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Tim Boetsch: ‘Train the back muscles so you can body slam your opponents’

tim boetschMost fans are aware of the time Tim Boetsch spent in the Octagon that saw him go 2-2, including a loss to Matt Hamill; what most people are not aware of is Boetsch’s background in wrestling. In high school Boetsch was a four time state champion wrestler. That means that all four years of his time at Camden-Rockport High School in Maine, Boetsch won the state championship at a minimum of three different weights.

Now preparing to take on the always dangerous Aaron Stark at King of the Cage “Superstars” event this Saturday, we get to know a little more about a man we will surely see in the UFC or Strikeforce again. was able to catch up with “The Barbarian” just before his King of the Cage battle this evening to discuss Barbarian Buck Burgers, training your back muscles so you can body slam people, hunting and much more.

Five Ounces of Thanks for taking time out to speak with us Tim. Let’s jump into a little different line of questions than you are used to. What is your best “At an after fight party……” story?

Tim Boetsch: The Most interesting thing that has happened to me at an after fight party was after UFC 81. We were at a club in Mandalay Bay and I was invited to hang out at a private table with Mark Coleman where I ended up talking with him for about an hour and a half. One of the topics we discussed was how important it was to train the back muscles so you can body slam your opponents. I thought it was really cool to be sitting discussing training and fights and life with one of the legends of the sport. One of the guys who I used to watch when I could only dream about being a fighter.

Five Ounces of You are fighting Aaron Stark at the King of the Cage “Superstars” event this Saturday night. How has your training changed since leaving the UFC? Are you still training with Marcus Davis?

Tim Boetsch: The biggest change would have to be that I have an actual training camp to prep for my fight. Marcus has always been a great help. But I had never been able to train with him for extended periods of time. What time I did spend with Marcus was very educational and he definitely helped me get my start in MMA. I have not trained with Marcus for this fight. I trained at my gym in Sunbury, PA (Barbarian Combat Sports) for the first 3 weeks of the camp, and then flew out to Washington to finish out the camp at AMC with Matt Hume and his crew. I do check in at Team Irish when I make it back home to Maine though. I consider Marcus one of my closest friends in MMA.

Five Ounces of Many people may not be aware, but you are actually an accomplished hunter. What is your favorite thing to hunt? What is the largest thing you have killed?

Tim Boetsch: Well I like to hunt everything from small game to the biggest stuff wandering the woods of North America. I really enjoy hunting Whitetail deer with my Family in Maine even though they are very elusive and the overall population isn’t nearly as high as it is in PA. Last year I killed my first Elk in Colorado and that was quite an experience. I would have to rank that as one of my all time favorite hunts. I liked it so much I actually started managing the ranch out there in Colorado, so if anyone is interested in booking a hunt get in touch with me! We have an amazing amount of elk to pursue. And of course it is all fair chase (no fences).

Five Ounces of Word is you have several good Venison recipes. Care to share one with us?

Tim Boetsch: One of my personal favorites is Barbarian Buck Burgers. What you do is take a whole bunch of venison, mix in a bunch of French fried onions, bar-b-q sauce(your choice what kind) salt, pepper, and old-bay or pappy’s spicy seasonings, mix that all up make it into patties and throw them on the grill. I guarantee they will be some of the best deer burgers you ever have eaten. Top ‘em off with mushrooms, cheese, whatever you want, the sky is the limit!

Five Ounces of If you could go hunting with anyone, who would you chose, where would you go and what would you hunt?

Tim Boetsch: I would take my dad to my ranch in Colorado to smack an elk. He doesn’t like to travel though so it would be a hard sell.

Five Ounces of You took three of four of your fights in the UFC on short notice, finishing with a 2-2 record. Do you think losses taken on short notice should be considered “normal” losses?

Tim Boetsch: A loss is a loss. that L stays on your record the rest of your life. Don’t step up if you don’t think you can win.

Five Ounces of It’s been a busy two weeks in MMA. How do you view the Carano Vs. Cyborg match? Do you think women will ever be taken seriously in MMA?

Tim Boetsch: I take them seriously. I wouldn’t want to fight some of the women I have seen in gyms around. They get nasty! Throw down like they are fighting for their lives! I think Cyborg falls into the above mentioned category. I think she has more of the “killer instinct” then Carano. Carano seems to have a very good understanding of the sport and seems to have some good technique and the will to win so It should be an interesting fight.

Five Ounces of You have a degree in Criminal Justice and worked as a social worker for troubled youth. How are MMA and Social Work with youths the same?

Tim Boetsch: MMA and Social work are the same in that they are both very challenging mentally. MMA is better because if you get frustrated mentally you can punch your opponent in the face. *laughs*

Five Ounces of Tell me what goes through your head if a fighter refuses to touch gloves?

Tim Boetsch: “That was rude…..”

Five Ounces of What would you consider a dream fight?

Tim Boetsch: Any fight where I was paid a million bucks just to make weight. *laughs*

Five Ounces of What do you think the biggest misconception about you as a fighter is?

Tim Boetsch: That I am a striker. My foundation is in wrestling and that is where the majority of my knowledge lies. I like the striking game a lot and am most fascinated by it because it is new to me. I think when it (striking) is done well it is the most exciting part of the sport. I only started striking shortly after I had my first professional fight. I honestly could not throw a jab the first fight I had back in 2006.

Five Ounces of Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to?

Tim Boetsch: I want to thank my family for their support especially my wife who was willing to let me come to Washington and train for a month while she stayed home with our little wild man who is definitely a handful. I also want to thank all the fans for sticking behind me after getting dropped by the UFC. I will be back!

  • Jak says:

    I like Boetsch, he is a very game fighter. Hopefully we will see him back in a major organization in the very near future.

  • TURKISH says:

    Boetsch came out a winner in this fight by the way. He shouldn’t be fighting at King of the Cage events much longer. The guy has legitimate skills IMO.


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