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5 Oz’s Exclusive: Inside MMA celebrates centennial episode this evening on HDNet

Inside MMAOn the heels of the monumental UFC 100 there will be another figurestone in the face of mixed martial arts celebrating it’s 100th anniversary this evening.

Unless you”re a fight fan that has been inhabiting the bottom portion of a rock on some deserted island you’re well familiar with the enormously successful television series that goes by the name of “Inside MMA“. The highly informative TV show hosted by the likes of MMA legend Bas Rutten, Kenny Rice and Ron Kruck has become the visual companion for anyone bitten by the dangerously contagious MMA bug.

Inside MMA will be hosting a very special 100th episode at it’s normal place and time on HDNet this evening, Friday, 9:00 pm ET and I suggest that all of you fight fans that want to give back to a show that has given so much to us tune in for what should be a memorable episode. If you don’t have HDNet, contact your local cable provider and insist that they add the network.

Inside MMA has done nothing but spread the gospel of mixed martial arts since it’s inception in September of 2007 to countless fans that may have had little or no prior knowledge of the sport, filling a huge void in the world of MMA.

“Inside MMA was the first television show dedicated to reporting news in the MMA world,” said HDNet Fights CEO Andrew Simon in an exclusive conversation with on the eve of Inside MMA’s historic episode. “The show has experienced tremendous growth as HDNet transformed itself into Your Home for MMA.

“The broadcast has become a place for fighters to show their personalities and promotions to be seen on the national stage. Inside MMA has featured over 135 different promotions in 39 states and 12 countries in its first 100 shows! No other show even comes close. You can see the excitement when we take the show on the road now….like this past weekend at Strikeforce. Inside MMA is like the “Sportscenter” of our business. Fighters hope to see their highlights on the show.”

When 5 Oz’s asked MMA legend and current HDNet Fights President Guy Mezger his thoughts on the future of Inside MMA, and the sport along with it in 5-10 years he was candid, stating,”I see Inside MMA growing into “THE” news show for all MMA. The grow of Inside MMA and mixed martial arts as a sport go hand in hand. ‘IMMA’ only gets bigger as MMA gets bigger. I would like to see MMA grow past one or two major organizations. I feel for real grow it needs to be more open and less inclusive. If the Muhammad Ali Act was to also cover MMA then would see more opportunities for the MMA athletes.”

Simon shared Mezger’s enthusiasm for the future of the sport, Inside MMA and HDNetFights along with it, explaining,”We will continue to be Your Home for MMA. HDNet has 12 events scheduled between August-October from around the world. Our mission is to bring the best fighters and promotions from around the globe to our fans. I think our fans are learning how good the international fighters are – Mousasi, Fedor, Anderson Silva, Aoki and others. If you are not paying attention to the international scene, you are missing some of the best fights and fighters in the world

“Even though this year we have over 30 events, 50 weeks of Inside MMA, 28 M-1 Challenge shows and 10 MMA Worldwide episodes…I see more in the future!”

Of course Inside MMA wouldn’t have the spark and pizazz it currently possesses if it wasn’t for the chemistry between show hosts and good friends Bas Rutten and Kenny Rice. According to Mezger, it’s their friendship away from the cameras that creates the magic we see unfold before our HD enabled television screens.

“They have a genuine friendship, and the whole crew gets along and are friends,” said the President of HDNet Fights. “It makes for great working environment and helps to make the whole show flow much smoother and more entertaining for the audience.”

As for the future of Inside MMA, don’t be surprised if you start seeing the broadcast popping up in different regions all over the globe in the near future. However, if you think you’re going to be seeing a Spanish or Portuguese broadcast team sometime soon you may be in for a surprise. Unless, of course, Kenny, Bas and Ron are well versed in the foreign tongues.

“Stay tuned,” revealed Simon. “Different parts of the world have expressed interest in the show, but Inside MMA wouldn’t be the same without Kenny, Bas and Ron. They make the show what it is.”

  • ohody says:

    such a great show…thanks mark cuban!!

  • helterskelter says:

    Congrats Inside MMA – Keep up the great work!

  • edub says:

    Kenny Rice= annoying to me

    I really dont see HD net lasting that much longer(although I hope they do). Didnt they just get kicked off Direct TV.

    Oh yea and MMA Live is a lot better.

  • metalmulisha says:

    MMA Live is awful. Franklin McNeil is a complete joke and you can’t have someone like Kenny Florian on because he’s employed by the UFC and he doesn’t speak objectively about MMA topics because of it.
    He has to watch what he says, and he does.

    As far as Inside MMA goes I miss seeing it since HDNet isn’t available on Time Warner Cable anymore. I really liked the show a lot and Bas Rutten’s act never gets old to me. Although Kenny Rice can be very annoying.

  • helterskelter says:

    edub, Kenny Rice would beat your ass! Nah, jk, but seriously, why does Kenny piss u off. He’s harmless bro

    & MMA Live is weak sauce

  • Kenny Rice annoys me too.

  • Scott H. says:

    I don’t always like to agree, it’s too much fun being a contrarian, but I think I’m with everyone else here. Bas is a lot of fun, but I have no time for Kenny. It’s hard for me to put my finger on what it is that bothers me, he just seems to be trying to hard to be funny, and it doesn’t work… sort of like a bad infomercial host, only worse.

    I have a tough time making it through a full episode, he grates on me so much. I’d like to see a new host brought in to work with Bas, and get the most out of interviewing the guests they have. Maybe tweak the set and the format of the show a little… freshen it up a bit.

    They obviously want and need to promote their (HD Net) shows and upcoming events, and put a lot of effort into other, smaller events, but to be honest… I’d like to see more UFC coverage. Before the hating begins, I’ll explain a little more. Over ¾ of the MMA I watch is UFC, but it is not covered to that depth on the show. I’d look at how to re-do that balance between UFC/non-UFC. I’m not looking for propaganda, the UFC does a great job of promoting their fights on Spike, I don’t need to see that on HD Net as well. Finding a niche to or angle to report on the UFC in a different way would be nice.

  • Some people love Kenny, that’s fine. It’s all a matter of opinion.

    I think a lot of it has to do that he sort of plays up to the internet MMA hardcores with some of his commentary.

    But yeah, I can’t stand him. I still like him better than Mauro, though.

  • edub says:

    THe thing is Mulisha Inside MMA has to watch what they say because Zuffa doesnt wanna give HD NEt any help(I know not there fault). I just like MMA Live better because it seems more like a real show. Im also a big ESPN supporter so that could be it. I really havent seen Kenny use that much of a bias on show either. Whenever he talks about fighters over seas he usually speaks of them in high regard.

    I dont know what it is Skelter I just cant watch the show half the time because Im too busy in the back of my head thinking”Kenny your such a douche”. I think its because he tries to know a lot more than he really does.

    FTR Jon Anik and Mike Goldberg also annoy the shit out of me.

  • edub says:

    Completely agree Scott H. Good post.

  • ohody says:

    love him or hate him…kenny and bas are a very solid team.

    like el guapo always says- party on!!

  • Angry Mike says:

    I really like the show, including Rice. I don’t really watch it for him or even Bas, although I like him, too. Regardless, I don’t think the show would survive Rice’s departure because of the avowed friendship between him and Bas. The chemistry would change, and that can be fatal on tv.


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