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Gegard Mousasi puts a beating on Renato “Babalu” Sobral to claim Strikeforce 205 pound title

New Strikeforce Light-Heavyweight Champion, Gegard Mousasi

New Strikeforce Light-Heavyweight Champion, Gegard Mousasi

Make it thirteen in a row for the Dutch-Armenian sensatiion that goes by the nickname “The Dreamcatcher”.

‘Wow! Gegard Mousasi is the real deal’, is the sentiment currently rippling throughout the world of mixed martial arts as the M-1 Global signed fighter put a vicious beating on Renato “Babalu” Sobral to claim the Strikeforce light heavyweight championship.

The two met up this evening at “Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg” from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California.

Mousasi entered the ring stone-faced, showing no emotion. As the two slammed into each other in the opening moments of round one Mousasi hurled Babalu to the canvas and followed him down into side position. From there it was a matter of seconds before the finish came as Mousasi based up and let loose a flurry of punches that left Sobral in an unconscious stupor.

Gegard is quickly making a case for himself as one of the most dangerous pound for pound fighters on the planet.

  • nope says:

    Dude made it look Eeaassy…

  • moosebaby02 says:

    wish i saw it

  • mu_shin says:

    Renato Sobral has been through his share of wars, and is one of the most experienced fighters currently active in MMA. To see Gegard Mousasi deal with him so effectively, so quickly, and so thoroughly, definitely establishes him as light heavyweight to be dealt with. Pound for pound consideration? I’d have to see a few more fights, but Mousasi was impressive, leaving Babalu with a thousand yard stare up into the lights…

  • sigmund says:

    good show by gegard I was impressed once again by him. correct me if i’m wrong but is that the dream MW title, superhulk q/f, and now strikeforce LHW in his last 3 fights? I would think that would definatly deserve some pound for pound contention.
    Great fights all around, another good card by strikeforce. I’m glad i watched this instead of ufc 100 again

  • Rich S. says:

    You know what the scariest thing about Gegard is? His age..

    This guy’s last four fights were against Manhoef, Souza, Hunt, and Babalu, and NONE OF THOSE lasted longer than 2 and 1/2 minutes.. And he’s only 24 years old?

    If he keeps making quick work of these guys, he can go ahead and have the 3rd spot on the p4p list as far as I’m concerned..

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Well done Mousassi. Babalu is a top tier LHW and you finished him. It is a shame that LHW is dominated mainly by the UFC but there is always Little Nog and Filho. I hope you go back to MW occasionally so you can mix with some more quality talent.
    P.S.”LHW is dominated mainly by the UFC” Oh sorry I’m supposed to be a UFC hater so I guess I’ll have to take that back and say that King of the Cage has a better LHW division.LoL.
    Grudge formed.

  • twyg says:

    Would love to see Mousasi and Machida. Have Machida as fav but would be a great bout between two world class LHW. Big win over a great fighter. Well done Mousasi, look forward his reign as champ.

  • Orwell says:

    At what point did anyone think Gegard wasn’t the “real deal”? Seriously. A 26-2-1 fighter who hasn’t lost for three years isn’t real enough?

  • egad81 says:

    This just makes the Fedor vs Mousasi exhibition match that much more interesting.

  • dpk says:

    Fedor v Mousasi in an exhibition is still not interesting.

    That was sick, I would love to Mousasi in the UFC right now, but like some of the people already said, he is only 24, he is going to be a force for years.

  • warpig says:

    OK I am waiting for a mental midget to say Mousalini or whatever his name may be is the best P4P oh wait some one already said that “top 3″ um ok no.

    Here is what irritates me about strikefarce they sign has been UFC’ers who would not be able to compete now in the UFC, act like thier young guys are beating top champs from UFC and the slow witted buy into this garbage.

    I am waiting for someone to say he would beat GSP, or Spider, or Machida in a smashing fashion.

    He is good but he just beat somone who can’t beat Chuck and I think right now my 7 year old could beat Chuck as much as I like the iceman.

    I think the UFC would humble this young man pretty qucikly.

    As the great slipknot once said ” you ain’t no fucking friend of mine”

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    That was kinda eerie to watch. Everything Gegard does is exactly like Fedor. No facial expressions, emotions, anything. They act the same, same demeanor. It was nice to see him respectful though and not go on a full out celebration until he knew Renato was alright.

    Speaking of alright, we never did get that post fight from Gina….. She ok?

  • Jak says:

    The Mousasi/Fedor exhibition session is still completely uninteresting. Take out the “exhibition” part and it turns okay. These guys train with each other, i’m sure if you want to ante up some money they would let you watch them train for 10-15 minutes as well.

  • edub says:

    Great performance.

    Looking for him to start fighting some top tier fighters. Hopefully he doesnt have his mma career suffer jumping around weight classes, and dabbling in boxing.

    However I do not consider him for the top ten of the pfp list until he beats someone in the top ten of a certain weight division; I dont care how many weight divisions he wins in.

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    “However I do not consider him for the top ten of the pfp list until he beats someone in the top ten of a certain weight division; I dont care how many weight divisions he wins in.”

    Agreed completely. I do see him in the UFC in the future, and I definately think he can / will beat some top quality opponents. I’d like to see him fight Jackson, Franklin, or even Jardine myself.

  • nope says:

    I think Franklin would be the perfect test to see where he’s at.

  • Angry Mike says:

    The guy is tall, strikes with great accuracy and power, has submission skills, and can move between weight classes with comparative ease. Reminds me of Anderson Silva. I’m not saying he could beat Silva, just that he reminds me of Silva. And I think Mousasi would be competitive with any middleweight in UFC, and most light heavies.

  • Rich S. says:

    Warpig, you make it sound like you only watch the UFC.. And you don’t even know his name? Right off the bat I’d say that makes your statement invalid..

  • BigDave says:

    Mousasi just walked right through a guy who i feel is a top 10 lhw. I agree Franklin would be a good test silva would be the fight id like to see him in and i seriously think he could win that one aswell. The kid is only 24 which is the scaryiest part of it all, he isn’t even near the prime of his career yet. He in a year or 2 may be the only guy out there to give machida a good test but that may be a stretch as Machida is just by far the best i’ve ever seen at 205

  • hindsightufuk says:

    Gegard has been the real deal for some time, it just so happens in this sport, if youre not from the US, you have to fight in the US before anyone gives you any credit/acceptance.
    Hard to believe he is only 24, feels like i been watching him for years.
    i seen him fight in holland, ireland & england a few times over the years but its only since his pride debut a little over three years ago that he got any attention. i dont really care for p4p discussions but this guys last 3 fights were in different weight classes. look forward to seeing him continue to grow, tho other than little Nog i cant think of anyone outside the UFC who can compete with him.

  • warpig says:

    Rich S.

    I have a few retarded cousins in my family I don’t pick on them so I wont’t pick on you.

    I am a UFC mark per say probably because I know a few of the guys and live 5 doors down from Mike Goldberg so yea I watch and support Dana and the crew primarily.

    I do watch other start ups and quite frankly their shows and fighters are what they are 3rd stringers and before you say ” you could’nt” NO I did for about 10 years and ended my meaningless career with a 12-4 record.

    So I don’t know what makes my statement invalid other than you don’t like it or agree with it.

    I get tired of Fedor and now this guy’s Jock sniffers for one thing and don’t buy the hype that is spewed forth.

    This guy beat somebody who is fair to midland at best and is not in the UFC anymnore mainly because he sucks and is a card filler and by that I mean Babalu. Shit at 41 I’d get in the ring with Babalu and probably stand a 50/50 chance.

    anyway I digress into chest thumping to prove a point when there is none to prove just yer a tard and I won’t pick on you.

  • metalmulisha says:

    warpig are you sure your not 14 and not 41, because seriously your entire post just screams of someone incredibly dumb and immature.

    You’d stand a 50/50 chance with Babalu. Really? Out of curiosity what’s your record, and how long have you been training as a fighter.

    And what 41 year old man calls people retards?

    Apparently the most immature wanna be 41 year old man in the world.

    At least your not alone as the only dumbass in your neighborhood.

    But honestly I think you’re just a 14 year old kid who worships Dana White cause he acts like a tough guy and swears a lot.

    Keep posting more idiotic comments though it’s amusing to see just how many idiots are out there.

  • Bullylover says:

    Man i definately wasn’t expecting that . that was my first time seeing gegard fight and i was impressed. What i’m wondering is who the hell is he going to defend his belt from exactly.

  • Jak says:

    Not really sure why people can’t have a discussion without the insults. Guess i’ll go head to some other pages for a while. 😐

  • Rich S. says:

    warpig, I had to reasons for calling your statement invalid and I thought I was pretty clear on them..

    1. I’m not going to say Gegard would whoop your ass, or that you can’t talk about MMA unless you’re a fighter.. That’s the thing I hate most on MMA forums..

    2. I don’t care to hear about your fight record, or who your neighbors are.

    I feel your comment was invalid because it sounds like you’re bashing a guy you’ve never seen fight.. Mousalini? Really? You go on to praise Silva, Machida, and GSP, but then say you’re sick of people being on Fedor and Gegard’s nuts (i.e. NON UFC FIGHTERS).

    I’m not going to sit here and call you a “TUF n00b”, but is this your first time watching a fight from another promotion?

    Oh, and I couldn’t possibly imagine a 40-year-old posting comments as immature as your last two..

  • GetItOn says:

    warpig says:

    “This guy beat somebody who is fair to midland at best and is not in the UFC anymnore mainly because he sucks and is a card filler and by that I mean Babalu. Shit at 41 I’d get in the ring with Babalu and probably stand a 50/50 chance”

    I don’t want to argue with you on this point because it’s pointless. So I will just state the facts. The reason why Babalu is not in the UFC, is not because he sucks but instead, he got kicked out of the UFC for holding a choke too long on David Heath after the ref stopped the fight. He then immediately told the crowd that he meant to hold the choke too long on purpose because Heath was talking smack pre-fight.

    His current record is 35-9-0 which is pretty damn awesome by most MMA enthusiasts standards. Besides Jason Lambert, his losses come at the hands of some top names in MMA. Those being Fedor Emelianenko, Kevin Randleman, Chuck Liddell, Dan Henderson and the latest being Mousasi. His wins – Travis Wiuff, Jeremy Horn, Mauricio Rua, and Trevor Prangley. He fought a “Prime” Chuck Liddell and fought Chuck’s game and got caught. Same thing happened here with Mousasi. He doesn’t always fight smart but when he does, he wins.

    Once again, just stating the facts. It’s cool dude, some people just overlook them sometimes. That’s what I am here for.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Warpig? “I am a UFC mark” because some guys you know live near the commentator!?.
    So sad, but at least your honest dude.
    Non UFC fighters include some of the best in the world, you should give them a go.

  • twyg says:

    Wow, can’t get my head around the fact that I am going to agree with MMA-LOGIC. Also GetItOn has the Babalu/UFC situation 100% correct. The fact that this guy is only 24 is a bit mind blowing. Besides Tito (who I think was 18 first UFC fight, and I might be wrong) name another top prospest that has/had the toals Mousasi has that is this young in this wieght class. Great preformance against a really good but not great fighter.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I really thought Babalu would win and maybe he took this fight a little to lightly, but the fact is Mousasi is getting to be a huge draw, and dont forget the super hulk tournament is still to come, where he has to face a rejuvinated Sokodju (who seems to be a much better fighter in Japan than here???). The winner of that fight will likely get to fight Hong Man Choi. Thats going to be very interesting.

  • BigDave says:

    Gegard mousasi has moved himself into my top 5 p4p fighter.

    1. GSP
    2. Machida
    3. Silva
    4. Mousasi
    5. Fedor

  • warpig says:

    metalmulisha and the other dude.
    Actually this will be my last post not because you scolded me into oblivion but because debating a 21 year old like yourself who has never probably taken a punch to the face is pointless unless it was another mans load.

    I sorta like this board and sorta of not because of the “UFC haters” sort of like MAC’s vs Microsoft nerds debate.

    Most of these guys here are all right but then there are these kids like yourself who pretend to have some infinite knowledge of the fight game that any dissenting opinion must be from a adolescent
    so you go on an immmature rant.

    I can’t help if I know more than you it just works out that way but besides that tell me what you know , who have you fought, whats your record, what makes you the expert, what makes your commentray better than mine,
    who do you train with
    Oh wait your the young guy that sucks his gut in , trys to flare his lats, and has a few tattos to make himslef look tough while you don’t have one battle scar on your body.

    eh I’ll come back and read your post but I won’t bother to reply since I am sure the tirade you spew forth will be too much for me and I will hold my head in my hands in defeat.

    When you grow up and make mor than $13 you can live in my gated community too, drink a beer with Dana as I do from time to time and ask Joe about his baby Momma.
    Oh and I coach Mike’s son too go figure .

    ok bye.

  • twyg says:

    Warpig, you are right I don’t train and have never been in the cage. But I am older then 21 and make more then $13 an hour. I don’t have any tattoos or piercings, and the only battle scars I have are from fighting cancer. Living by Mike and drinking with Dana good for you they both seem like decent guys. Also nothing makes my commentary better just different as we all have different opinions. Also I am not a UFC hater ask MMA-LOGIC and TURKISH who both probably think of me as a UFC nuthugger. You don’t have to have in cage experence to have a valid point about the fight or MMA in genral. Guess what I don’t direct movies either, but that is not going to stop me from saying Transformers 2 was a huge piece of crap. I have to ask you this; if this fight had happened in the UFC would you still be hating on it? Also if you go back I said I would like to see Mousasi fight Machida but I would have Machida as the fav. Mousasi not top five p4p that list goes like this: A.Silva, GSP, Fedor, Machida, BJ.

  • TURKISH says:

    I was going to reply to more of warpig’s nonsense but since he’ll never see it because he’s done here I’ll turn my attention to BigDave.

    You moved Mousasi into your top 5 P4P list after beating Babalu?
    Talk about being a prisoner of the moment.
    Listen I’m not one of these guys who’s going to say Babalu is garbage just cause he’s not in the UFC, but let’s be real he’s a good fighter but not great. A win over him shouldn’t catapult you into the top 5 P4P no matter how much you dominated him.

    And Fedor number 5? LMFAO!

  • BigDave says:

    ok lets just go by two opponents that they both faced Fedor went the distance and won a decision against sorbral gegard destroyed him in 1 minute. Fedor took 8:16 to get mark hunt by kimura, gegard took 1:16 to armbar him.

    Now lets look at the last 5 fights for both guys:

    1. Fedor Emelianenko

    Win Andrei Arlovski KO (Punch) 1/24/2009 1 3:14
    Win Tim Sylvia Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)7/19/2008 1 0:36
    Win Hong Man Choi Submission (Armbar) 12/31/2007 1 1:54
    Win Matt Lindland Submission (Armbar) 4/14/2007 1 2:58
    Win Mark Hunt Submission (Kimura) 12/31/2006 1 8:16

    2. Gegard Mousasi

    Win Renato Sobral TKO (Punches) 8/15/2009 1 1:00
    Win Mark Hunt Submission (Straight Armbar) 5/26/2009 1 1:19
    Win Ronaldo Souza KO (Upkick) 9/23/2008 1 2:15
    Win Melvin Manhoef Submission (Triangle Choke) 9/23/2008 1 1:28
    Win Dong Sik Yoon Decision (Unanimous) 6/15/2008 2 5:00

    So I think it speaks for itself Mousasi has faced better competition and took half the time for five fights that Fedor did. But I respect your opinion.

  • BigDave says:

    Oh and one thing I forgot to say was me having Fedor at #5 p4p still has me putting him as the #1 HW in the world which isn’t that harsh of a commentary in my books.

  • sigmund says:

    I’ve been thinking about it and that fight puts him in the top ten pound for pound IMO. Imma wait another month or so until he faces(and beats) sokoudjou.
    an impressive performance in a heavyweight match-up(especially if sokoudjou looks as good as he did against jan nortje) will put him up there in the top five.

  • To be honest, Mousasi don’t enter the Top 5 P4P until he beats Lil’ Nog which is basically the only legit 205er that he CAN face.

    Even then, it’s a stretch when you’ve got Anderson, BJ, Fedor, Georges and Lyoto.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    yeah…. what Sergio said. My thoughts exactly


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