDave “Never heard of this dude”

    LOL, then I guess you’re not even remotely a fan of amateur wrestling.

    Not a big deal, but my question without trying too be a dick would be why are you even commenting then?

    I would guess it was just so you could call King Mo a joke.
    Which is asinine by the way. You probably don’t like his attitude, but the guy is no joke.

  • mikefab says:

    The only people in MMA with the wrestling credentials of Cormier would be Matt Lindland and Dan Henderson. No one else in MMA, that I can think of, can boast being Olympic wrestlers. Randy was an alternate. There are a lot of collegiate wrestlers who dominated in college but did not have as much success internationally. If he becomes proficient on his feet and on the ground he is going to be tough. May be better served at 205 strength wise, but he will probably be more athletic than a lot of the heavies. Either way it is nice to see such a decorated wrestler making the leap.

  • twyg says:

    Yeah I have heard that for now he is going to fight at heavy, but will make the cut to LHW in the future. This guy is crazy decorated as a wrestler, and if he can learn to strike proprely and submission defense he will be a dangerous guy. My only concern is that he has to be close to 30 which kind of sucks. Can you think of the possibities if he had started even four years ago?

  • BigDave says:

    @ Turkish – First thing first since when do I have to know alot about a guy to say i hope he works hard to develope a well rounded game and ill wait to see him actually fight before i decided whether he has got it or not.

    Second king Mo is 4-0 fighting against Tomato cans and he has a big mouth, so in my opinion he is a joke till he actually steps up and proves something.

    third If you don’t agree with me thats fine but don’t try to tell me I shouldn’t be commenting cause that just makes you sound like a 12 Douchebag.

  • mu_shin says:

    mikefab- Mark Coleman competed for the US in the ’92 Olympics at Barcelona, finishing seventh overall in the heavyweight freestyle division, previous to becoming the first UFC heavyweight champion, defeating Dan Severn at UFC 12 in 1997. Hoping Coleman puts on a good show against Tito Ortiz in UFC 105, if that comes to fruition.

    Read a bit about Cormier when I first read about his interest in fighting MMA (I appreciate amateur wrestling, but no, I don’t really follow the sport).
    I assumed he cut weight to compete at 211 as an Olympic wrestler, but wouldn’t have thought he’d walk around as high as 250.

    My question is, while I assume Cormier would have strength to spare at 250 lbs., would he still have the stamina and endurance to maintain the high energy and activity level of a heavyweight MMA match against the monster heavies like Lesnar and Carwin? I’ve seen documentary footage of Brock’s training, and I have no doubt he can maintain high output at 265 lbs, and Randy Couture still pounds out the cardio in his training, fighting as a heavy at around 220-225. His wrestling will stand Cormier in good stead and make a great beginning in MMA, but he’ll also have to learn to strike, as well as improve his conditioning to allow him to perform at forty plus pounds heavier than he competed in his wrestling career.

  • helterskelter says:

    @BigDave- LOFL @ Mo fighting tomato cans bro! Dude made his debut against Travis fucking Wiuff. FYI, Wiuff had over sixty fights at the time, was coming off of a nine fight win streak, and his three most recent wins before being humiliated by Mo were over Ricco Rodriguez, Chris Tuchscherer and Kazuki Fujita. But yeah bro, Wiuff’s a “tomato can”. You tell me which one of your favorite fighters had the balls to step up against someone as experienced and respected as Wiuff in their debut…… didn’t think so.

    So yeah, Mo’s been fighting tomato cans , right? Well those cans have a combined pro record of 92-28-4. Pretty ambitious for a dude entering his fifth professional fight in my opinion. Think before you type man.

    And he’s got a big mouth? Why, cuz he got into it with Rampage when Rampage instigated the whole thing. What’s he supposed to do, sit there and act like a punk? If you don’t like how Mo acts, that’s your perogative, but saying he’s never fought anyone makes you sound like a TUF 10 noob

    @mu_shin- I don’t think Cormier is going to fight where he walks around at. I’d imagine when he’s training for a fight he’ll be a monstrous 220-230… just a guess

  • BigDave says:

    @helterskelter- Travis Wiuff is a tomato can. Rodriguez hasnt beat anyone worth mentioning since he beat couture in 2002. fujita has lost 5 of his last 7 fights, and tuchscherer ya good record till you see that not one guy he has fought except his debut was against anyone that is even remotely relavent in this sport. Dude dont try to give records they don’t mean squat other then to say well he beat tomato cans that beat other tomato cans.

    Bottom line is until King Mo beats TOP level or even 2nd tier fighters he is a joke. As for him and Rampage, do you honestly think Mo would last 30 seconds against him? I’m not a big Rampage fan but he would rip Mo’s arms off and beat him with them.

  • TURKISH says:

    @BigDave seriously dude stop while you’re behind.
    Your posts keep getting dumber as you try and save face. It’s not working.
    Drop it.

  • BigDave says:

    @Turkish- you have a hardon for me or something,well I dont swing that way so get of my jock. All you do everytime you post is make a fool of yourself. Just because you dont like it when i school you do as the band Poison say “Don’t go away mad,Just go away”.

  • BigDave says:

    @Turkish- It might have been motley crew but you get the point.

  • helterskelter says:

    so according to BigDave if your name isn’t Brock Lesnar or Fedor you’re a tomato can. That’s classic keyboard warrior nonsense bullshit right there bro. Mo’s had FOUR FUCKIN FIGHTS man! Seriously, now he needs to fight top tier competetion or he’s a joke. How can you rationalize that shit in your head man? Mo’s 4-0 right now and he’s beaten better competition than your favorite fighter Rampage did at that point in his career. As a matter of fact, Rampage lost to Marvin Eastman in his third fight. Put that in your pipe and smoke it bro. Your argument is ridiculous. Mo needs to prove himself….. shit

  • BigDave says:

    Gee I think you need to learn to read i said I’m not a Rampage fan but eitherway Mo isn’t on his level. Again and I’ll say this two you one more time and it may sink in I have my opinion and you have yours. We aren’t going to agree on this one so lets just leave it at that. But one last point I’d like to make that not even you can dispute and just cause you brought up his name Lesnar is 4-1 with his only loss being a sub in a fight he was dominateing and got caught oh and he destroyed him in the rematch. so brock 4-1 with wins over multitime champions frank Mir and Randy couture plus Heath Herring but your right Mo is the man cause he beat Travis Wiuff. I’m done with you!

  • helterskelter says:

    Never said Mo is “the man” bro. Just don’t appreciate how negatively you talk about fighters. Calling guys like Travis Wiuff a tomato can is just flat out ignorant. Thinking Mo should be fighting better comp at this point in his career just sounds stupid to me. Oh well, to each their own.

    Cormier looks like a stud prospect though. Looking forward to his first fight. I wanna see how his hands are.


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