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Cyborg Batters Carano To Claim Strikeforce Championship

cristiane-cyborgCristiane “Cyborg” Santos thoroughly dismantled Gina Carano over the course of five minutes on Saturday evening to claim the Strikeforce female 145 pound championship.

Along with her newly obtained Strikeforce belt, Cyborg can now be recognized as the the most dangerous female mixed martial artist on the planet.

In a single round that seemed to go on for twenty minutes in length, these two world class female martial artists displayed skill, heart and courage for the world to see in an exhilarating and electric bout that had every soul in attendance on their feet.

Santos brought the fight to Carano almost immediately, hurling her fists with the type of force meant to finish the fight as soon as possible. Gina whethered the storm and wound up in the top position on the canvas on two separate occasions, but was unable to keep it there for any length of time. Once Cyborg got the upper hand on the ground she let loose the demon on Carano in the form of a punishing assault of leather, forcing the referee to call a halt to the contest with a mere second remaining in the opening round.

Gegard Mousasi showed the masses that he is the real deal this evening as he made Renato “Babalu” look  bad, finishing the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt off with a devastating series of punches in the opening moments of the first round.

Gilbert Melendez was able to avenge the first loss in his professional career as he wore down and TKO’d Mitsuhiro Ishidain the third round to hold on to the Strikeforce interim lightweight championship.

Also on the card was a ripped Fabricio Werdum that reasserted himself as a legitimate threat in the heavyweight division with an impressive first round guillotine choke submission over Mike Kyle.

For a full list of the event results from “Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg” CLICK HERE

  • BillyWarhol says:

    I think Gina made a Fatal Mistake when she had Cyborg in Full Mount + let her up!! Bad Move!! Great Fight tho!!

  • mu_shin says:

    Great effort by Carano, but Santos was too powerful, too well trained, and incredibly focused. Very exciting fight. Should answer all the doubters as to whether women can really lay it down in the ring. Now I’m wondering if there are any challengers out there who can give Cyborg a real run for her money. Congratulations to the first women’s MMA world champion, and kudos to Gina Carano for hanging tough.

  • big_9_er says:

    Anyone notice that Santos has an ‘Adams apple” ?

  • BigDave says:

    Carano letting Cyborg up when she had her in full mount = amature hour. Stick to being a fake ass gladiator or model Gina, leave the fighting to REAL fighters.

    I had Cyborg by 1st round ko/tko so Nailed that one. It was as easy as picking her sugardaddy Randy Couture to get ko’d by Brock.

  • danw84 says:

    Oh bigdave you’re so brilliant going with the favorite. Must be easy to make the pick the majority tells you that you should make.

  • twyg says:

    Cyborg was fav betting line wise for a reason. I want to look at the big picture for a second. This is the worst outcome for Strikeforce, because as an orginaztion there main marketable faces were Gina and Fedor, i think we can all agree on that. Now with Gina not being the face of womens mma all the pressure is on Fedor. I am not knocking Cyborg but lets face it part of Ginas appeal is that not only is she tough but she is easy on the eyes, and you can not say the same for Cyborg. IF and this is a big IF Fedor loses one of his first two fights what resources does Coker have to market a fighter that is not known to the general public? Can you think of what would happen if they put Fedor on CBS and they hype him as best in the world then he loses? People would think Strikeforce is shit, which they aren’t. Strikeforce as a promotion now has all there eggs in one basket, which in my short time in life has been a reciept of disasster ( sorry if I went a little off topic and for gramatical errors)

  • twyg says:

    Maybe I was wrong and I am sorry. I was at a local show tonight (XFO) and didn’t watch the fight before I posted. Just caught replay, and I still think it is a bad thing for SF that Gina lost, but Cyborg is womens W.Silva circa 5 years ago. A fucking beast.

  • Rich S. says:

    Carano didn’t look like herself.. I mean, all credit to Cyborg, she’s a monster.. but Gina fought like crap.. maybe it was that first shot that snapped her head back.. i don’t know.. but, she still has alot of things to learn.. she gets a little sloppy at times.. it would be nice to see her take this loss and become better..

    Also, I’m wondering who they’ll give to Cyborg next..

  • egad81 says:

    cough cough DNA TEST

  • Gurthee says:

    Carano had no answer for the intensity he came out with. I just hope he represents the women’s division like a real man should.

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    I think its more along the lines of she felt the power and just knew.

    Hell, Santos was even laughing after their exchanges b/c she knew Gina couldnt hurt her.

  • edub says:

    “Carano letting Cyborg up when she had her in full mount = amature hour. Stick to being a fake ass gladiator or model Gina, leave the fighting to REAL fighters.

    I had Cyborg by 1st round ko/tko so Nailed that one. It was as easy as picking her sugardaddy Randy Couture to get ko’d by Brock.”

    You should get banned for fighter bashing Big Dave.

    Your rant on the other page is pretty stupid too. These fights were pretty easy to pick. i had all of em right too, and so did a few other people.

  • BigDave says:

    @edub- First off my post on the other page was meant as a joke if it wasnt funny oh well.

    Second the post on this thread might be a bite of sarcastic fighter bashing but name another so called top fighter who would ever stand up when they have someone in full mount without it being the ref standing them or the fight being stopped. I don’t care what fighter it is weather its one of my fave fighters like gsp, or lil evil, or one i hate with passion like bj penn or nick diaz. if a fighter does something that colosally stupid when there getting destroyed on the feet deserve some harsh criticism.

    Sorry if you dont agree but that just my opinion and places like this should be for everyone to post there opinions weather people agree or not.

  • Angry Mike says:

    IMo, Carano’s still the best womam mma fighter until Cyborg’s been fully tested. Musculature + adam’s apple + baritone voice = ?

  • hindsightufuk says:

    all the she’s a man jokes are getting pretty fucking thin.

    i’m wondering if Gina still has the heart to fight, not like she needs to. a few movies, tv shows, commentry, whatever, she has a lot of options.

  • GetItOn says:

    Wow, why wouldn’t Gina keep fighting? She’s got a 7-1 record and has only been fighting for just over three years. She will make a come back and take that belt someday.

  • edub says:

    “Stick to being a fake ass gladiator or model Gina, leave the fighting to REAL fighters.”

    ^This is your form of harsh criticism.

    If its not fighter bashing your just not that smart.

  • twyg says:

    Gina doesn’t need to keep fighting, but I think in her heart (as compared to that other chick you know Cung Le) she is a fighter. It was a bad move to let Cyborg up when Gina had mount. She will come back stronger and with the will to win. Whether she can withstand the onslaught of Cyborb early to get the fight to the later rounds and win has yet to be seen.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I thought it was a fun fight to watch, maybe some ring rust on Gina though, but Cyborg answered all the questions about her chin and then some. People wanted to see if she could take a punch from a real heavy hitter and she never even flinched.

  • CMT says:

    We watched this fight with a few newbies. The one comment that kept coming out of their mouth is that Carano looked as if she did not come to fight. Imagine the best redneck accent – “when she goin to show up”. that pretty much sums up the whole fight!

  • sigmund says:

    I don’t know if it was just the dominant aggressive nature of cyborg that just overwhelmed Gina, but she did make several amature moves/decisions in that round that very well could have cost her the fight. It’s definatly not hard to tell that cyborg trains with chutebox she’s got that same trademark style you see in many of wand/anderson silva’s fights quite impressive. I just hope that now that America’s face of woman’s MMA isn’t champ it doesn’t just fade away

  • roshambo says:

    The talk of Strikeforce having all their eggs in one basket is crazy. Even if Fedor turns into epic fail and Gina fades a bit it won’t really matter. Strikeforce is not Affliction or Elite XC. They are not a start up promotion without money in the bank throwing millions of dollars at B level fighters. Strikeforce has been around for years and turned a profit for years. They started small and have grown over time. If the whole Fedor and Gina thing doesn’t pan out i’m sure they will be fine doing the thing they have done for the last few years. While they don’t have the biggest names in the sport they still put on a decent show and it is affordable. I went to the event and sat ring side. It was my first live MMA event. You can get tickets on the floor for 92 bucks, see a bunch of exciting fights, get to meet MMA stars like Gracie, Faber etc. and have a really fun night at an affordable price. I love the UFC and it is my Favorite but sitting ring side at a UFC event isn’t something I can ever see spending the money on. So while Strikeforce isn’t the UFC, I certainly won’t knock them and I am glad to have them around in my backyard.

  • submit662266 says:

    Gina never looked confident, even during the walk-in. Some of her comments before the fight even seemed hopeless. Cyborg, just the opposite, never looked threatened. At first I didn’t understand why Gina stood up when she had Cyborg in the mount, but I think this explains it: she was afraid of Cyborg’s BJJ. Cyborg is the real deal, and Gina needs to work on the holes in her game.


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